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Agora Financial

Agora Financial is a publishing company that produces email and print publications, conferences, and books directed toward providing financial commentary, advice, and marketing predictions. This privately held company is based in Baltimore, Maryland. The subsidiary of The Agora network was founded in 1979 by financial essayist and writer, Bill Bonner. Addison Wiggin, Bonner's co-author, is the executive publisher of the company. Agora Financial publishes a lot of financial newsletters about making money in emerging technologies, metals, energy, and small-cap stocks, including the Outstanding Investments, Daily Reckoning, and Capital and Crisis. It provides investors with precious information in the field of investing.

Today, Agora Financial is more an investment system that provides its clients with high-quality services. There is no trading website or app in this system. Instead the client has to sign up to this theory literature and newsletters which open ways to insulate investments and funds against possible storms. Clients are provided with monthly Agora Financial newsletters and books to be informed of news in the field. The service costs from $49-$89 per year. Of course, such literature can be found in the financial/economic sections in any bookstore. But the main value of the Agora Financial package consists in the monthly news updates.

Customer Reviews - Does Agora Financial Really Work?

Agora Financial offer a number of advantages to its clients. The major goal of Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence financial service is to keep the investors aware of all the coming developments for them to be ready to act right away. In fact, this is news and coaching service that intends to inform subscribers of the coming global economic collapse. Regular readers tend to leave their reviews of the system on different websites online. Some of these people even write that Agora Financial is a scam. However the reality is that it is a logical analysis and the real deal. The Strategic Intelligence package has reviewed by a number of highly credible sources. This is Jim Rickards' genuine theory that deserves much respect. He has 35 years of experience working within public private and institutions. In 1998 this specialist was credited with saving the US Federal Reserve from potential collapse. After that he has been a major adviser to both private concerns and government agencies. Jim Rickards has significantly contributed into the international business and financial spheres.

The Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence review project is based upon the collapse of the US Dollar via the realignment of the IMF. The project has been in action since late 2016 and intends not to allow China and Russia contribute to the replacement of dollar by a new reserve currency. If this happens, the value of the USD will instantly collapse. He warns the investors of this impending shift in the global economy. According to Jim Rickards, the best way to protect your funds is to sell cash reserves in exchange for gold. He is sure that gold is set to pass $10000/ounce soon, amounting to an eight times return. This fascinating theory deserves respect, especially taking into account the fact that many predictions of Rickards and Agora Financial have come true.

What are real users' reviews of the company's activity? Well, the average rating of Agora Financial is four stars. It is a rather high result. People are happy with the information vital for proper investments and protections of their funds. However, here are also some complaints and articles associated with failure of Agora Financial to predict some changes in the financial sphere of the country and the world in general. If you have subscribed for their publishing for a year, you won't be able to cancel it. Let us take a look at the testimonials of people who have really used the system's services.

"I ordered Strategic Intelligence by Jim Rickards and paid $49. I am happy that I subscribed to this literature. Now I am aware of what is going on in the financial field and can invest money successfully. I have multiplied my income significantly lately. Thank you very much. I do recommend the Agora Financial system for my friends."

"I am getting countless publications from AgoraFinancial, as well as from other writers. As a result, I am always informed of the financial news. I even started thinking that this company is a part of that globalist run effort to control world matters. In any case I can invest y money with no fear now."

"I am glad that I ordered getting Agora financial publications each month. These provide me with the latest investment strategies, so I can use my funds correctly. I am really thinking of exchanging my money into gold. It is true that all currencies are backed by this precious metal."

My Final Summary

The Strategic Intelligence System was created by Jim Rickards. It is certainly Scam free. It just discusses matters related to investments and finance. The software focuses on certain facts which depict IMF as an entity that wants the US dollar get out of its currency reserve status and be replaced by new IMF World Money. At present, it is just a theory; however, Jim's Agora Financial seems to have a strong basis for his statements. The best thing to do now is to learn more about the review system. It would be unfair to label this analysis a scam, not just because its inventor is a highly regarded man, but also because there is enough proof that he is a real specialist in these matters. The financial disaster of 2008 was predicted by Jim Rickards and some other very few experts. Those who were attentive enough managed to make millions of dollars.

You can also increase your profits with the Agora Financial and Strategic Intelligence Review. If you are a worried or beginning investor, you will certainly benefit from this system. It can seriously affect your financial sphere, as many of this man's prophecies have been realized already. It should be briefly mentioned that Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence review, as well as his books and articles have received legitimate praise from numerous reputable sources. These include The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, Ron Paul and Nomi Prins and others. Taking into account all pros and cons of the system, I do recommend Agora Financial.

Agora Financial Pricing and Rates

Agora Financial provides a three tiered service each of which involves a set of literature and updates. The first one is Silver and includes 2 eBooks, 3 Reports, and Monthly Email Subscription ($49/year). The second one is Gold and includes 2 Books, 3 Reports, Monthly Printed Issues ($89/year). Finally, Platinum includes 2 Books, 3 Reports, 1 Bonus Report, and Monthly Subscription ($79/year). You can also log into the central Agora Information review website to get further explanations and data of the theory from other sources. You will also find many links to further resources connected with the Strategic Intelligence system.