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3 Rivers Archery

3 Rivers Archery is one of the largest suppliers of primitive and traditional archery gear in the world. The company was founded in 1985 and since then has worked hard to keep their customers supplied with the archery gear. They highly appreciate each of their clients who is fond of archery as a sport. The categories of the products sold on the store include Longbows, Self bows, Recurves, Arrows, Arrow Building, Broadheads, Bow Building, Carbon arrows, Small Game heads, Aluminum arrows, Quivers, Wood arrows, bow strings, DVDs, Books, bow blanks, flint knapping, primitive points, target archery, blinds, treestands, and everything else you may need for your hobby. As you visit the site you will need to create your own account, which will take just a few minutes. Then you can freely shop by categories including Bows, Arrows, Bowfishing, Shooting Gear, Books/DVDs, Hunting, Targets, Primitives, Youth and Gift Ideas. You can also shop by brands including 3Rivers Archery, Fred Eichler Hunting Gear, DAS Bows, Tomahawk Bows, Woodsman Broadhead and Traditional Only Arrows. The address of the headquarters is Three Rivers Archery Supply, Inc.; P.O. Box 517; Ashley, IN 46705 US.

3Rivers Archery sells all your archery items for you to build your own arrows including feathers, arrow points, nocks, and arrow building tools. You can choose your favorite arrow shafts to build carbon arrows, wood arrows, and aluminum arrows. The store offers the top carbon arrow brands of Gold Tip arrows, Easton arrows, and others. If you are going to start shooting really soon, you can benefit from pre-fletched arrows that need just to be cut to length and inserts installed (which we can also do for you). The traditional bows and arrows are are traditional archery. There are longbows and recurve bows. This store is a great place for those who like the sport of bowfishing. 3Rivers Archery has the best selection of archery DVDs and books available on the market. You will know everything about how-to, bow building, survival, hunting, etc. Traditional archery shooting gear provided on the site including everything from a shooting glove for bowhunting to a target archer with a chest guard. The company's customer service department is always there to help you if you have any issues of questions. You can use a form on the site to email them any questions about online orders, products, store experiences and more. You can call them at 1-260-587-9501. There is email Info@3RiversArchery.com.

Customer Reviews - Does 3 Rivers Archery Really Work?

Archery has become a hobby of many people in the country. Bowfishing can also be great fun for the whole family. There are numerous customer reviews about 3Rivers Archery online. They are mainly left by those who are fond of this kind of activity. The store provides a wide variety of archery equipment and tools including arrows, bows, bow blanks, primitive points, flint knapping, target archery, treestands, blinds, and even DVDs and Books to teach you what to do with all this. You can buy almost anything on the site you may need for archery. If you like bowfishing, you can use any adult bow as a bowfishing bow. All you will need to do is just to add a fish arrow and bowfishing reel. Remember to check state laws because you may need a fishing license. If you don't know what gear you will need for bowfishing, you are recommended to read the company's blog post Bowfishing with a Traditional Bow and The "Must Have" Gear. If you are fond of hunting, Shop 3Rivers Archery has a large selection of bow hunting gear. It has never been easier to gear up for your next hunting adventure. The store offers a large collection of hunting blinds, merino wool base layers, hunting clothing, tree stand accessories, and more. Primitive archery may also be beneficial for your hobby. There is a great selection of primitive arrows, primitive wooden bows, and flint knapping stone arrowheads. Youth archery is a good way to grow the sport of archery. Teaching kids how to shoot a bow and arrow will help them to find out whether they like it or not. 3Rivers Archery offers youth archery bows of all sizes to be used by people of all ages. You can easily select the perfect youth longbow or youth recurve bow kit.

