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3 Second Lash Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY 3 Second Lash Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

The idea of magnetic eyelashes captured the internet less than two years ago (late 2016) after several high-profile YouTubers posted videos of this product. The use of magnetic lashes is considered to be better than gluing traditional lashes. 3 Second Lash has entered the market quite recently. When using the product you will need to place an upper lash on top of your real lash, then take the bottom lash and place it underneath the upper lash. They are expected to magnetically snap together. You can wear them all day long. To remove the lashes you will need to pull them gently off. The product can be reused over and over again. The functionally of most magnetic lashes is the same and they are indistinguishable from one another. The manufacturer of the product is not reputable in the country, thus it cannot be trusted. The official website is very poor.

Some women say that it is quite difficult to learn how to apply magnetic lashes. You can do it using your fingers or the included plastic tweezers. It should be taken into account that metal tweezers tend to magnetically stick to the lashes, which interferes with placing them properly. Another feature that differentiates 3 Second Lash from traditional lashes is the style. These are not full-width lashes, but corner "half" lashes. While some women like this look, others do not. If that is not your style, this product won't be suitable for you. But if you like the style, these could be a good fit for you. The only thing you will need to do is to master the application process. Will 3 Second Lash Magnetic Eyelashes really help you to create a perfect look in seconds? Are they as easy to use as claimed in the advertisement? We will answer these questions further in this review.

Customer Reviews - Does 3 Second Lash Really Work?

3 Second Lash

According to the manufacturer, 3 Second Lash uses a special magnetic technology that "sandwiches" your natural lashes to create fuller lashes in just a few seconds. However, the customers' reviews say about the opposite. Many women who have bought these lashes confess that they are very difficult to use. The whole process may take ten minutes. While the company behind the product claims that the lashes are extremely lightweight, many users report that they are inconvenient to wear, since they are felt all the time. You are not protected from possible side effects. For instance, a few women complained that the lashes are not suitable for everyday use. Eyes start hurting and natural lashes get damaged. 3 Second Lash comes with a Magnetic Carrying Case where you can keep your lashes secure and well organized so you can reuse them again. A Plastic Tweezers are meant to assist you apply lashes. They are reusable too!

Before applying 3 Second Lash, you may apply mascara and any other eye makeup (eyeshadow or eyeliner) and allow time to dry. Then put top magnetic lash on the outer edge of your lash. While the top magnetic lash is resting on your lash line, locate the bottom magnetic lash under your lash just below the top lash. You will see how the magnets sandwich your natural lashes. Many women report in their testimonials that these lashes are very hard to put on. Besides, this product doesn't last long. Most women say that one set of magnetic lashes is enough for three-four uses only. The magnet may detach from the lash. One customer reports that she got them because she cannot wear mascara. But it turned out that you will need to apply a coat of mascara before putting them on. This very woman has tried for hours to set her magnetic lases without mascara but in vain. She gave up and gave them to her friend. Waste of money. Another customer claims that 3 Second Lashes look ridiculous with big eyes as they only cover half of an eyelid. They are only suitable for tiny eyes and they do not look naturally. You cannot return the product if you have already tried it. Thus, the major concern is that magnetic lashes are so hard to put on that they need to be applied by professionals. Let us take a look at some of the actual customers' reviews online.

"3 SecondLash did not work for my thin lashes, since they can be set on thick lashes. After menopause my eyelashes thinned out, so I was looking for a proper solution. I guess the magnets are too heavy to stay on thin and short natural lashes. The strength of the magnets made the situation even worse. After you place the first lash don't blink. Quickly place the second lash. By the way, one eyelash had a missing magnet when it arrived"

"As soon as the box arrived, I opened it. A few 3 Second Lashes came lose in the packaging. After a few attempts I found these lashes very hard to work with. To attach the magnets I have to pull my natural lashes. It is a difficult task. When I finally got them on, they looked ridiculous. It was even harder to get them off. I had to pull them and my real lashes got pulled out too. I am not going to use them anymore. Not a fun story!"

"3Second Lashes are extremely hard to apply. They snap together too early and get away from the lash line. I still cannot master this task. I have even watched numerous YouTube videos in order to figure out if I was doing everything right but it doesn't work. I feel very frustrated. Waste of money!"

Where To Buy 3 Second Lash?

One set 3 Second Lash includes one Set of Bold Lashes, two Sets of Natural Lashes, two metal tweezers and one Magnetic Storage Case. If you order the product from the official website, 3 Second Lash will cost you $30 + $6 shipping. The product can also be found in store (Walmart, GNC etc) for about $30. Amazon offers the product for $25.

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about 3 Second Lash it can be concluded that the product has too many negative features and disadvantages. It is very difficult to apply, wear and put off. It feels uncomfortable to wear these lashes during the day. The product is very expensive compared to the competition. The modern market offers much better and cheaper alternatives. 3 Second Lashes are not durable. The only positive feature is that there is no need to use glue. If you still want to buy magnetic eyelashes, you can easily find similar products online. An eight-pack (four pairs) by Nylea is listed as a Best Seller. It can be bought for $16 from Amazon plus free shipping. Taking into account all pros and cons, I don't think that 3 Second Lash is worth buying. Due to its half-lash design, it will not appeal to many women. Of course if you don't mind the ridiculous look, this could be a proper product for you. Personally I cannot recommend 3 Second Lash to purchasing.