Entlebucher Mountain Dog Temperament and Lifespan

Entlebucher is a descendant of the Roman dogs, once abandoned by the Romans in the Swiss Alps. Entlebucher is the smallest breed among Swiss mountain and herding breeds. The first mention dates are from the late 19th century, in the 20s of the 20th century the breed entered the stud book. Entlebucher is not yet as popular as the Bernese Mountain Dog, for example, is used mainly in the territory of the native land, in Entlebuch .

Entlebucher dog is of medium size, muscular, strong, with the downed body. These dogs are agile, fast, strong and hardy. They are used for herding cattle and protection, as well as the pen and the control herd / flock. This breed is friendly to all the familiar people, they are smart and active. The lifespan of these dogs is usually about 11-15 years.

How Much Does an Entlebucher Mountain Dog Cost and Price Range

The price for this breed varies from $500 to $900. It is quite rare and the show quality dogs will cost you more as well as breed dogs in comparison with the pet quality dogs.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Entlebucher Mountain Dog is a small, stocky dog of strong, solid build. The head is strong, with clear outlines, with well-developed jaws, proportional to the body, the skull is flat with the scissor bite. Limbs are lean, muscular but not heavy and set parallel.

The tail can be of two types: regular and long congenital short tail.

Wool is tough, shiny, with dense undercoat.

Height: male: 44-52 cm, female: 42-50 cm

Weight: male: 20-30 kg, female: 20-30 kg

Colors: the combination of three colors - black, white and brown

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Because of their small size it is very popular for keeping in city apartments. It is considered to be a universal family dog. This breed originates from Entlebuch, in the valley area of the cantons of Lucerne and Bern. Today, it is common in Germany and Austria but known all over the world. It is worth mentioning that the Entlebucher is a working dog, accustomed to work, a novice can't cope with such a dog it just will not be able to raise it properly. Dogs of this breed are peaceful, get along with all pets, patient and friendly with children. They make excellent watchdogs. Entlebucher is devoted to its family and is always ready to stand up for it.

Despite the independence and autonomy in the work, in the family Entlebucher needs attention as it is very attached to all family members.