Border Terrier Temperament and Lifespan

The Border Terrier is a good-tempered, pretty affectionate, and obedient dog. He is also highly intelligent and can learn quickly, for example, when it is time for a meal or what he is allowed to do in your absence. Due to such features he can be easily trained. However, this dog is not so affectionate with other pets, especially smaller ones. The reason for this is his natural hunting instinct. He can be really fearless and sometimes cruel. Border Terriers love their family kindly, so they should live indoors only, however, they do need access to a yard. Ensure that your fence is high enough not to allow these escape artists run away. A half-an-hour walk will be enough for him daily. Without enough exercise, these dogs are prone to destructive behavior, weight gain, lots of barking and boredom. They live from 12 to 15 years on average.

How Much Does a Border Terrier Cost and Price Range

The cost of a Border Terrier can vary dramatically depending on a number of aspects. The first one is the place where you buy a dog from, so It can be a reputable breeder, a rescue organization, a pet store or online. It is recommended to buy a puppy from a good breeder. A twelve-week Border Terrier can cost from $400 to $650. Usually these dogs are vet checked, wormed, and have their first vaccination. It is advised to see both parents of the potential pet to make sure that the dog will have good temper when he grows up.

Border Terrier Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The Border Terrier has a double coat. The undercoat is dense, short, and covered with a wiry topcoat. The coloring may be red, tan and blue, tan and grizzle, or wheaten (fawn or pale yellow). Some doggies have a white patch on the chest. It is recommended to brush your dog each week and to strip him from time to time (about two times a week). For grooming you need a natural bristle brush, a fine comb, and a stripping knife. You can also hire a professional groomer who is a real professional of this activity. The coat can be clippered, but its texture and color can get softer and lighter. Without proper grooming the dog's coat may shed more. But do not overbathe your dog. His coat is able to repel dirt well enough. The Border Terrier male usually weighs from 13 to 15.5 pounds; while females weigh from 11.5 to 14 pounds. They are from 10 to 11 inches tall.

Border Terrier Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Despite his small size, the Border Terrier has an exceptive drive to hunt and dig, an alert gaze, a lot of energy, and a kind personality. He is loyal, clever, fearless, and loving. This dog is not for everyone, he needs a powerful and confident owner. With the right people, this dog opens all of his talents. They play and love harder. These dogs are more suitable for active people who can give them their time and plenty of exercise. Due to his active nature, a Border Terrier is more likely to die in a car accident than of old age.