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3 Second Brow Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY 3 Second Brow Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Shaping your eyebrows with an eye pencil is not always an easy task to perform. Some people find it difficult and time-consuming. Recently, an innovation was presented in the field of makeup. It is the 3 Second Brow. This is a makeup tool that promises to transform your eyebrows completely at the same time making them look natural. With this tool you are claimed to get full, well-shaped eyebrows in just a few seconds. Before we proceed to the discussion of this unusual product let us take a look at the manufacturer behind it. Well, the company behind 3 Second Brow is unknown and not reputable in the country, which is a big red sign. The official website provides a large number of promising claims. For example, it is said that the product is easy to use. It has a pre-shaped left and right side stamp.

In order to use the 3 Second Brow you will need to lightly lay the stamp into the brow powder, put it over the top of your eyebrow and wait for three seconds. Your eyebrows will magically transform into symmetrically shaped attractive brows. It sounds easy on the manufacturer's site! But will you really love the convenience the 3 Second Brow provides? We will try to answer this question further in this review. According to the manufacturer, the best part about this product is that there is no mess after its usage, it lasts all day long and brings you perfect, naturally looking and well-shaped eyebrows. The only place you can order the 3 Second Brow from is the official website of the manufacturer, which is another drawback. But the best way to find out whether the product is worth buying or not is to take a look at real customer reviews available on third-party websites.

Customer Reviews - Does 3 Second Brow Really Work?

3 Second Brow

We have found a great number of testimonials left by real buyers of the 3 Second Brow online. They carry a mixed character but the number of negative opinions prevails. Some people say that it is a nice product but there is it is nothing special about it. The 3 Second Brow is too dark brown and the stamps may not necessarily work for you. The product may be shaped not like the shape of your eyebrows and may look strange when you try them. Just using the pan of powder may be better and last well, but it does not differ much from a dark black/brown eye shadow. Besides, the powder is coarse. The company says that you can choose from two colors - black or brown - but thee two colors do not differ much. The shape you see on the outside of the stamp is often deceiving. On the outside you see a nice thin arched eyebrow but the real sponge applicator is much thicker. Using the product for the first time you will need to put the sponge into the plastic stamp and press the stamp into the powder. The sponge needs to be covered in color completely. Then press onto your eyebrow and check if it works. It may be too thick. Remember that the 3 Second Brow is not fool-proof and because you can't see behind the stamp, it is actually hard to use.

The color of the product is not too bad, but the stamps are poor. If your eyebrows don't have a definite shape, you may fail to get a precise application. Different people have eyebrows of varying shapes. Even one and the same person may have two eyebrows of different shapes. The 3 Second Brow promises to help you cope with this problem. Many users complain that the sponge is flimsy and too thin towards the outer end, which makes it difficult to get a nice finish. You may need to use the angled brow brush anyway. The product may be worth $10 but not $20. For using this tool you will also need to have a steady hand and to be good at hitting the right spot. You can make mistakes too. The sponge used for the stamp is not sturdy enough, so your eyebrows may not go on nice. According to many customer reviews, the powder doesn't last too long on the skin. If you think that stamping your eyebrows is a matter of three seconds, you are wrong. The stamp itself does not have its way of aligning itself to your eyebrows. It is your task to align it perfectly; otherwise, the brows will look out of place. Besides, the powder can crack really easily. Foam can come out from the handle easily and it can bend when pressed on eyebrow area. So, you may get crooked eyebrows.

"3 Second Brow is not a product for women with dark complexions. The color looks gray on dark complexions. Even when I added a darker eyebrow pencil, it turned grayer. I am not pleased with the shape either. My kids said that I looked like a clown with these eyebrows, so I decided to send them back to the company. They do not look natural."

"3 SecondBrow is horrible stuff! I am trying to cancel my order now. It has been long since I have ordered the product but they still have not returned my money. I ordered this eyebrow product from the official website but I was very disappointed in my purchase. Besides, I have read so many negative customer reviews. I am not going to make any online purchases anymore. This company will automatically include a subscription to People magazine. You will get magazines you never ordered and never been told of. I had to contact People to get this removed. Their telephone number is 1-800-258-3350."

"I just bought the 3Second Brow but it was a stupid thing to do. I tried my product and it is nothing like it says. You can't even use the product with a brush. The advertising is deceiving. I am returning my product.do not waste your time and money. It is not worth the money it costs! All this company does is gets you money. Hope this helps someone."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about the 3 Second Brow, this product does not seem to be worth buying. It has too many disadvantages. The product itself features poor quality and is not as easy to use as it is claimed by the manufacturer. It takes a while to get the hang of. There are many tips you may use to apply these eyebrows correctly, which appears to be a difficult and time-consuming process. The two colors of the 3 Second Brow do not differ too much because brown seems darker, almost black. Before using this product correctly you will need to practice a lot and be patient. You will have to clean your brows every time and still use a pencil to shape correctly. The foam stamps are flimsy. They need to be made from a more sturdy material like rubber. In general, the concept is great, but the product leaves much to be desired. It does not go on like it is showed on the TV commercial. Many women complained that their brows did not look natural, usually they were too big. This is the most common reason of returning the product. You will certainly need something shorter and thinner. Another drawback is the fact that the brow powder can crack and break easily. A number of users experienced allergic reactions when using the product. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the tool I cannot recommend the 3 Second Brow to purchasing.

Where To Buy 3 Second Brow In Stores?

The product can be ordered from the official website of the company (3SecondBrow.com). There are two colors of 3 Second Brow to your choice (black or brown). One set can be purchased at the price of $14.99 plus $4.99 shipping and handling.