Ab Doer 360 Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Ab Doer 360 Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Ab Doer 360

Ab Doer 360 is a compact, lightweight, and easy to assemble workout system that claims to help you shape and tighten your muscles, tone your abs, and burn fat and calories. The trainer was invented by John Abdo. It is said to provide easy-to-do and fun movements called Abdobics. It combines heart-pounding aerobics with muscle shaping. While performing these exercises on the dynamic fluidity seat, all of your muscles will be automatically engaged for maximum results. Due to the embedded comfort groove the pressure is taken off your tailbone, pelvis, and hip joints, while the abductor grip streamlines the swiveling action and supports your thighs in a proper way. The stem is attached to the back of the seat and uses Multidirectional Technology to make your core muscles work, including obliques, upper abs, abs, and back. The dual foam roller system activates spinal and core muscles as you move with a comforting yet dynamic back massage.

The elevated bars of the Ab Doer 360 help to ensure that your body is aligned when you are doing these exercises. This will help you to decrease your back discomfort and improve your flexibility no matter how old you are, what your weight and fitness level are. The product has been around for several years already, which is why it has been used by a few million people all over the world. Is Ab Doer 360 a breakthrough innovation? Is it able to charge your workout and to transform your body better than anything else? Before answering these questions, let us find out who invented this trainer. All three models were invented by John Abdo, a conditioning and strength coach for Olympic teams during the 70s and 80s. Beside the Ab Doer 360, he also invented the WonderBack Pro, Androzene supplement, WonderFlex Pillow, the No Excuses fitness lifestyle. John is also the author of many books.

Customer Reviews - Does Ab Doer 360 Really Work?

Ab Doer 360 was released quite recently but we managed to make a research based on several dozens of customer reviews. The majority of testimonials carry a positive character. The customers appear to be happy with the trainer, its functionality and the results it brings. Amazon gave the product an average rating of 3.5 stars. Most compliments reference easy setup, the ease of use even for people with such movement concerns as back issues or arthritis, improved flexibility, competitive price and lost weight. At the same time, there are some complaints. The most common ones relate to the absence of fitness improvements, quality concerns, lack of resistance, and claims that it is not good for your back. The company behind Ab Doer 360 is known as Thane. From its perspective, it has been in business for many years already and is responsible for such popular products as the Miracle Bamboo Pillow, Booty Max, Flavorstone Infusion Grill, and H2O Mop X5. Like other ASOTV offerings, these products come an average customer feedback reputation and rating. However, some of them offer high quality or great performance, just like Ab Doer 360 does.

According to the customer reviews, they fall in love with the product as soon as they unpack it. First, the customers tend to be impressed with the quality of the trainer. Second, it is easy to assemble and set up. People like the way their abdominal muscles work when they are training on the Ab Doer 360. This small part of human core actually includes the pelvic floor, transverse abdominals, diaphragm, multifidus, and many other muscles. They can become bigger and stronger through resistance provided by the system. It breaks down the fibers and makes them grow as they are repaired. It also prevents the formation of a layer of fat by providing cardiovascular exercises. These boost metabolism, elevate heart rate, and help you burn fat faster. In order to lose more fat and make your abdominal muscles pop, it is recommended to combine low-calorie diet with exercises. The Ab Doer 360 device promises to help you achieve these goals. According to the customer reviews, the device includes the dynamic fluidity seat that uses the principle of a stability ball to challenge your muscles all the time while maintaining balance. The seat features a comfort groove to relieve pressure, as well as the front bump to help you to remain in place when swiveling. A dual roller system provides a massaging action on the spine sides. Let us take a look at what real users say about their experience of using the trainer.

"I am a woman who is 56 years old and having 100 pounds overweight. I have tried many different types of diets and exercise equipment in order to lose weight. I saw the Ab Doer 360 on TV and decided to order it. I can only say that I absolutely love it! It is just perfect for me, as I have arthritis and cannot do jumping exercises. The warm up with this system is easy and the exercise routine is interesting. I spend only 15 minutes a day to look awesome. I have lost several pounds within the last month and I am going to continue the process. I am never bored and I feel that my body is working."

"I am 51 and have had the Ab Doer 360 for only one week but I have experienced certain changes in my body. I have increased my back flexibility, which is very important for me since I have arthritis. Besides, I have had two hip replacements. By the way, I have already lost 4 lbs. My hips have become much slimmer. I don't regret bought this trainer a bit. I use it every day, just like my husband who wants to lose weight too. We both like the system and would recommend it to everyone. It is fun to work out on it."

"Ab Doer 360 is a great system for toning my abdominals! This moves my core in the proper way like nothing else does. I am completely satisfied with the resistance the trainer provides to me. I also like the fact that I have to move my waistline around in an active manner. I try to focus on the moves I make to tone up my midsection. I do not regret purchasing this system and I do recommend it to others."

My Final Summary

Taking into account all information given higher, it can be concluded that the Ab Doer 360 can really deliver good results due to its Abdobics movements. The device was thoroughly tested, so we are provided with a safe and reliable trainer for our abdominals. The system is associated with positive customer feedback. The users report that it is the best of the models provided by the company. It can be used by people of all age categories and fitness readiness, even those who may suffer from back pain, arthritis, or different types of chronic injury.

Another advantage about the Ab Doer 360 is that it is reasonably priced and can be afforded by almost anyone. With this trainer you will not need to workout at a gym to get perfect abdominals. You can do exercises in the comfort of your home. According to the customers, you can successfully lose your weight to. It should be kept in mind, though, that the device has a 300-pound weight limit. So, if you are looking to take your physique to the next level, I recommend you buying the Ab Doer 360.

Where To Buy Ab Doer 360 In Stores?

If you would like to try the system for 30 days, you can do it by paying just $14.95 shipping. After this term, you will be charged a single payment of $199.80 or four payments of $49.95 in 30-day intervals, as you wish. Your order will also include the following items: Accelerated Results, Quick Start Guide, Nutrition Guide, Instruction DVD and Full-Length Workout Program, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Workouts, as well as Motivational Calendar. For more information called the customer service and ask your questions. You can get the six-pack massage roller for $31.96, plus $5.95 shipping and a resistance band set for $29. You may also buy an extended 2-year warranty for $30. The Ab Doer 360 comes with a one-year warranty. To process a warranty claim or a refund, you will need to contact Thane IP Limited.