Waer Thongs, Look Divine And Feel Sexy!

Generally, the thong or "tanga" is the name of an undergarment and swimwear that's usually worn by women. Such underwear opens the buttocks, has a waistband and a narrow strip of material passing between the thighs. The style of this undergarment is characterized by a thin strip of fabric along the center of the garment's back. It's meant to be located between the wearer's buttocks, and it's connected with the bottom front of the thongs and to both sides of the front at the highest point through a waistband. Briefly speaking, it's a narrow strip of cloth, plastic, or leather covering the genitals and passing between the buttocks, and is fixed to a band around the hips. Nowadays, one can find the thongs which have such a narrow back area that it's completely lost between the individual's buttocks.

There's a great variety of intermediate types of thongs between full back coverage and a string back. The G-string is similar to the Thong covering the pubis and leaving the buttocks open. The notion of a G-string is basically used speaking about the vertical strap in the rear and a G-string is as narrow as a string. The other styles of strings are rio, the Brazilian, and T-back (T-string). Speaking about rio, it's necessary to mention that there're numerous debates around this style of thongs.

Besides, thongs can be manufactured from a great variety of materials, such as cotton, microfiber, nylon, fleece, silk, satin, latex, and lycra/spandex. One can also easily find any style of thongs depending on your taste and preferences.

If you're searching for extremely sexy and avant garde thongs, leather thongs are the best decision. This material reminds the S&M theme and will certainly impress your partner. No matter what kind of these thongs you'll choose, all of them are extremely hot. It's necessary to emphasize that different kinds of thongs have different level of openness of the buttocks.

Speaking about men's leather thongs, it's important to emphasize that they aren't designed to be hidden under clothes. It's not the most comfortable kind of undergarment for men, but they perfectly meet the women's interests. There's no need to design sports kinds of such thongs for men, as this is leather thong that carries out its major function in the best way.

If you think that there's a very narrow choice of thongs, you'll be completely wrong. Choosing leather thongs pay special attention to its quality. At International Jock, you're going to find a few styles and brands of leather thongs including the Deluxe Leather Thong. This is one of the most recommended products, as this sexy piece of clothing offers perfect craftsmanship, high-quality fabric and elastic side panels that will be suitable for a wide range of figures.

The Perforated Leather Thong is one more excellent suggestion for you. It's manufactured from high-quality fabric, fits any figure perfectly and offers the necessary ventilation for your genitals. This fabric will directly suffocate your guys, so it's better to search for the one that lessens that problem.