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911 Tax Relief

911 Tax Relief is a resolution outfit and tax mediation based in Studio City, California. It was launched by Raffy Kopalian in 2010, who is still the owner of the company and CEO. There are about sixty employees in the company and an A+ rating with the BBB. It employs experienced licensed agents but it does not have CPAs or tax attorneys on staff. The company offers different services. It provides customers with resolution and tax mediation services to help them avoid levies, tax liens, and wage garnishments. It doesn't offer assistance with legal representation or preparing taxes. If you have more than $10K in IRS debt, the company will help you cope with your tax debt. In addition, 911 Tax Relief promises that their experienced tax attorneys can provide 100% legal protection from the IRS to take the burden off of you.

In this way, if you find yourself in a situation when you have to pay the penalties or if you face seizure of your assets (e.g. car, home, etc.) or wage garnishment, 911 Tax Relief's debt relief services will lighten your situation, regardless of the state you live in. According to the official website of the company, their debt relief team includes licensed agents, tax professionals, and in-house staff. All of these specialists have enough experience to determine the best course of action for you. They know all the tax procedures and rules, thus, they will be able to mediate and resolve even the most difficult tax issues. 911 Tax Relief has offices in NY, IL, CA, FL, and TX and is licensed in all fifty states. It means that they can help their clients nationwide. The company also promises that they provide personal service and communication with the IRS, so that the person cooperating with you will also work with the IRS.

Customer Reviews - Does 911 Tax Relief Really Work?

911 Tax Relief's debt relief process works over five steps. Step 1 involves calling the company at 866-499-1156 or filling out an online form. Step 2 presupposes that Client Services team member gets information necessary for the Mediation Resolution department to analyze and study your case. Step 3 means that 911 Tax Relief starts working with the IRS to solve your situation by addressing places in what you owe. In Step 4 you will be presented with a suggested resolution and you'll have to pay fees the company fees. You will sign an agreement and the company will officially start working on your case. Finally, in Step 5 your tax debt will be settled with the IRS.

In general, 911 Tax Relief has mostly positive online reviews. The company has helped hundreds of people nationwide. They are satisfied with the offered services. However, there are some complaints that referenced the company's inability to reduce the amount of money owed. Some people report difficulties with obtaining case information. But as it was already mentioned, most customers managed to resolve their complicated cases and save thousands of dollars. The specialists of 911 Tax Relief tend to be very careful when it comes to obtaining the necessary information on the case. They constantly consult their clients. Reaching a payment agreement with the IRS is usually not associated with any problems. However, the best way to learn whether the company is really able to help you with your financial difficulties let us have a look at the real users' testimonials.

"911 TaxRelief is a nice organization meant to help people with financial problems, but I should say that it is no panacea when it comes to taxes. You can do everything correctly but the government will still be unsatisfied with you and your taxes. I used everything offered by the company. This really helped me to grow. I have paid off a lot of what I owe. At present I am working on the rest."

"I am extremely grateful to 911Tax Relief. The people at this company took away a great pressure that has been hanging over my head for a long time. Their staff was very attentive and courteous to my needs, as well as professional and knowledgeable with how to handle my case. They provided me with the necessary protection and I am a happy person again. I can sleep peacefully at night and don't have to worry about collections any time. Due to the good people at 911 no more case. I highly recommend them!"

"911 Tax Relief is a good solution for people who have faced a tax problem. These people are able to resolve a case of any difficulty. Yes, it will cost you money to get protection from them, but this will prevent you from lose much more if you try to fix things on your own. I did that and it resulted in even more penalties. I can guarantee from my own experience that these professionals will be of great help to you. Take my advice and contact them today. God bless this company!"

My Final Summary

If you find yourself owing a bog sum of money to the IRS, you should start acting immediately to avoid penalties. 911 Tax Relief's services can be an answer to your financial problems. This debt relief company guarantees positive results if you provide them with all the necessary information on your case. In many cases, the company will be able to reduce the total amount of taxes you owe. Be sure that any payment plan they will offer you will be comfortably affordable, as they will set up a payment plan that you can cope with. With 911 Tax Relief you will not be out of money, but you will get into a better position with the IRS.

Summing everything mentioned before, it is high time for you to ask yourself whether you are ready to start solving your tax problems. If you owe a big sum of money to the IRS, 911 Tax Relief is always there to help and protect you. There is no need to continue looking for another tax relief company. You can get help today if you contact the company by calling at its telephone number. Most customers who have used their services are highly pleased with the results they received. This is something that you should experience too, especially if you have lost your sleep. Finally, remember that there is a way out from any situation. As a specialist I can certainly recommend 911 Tax Relief. Don't lose your time.

911 Tax Relief Pricing and Rates

You can get all the necessary information about 911 Tax Relief on their official website. You can also find their contact information on their site. The cost of the services depends on your individual case. The company provides free evaluations; however, the associated fees are specific to your case, too. According to numerous customer reviews, average fees ranged between $1000 and $2000.