AeroPilates Reformer Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

AeroPilates Reformer

AeroPilates Reformer is a frame in the shape of a bed that sits beneath a platform and is meant for performing Pilates exercises. The platform, called a carriage, can roll on wheels designed within the frame. At one end it is attached to the reformer by springs that offer different levels of resistance when the carriage moves along the frame. The machine provides with an opportunity to have a low-impact cardiovascular workout to burn fat and calories. At the same time, it is said to be gentle on your joints. The system is claimed to improve your range of motion, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. It allows performing more than fifty exercises to shape and tone your body. The reformer has been elevated about 10 inches, which allows more advanced exercises. The system includes an adjustable headrest and high-density foam shoulder pads for additional support and comfort, as well as hand grips, adjustable straps, and ropes to fit almost any user.

AeroPilates Reformer comes with Level 1 Workout DVD, full-color workout wall chart and Cardio Workout DVD to help you get started. It folds and rolls conveniently for easy storage. However, be ready for some assembly. The product comes with the manufacturer's warranty. The company behind the product is called Stamina and was founded in 1987. It is dedicated to creating a stronger body. The company also offers some other products for fitness and leisure. Stamina is responsible for such brands as Suzanne Somers, Body by Jake, Tony Little, and more. Their mission is to outperform the competition by supporting consistent quality, effective communication, and superior service. Can the Stamina AeroPilates with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder really help you reach and maintain your fitness goals? What are its advantages above other trainers? Let's find out answers to these questions further in this review.

Customer Reviews - Does AeroPilates Reformer Really Work?

According to the manufacturer, the rebounder is gentler on your joints than any other trainer. It has low impact on the whole body because you are lying on your back while performing exercises, there is no concussion on your hips, legs, or spine. The AeroPilates Free-Form Rebounder is like a trampoline, so less shock is provided to your joints. The AeroPilates flexibility and strength training gives you the flexible body. Another advantage of AeroPilates Reformer is that it is adjustable. However, it is not as perfect as claimed by the manufacturer. There are many concerns about the quality of the system. It requires some efforts to assemble the system. Another drawback is the high price of the product. It has limited resistance, according to the users. The device is cumbersome to relocate.

According to the manufacturer, the frame of the unit is made from extremely solid steel, thus, it is very stable and safe to workout on. However, some users confess that cheaper models are not stable enough and exercising on them can be even dangerous. The company says that the gliders and rollers of the unit have a smooth motion to make your workouts more comfortable, efficient and confident. However, remember to apply oil to the rollers and gliders from time to time to promote their smoothness. The patented rebounder of this reformer provides an aerobic workout to burn fat and calories. Since the exercises are done when you are lying down, less stress is provided to the shins, hips, knees, legs, and spine. However, the system may not be suitable for people with joint problems. It is recommended to use the Stamina AeroPilates Reformer three times a week during forty minutes.

There are not so many customer reviews about the product online. There are both positive and negative testimonials. While some users confess that the system can really improve almost all aspects of fitness, the others do not find the unit as beneficial. While a few customers experienced significant weight reduction, others did not lose a pound. A number of people reported that the AeroPilates Reformer failed to tone muscles and lower body fat. A few users reported that the unit helped them to improve their cardio health, balance, strength, flexibility, and more. The ropes, straps, and handgrips of the reformer are difficult to deal with, as some customers claim. Many customers are not satisfied with the cost of the product, saying that it is not worth the money it costs. Assembling the unit takes about twenty minutes. Be careful assembling the system. The reformer's cords are quite strong but their resistance isn't powerful enough. If you need more power, you should opt for more expensive reformers. You are expected to get a challenging workout but the main task is to choose the right resistance. Another drawback of the AeroPilates Reformer is that it weighs 133lbs, so moving it may be very difficult. It means that you will need to find a permanent space for it. Let us take a look at the real customers' reviews available online.

"I have done pilates reformer classes a few years, so I decided to buy AeroPilates Reformer for my vacation home. I wanted to stay in shape while I am there. I am not pleased with my purchase - the wheels are constantly falling off the track just in the beginning of my workout. I force them back into place but they fall off again! I am not very heavy (about 130 pounds), so I don't think that my weight is to blame. I want to return the unit but it is probably too late"

"Aero Pilates Reformer was very difficult for me to assemble. Finally, when I succeeded in an hour, I tried to watch the supplied DVD's. However, neither of them played in any of my DVD Players. I don't understand how to use that thing. There is a wall chart with pics but I need the video to understand how to use the device safely. I am disappointed with my purchase and I regret wasting so much money on that device"

"Aeropilates Reformer is very heavy, so it wasn't easy for me to move and assemble. There were some missing parts, so I called in and waited for the parts for the next three weeks. I finally got the unit together and started to use it. However, another problem appeared; the wheels came off the track. Their poor quality DVD's won't play too. This system is certainly not worth the money it costs. The company promised to send me replacements"

My Final Summary

The Stamina AeroPilates Reformer has a mixed online feedback from purchasers. Several people said that the reformer's quality left much to be desired. Even though the manufacturer claims that the rebounder provides a pain-free aerobic workout even for people with bad knees, the unit is often impossible to use due to the number of problems. Many customers report that the wheels often fell off the device. Many buyers received their machines in bad condition. The quality of the unit was not professional or the sliding glide board didn't work. According to the majority of users, it is complete waste of money. Taking into account all pros and cons of the product, I cannot recommend AeroPilates Reformer to usage.

AeroPilates Reformer Pricing and Rates

The product is available in a number of different models, thus, their prices may vary a lot. AeroPilates Pro XP557 costs $1,499.99, while you can buy AeroPilates Pro XP 556 for $1,199.99. The cost of the next models is $799.99: AeroPilates Reformer 651, AeroPilates with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder, and AeroPilates Premier Reformer. You can buy AeroPilates Reformer 266 for $699.99, just lie AeroPilates 20th Anniversary Reformer and Aeropilates 5-cord Reformer. The cost of AeroPilates Reformer Plus 365 is $649.99. AeroPilates Reformer Plus 5006 is worth $579.99. The cheapest model is AeroPilates Reformer 287. It costs $399.99.