The majority of customers are pleased with 3Rivers Archery. One man writes in his testimonial that it is just a phenomenal company to deal with. With its help, the man set up with his first long bow, target tips, arrows, and broad heads. He has recently placed another order for arrows and the delivery took just four days. The customer promises that he will always deal with this store when he needs something for archery. Another customer reports that he went by the shop for the first time and was treated as a first class customer. He was met with Johnathan Karch who provided the best service and was very nice. Now the man can't wait to go back and order new bows. One more man tells that he just bought their intro Samick takedown recurve and stayed pleased with his purchase. He hasn't shot it yet, but both the kit and the bow are fantastic. By that time the company has never let him down. They have always exceeded his expectations. The customer support offered by the company's reps has been always up to the highest standard. The customer says he will never go anywhere else. The man has only one wish - for the store to get a larger selection of spliced feathers. All the other customers agree that 3Rivers Archery has quite reasonable prices for their products. All of the items are of high quality. There is no other company to provide the same quality of the service. Let us take a look at the testimonials from some actual customers of the store.

"I can give 3Rivers Archery five stars. These guys are knowledgeable and sell original products. I am satisfied with their prices and I like quick shipping of their products. The only issue I had with them was when I bought twelve fletched carbon arrows. Five of them got into my repair bin after one session only and one 3D shoot. When I pulled the arrows out of 3D or Yellow Jacket targets I found that the inserts and field tips were no longer with them. I was glad, though, that I could repair them myself; nevertheless, I was a little upset. However, I still recommend this store to others."

"I have bought several things from 3Rivers Archery, mostly small items and arrows. The shipping is always quick and their customer service is fantastic and. I recently received the arrows I ordered and both of them were marvelous; However, one of them was ruined after a few uses. I called the company's customer service and was surprised when they agreed to replace it at no charge. Even though I live in Virginia, 3Rivers Archery is a local traditional archery shop for me. I do recommend it to others."

"My wife used to work at 3Rivers Archery and she says that true experts in archery are employed there. If you are interested in this sort of activity you should definitely buy equipment from these guys. One of the guys is a military member. What we like about this store is that it has a number of discounts. Nevertheless, the prices are not high at all."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learned about 3Rivers Archery, this huge supplier of primitive and traditional archery gear seems to be worth your attention and money. Their official website is filled with everything needed for those who love archery. Whenever you visit their site, be sure you will be 100% supplied with the traditional archery gear. On the site, you can select the finest wood arrow shafting of Port Orford Cedar, as well as other woods to build your own arrows. They offer arrows and bows of the traditional archery, as well as a great selection of bow accessories. You can easily replace your bow string for a longbow or recurve bow. They also have bow building tools and bow string building supplies used for building your own arrows and bows. The company often offers discounts on their high-quality brand products. The shipping is usually fast. If anything gets damaged not for your fault, you can address the company and have your purchase replaced. Their prices are lower than those at local pro shops. Most customers appreciate 3Rivers Archery for their exceptional customer care service. Their employees are well-experienced, knowledgeable and helpful. The company has been in business for more than 34 years already, which is a great experience. With all these advantages in mind, we would recommend 3Rivers Archery.

3 Rivers Archery Pricing and Rates

This online store offers a great variety of products such as longbows, recurves, self bows, arrows, broadheads, arrow building, bow building, small game heads, carbon arrows, aluminum arrows, wood arrows, quivers, bow strings, bow blanks, primitive points, flint knapping, target archery, treestands, blinds, books and DVDs. For this reason, we'll take a look only at some products and their prices. 3Rivers Pre-Finished Wood Shafts are priced at $52.99, while you can buy Traditional Only Carbon Shafts for $53.50. 3Rivers Hunters Arrows Test Kit can be purchased for $35.99. The price of Beaver Fur Bow String Silencers varies from $5.50 to $5.99. B55 Flemish Twist Bow String can be ordered for $12.99. You can purchase D97 Flemish Twist Bow String at the price of $17.99. Navajo Wool Bow String Silencers cost $18.25, while Cat Whiskers Bow String Silencers can be bought for $2.99 - $3.25. You can buy Whisper Flemish Twist Bow String for $24.99. Thunderhorn Boa 6-Arrow Bow Quiver costs $59.99. The price of 3Rivers Mini-Boa 4-Arrow Bow Quiver is $94.99. You can buy Kwikee Kwiver Clamp-On 4-Arrow Bow Quiver for $24.99. Eagle's Flight Mini 3-Arrow Bow Quiver costs $57.99. The Shipping is free on orders over $150.