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22 Minute Hard Corps Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY 22 Minute Hard Corps Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

No matter what season we are having outdoors, we always want to loo fresh and healthy. But when it comes to fitness, most of us are not ready to spend hours at the gym. The modern market is full of different programs that claim to help you get a good shape in a short period of time. One of them is called 22 Minute Hard Corps. The program was hosted by Tony Horton, an American personal trainer who has traveled to many military bases over the last ten years assisting troops to train to their maximum fitness potential. This is an 8-week program that promises to get you in the best shape you have ever had in your life. It includes three cardio workouts, three military-style resistance workouts, and two core workouts. According to the author, these workouts are made to engage all muscles in your body, from head to toes.

22 Minute Hard Corps

The exercises are said to be fast, cadenced, and simple but at the same time they are designed to be intense. The whole program takes only 22 minutes, which puts the effectiveness of these exercises under doubt because this time is too little to make the human body lose fat. Can you really get results with this program? Will it make you drip with sweat at the end? We are going to answer these and more questions in this review further. You have probably heard of Beachbody or even have followed this company for long. It offers some other fitness programs which are associated with very mixed reviews. While some users report having no results, the others boast having achieved great results. What differentiates 22 Minute Hard Corps from other programs of the kind? We will cover this here but first, let's discuss the kinds of exercises that come with 22 Minute Hard Corps.

Customer Reviews - Does 22 Minute Hard Corps Really Work?

As it was already mentioned, the company behind 22 Minute Hard Corps is called Beachbody. It is considered to be a not very trusted brand, but it also offers some other fitness programs. We have checked hundreds of user responses posted online about the one we are talking about today. The ingredients or components of this fitness program include a quick-start mission guide, two DVDs (eight workouts), an 8-week basic training action plan, a hell week challenge card, the Rations for Results Nutrition Field Guide, and 24/7 online support. The program was created in 2016 by Beachbody coaches. The official website contains before and after photos and claims that the program will improve your fitness level, help you shed extra pounds and boost your physique in only eight weeks. But read on...

Our first concern about 22 Minute Hard Corps was the high risk of side effects. According to the customer reviews, some people suffered from injuries associated with this program. These included joint pains and pulled muscles. One user writes that she didn't like it because she ended up hurting her back. At first this, looked fun. Not everyone talked about side effects. Many people consider it to be a too quick workout and I agree with them as a specialist. 22 minutes of workout can hardly bring any results. All you need is a pull-up bar and a resistance band for this workout. 22 Minute Hard Corps has a number of customer reviews online. Some of them are positive while others are negative. Some complaints appear to be very discouraging. Some people say that the workout takes more than 30 minutes long and there is not much equipment. Many users complain that the exercises are so intensive that they make their muscles sore. But do these provide long-term results? There is no science behind 22 Minute Hard Corps. The company also provides a nutrition plan, thus it is expected to bring at least some results when combined with the workout program. Let us take a closer look at what actual users are saying about the product.

"22 Minute Hard Corps is a too short workout for me! It takes 10 minute to warm up only. Cardio takes only a few minutes. My heart does not rate to a decent level. A cardio is followed by several minutes of resistance exercises. I guess such a program should last no less than an hour. But since it is too short, I will not stick to it any more. I am going to look for something new"

"22 Minute HardCorps is a very quick fitness program that lasts only 22 minutes. It is enough for me to warm up only, and then I have to do my own workout. Of course, I am not satisfied with it, as it cost me my hard-earned money! I do not recommend this product to anyone"

"This is the worst fitness program I have ever tried in my life. I have been doing it for a whole month daily and have not lost a pound. I requested a refund a week ago but haven't got any good news yet. Give my money back to me! Avoid buying and using 22 minute Hard Corps. It's waste of time and money"

Where To Buy 22 Minute Hard Corps In Stores?

The 22 Minute Hard Corps Base Kit costs $40 on its official website. as it was already mentioned, it includes two DVDs (eight workouts), a quick-start mission guide, an 8-week basic training action plan, the Rations for Results Nutrition Field Guide, a hell week challenge card, and 24/7 online support. For any additional information you are recommended to call the customer service. You can also request a refund, as the product comes with a 30, 60, or 90-day refund policy (it is unknown exactly). They do not sell the product in stores like Amazon, Walmart or GNC.

My Final Summary

22 Minute Hard Corps is a fitness and weight loss program that has not gained much popularity among its users. It has a number of drawbacks, according to the customers. First, it is too short, thus, it is not effective enough. Second, it cannot be individualized. Third it does not come with any tools or equipment. Instead, it features military-style workouts that prove not to be suitable for everyone. With this in mind, I would recommend you choosing for another fitness program. Don't forget about proper nutrition to get better results. A good fitness program should include additional equipment and last longer than 22 minutes. Even though the program comes with refund policy, most unsatisfied customers reports failing to return their money.