Air Track Tumbling Mat Reviews - What Is It?

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Air Track Tumbling Mat

Air Track Tumbling Mat is a product that can be used for gymnastics, yoga training and different sports like Taekwondo. One may also play different games on this mat. The product is claimed to be very versatile. It can be used to jump, tumble, or to make any other gymnastic movements both indoors and outdoors. This mat is a good solution for sports such as martial arts, cheerleading, parkour and different types of school sports. The set includes free quick action air pump equipment that can be used for blowing up your inflatable floor in less than two minutes (hands free). You won't have to waste your time with other Airtracks that come with a manual floor pump that blows a mat too slowly. This will also save your energy.

According to the manufacturer, Air Track Tumbling Mat has an ideal size - 10' x 3' x 4". This size is suitable for both competitive and recreational use. One airtrack mat will fit well in a backyard or an indoor living room. There is no need to worry if you need a longer runway - the mat can securely link to another airtrack providing you with 20' of bouncy area. The product is claimed to be long-lasting due to its reinforced taped seams. They also guarantee that your mat is as airtight as the day this tumble track was manufactured at the factory. All of these claims sound really promising but are they true? To answer this question, we will need to get acquainted with the real customers' testimonials available on third-party website. But before that it is vital to find out who manufactures the product. Well, Air Track Tumbling Mat is made by the company called Wildtribe. It is not a well-known or popular company in the country. Its official website is You can also follow their Instagram: @tumblestaraus.

Customer Reviews - Does Air Track Tumbling Mat Really Work?

There are not so many customer reviews about this kind of a mat on third-party websites. The customer reputation is rather mixed in character. One woman writes in her testimonial that she bought two 10' air tumbling mats for her daughter's birthday. She has been taking them out every day and says that one mat would be too small for her to train. It is not very convenient to use two items at a time but one would be too small. The customer has only one complaint - this mat does not inflate as fast as promised by the manufacturer. Besides, it is quite heavy for a child to carry it. Another customer reports that his kids love this air track but it has low quality. For this reason, it can only be used at home indoors, not in the water or outdoors. Swimming on it in the swimming pool can be dangerous. Do not leave your child alone in water with this mat. It can deflate really quickly.

One woman says that she bought Air Track Tumbling Mat for her two daughters because they are fond of gymnastics and want to improve their skills. This purchase was the worst purchase of the woman ever made online. The mat tore after a few days of usage. They tried to glue it but this did not bring any good result. It was waste of $200. The woman does not recommend it to anyone else. Another buyer agrees that it is not the best investment for money, since the mat has poor quality. It is not suitable neither for practicing gymnastic tricks nor for just lying on it. Look around - you will certainly find a better option available on the market. The device for blowing the mat is not very powerful and works really slowly.

One more customer reports that he bought the original mat from the manufacturer but was disappointed with its quality. It was not thick enough for training. His three children ranging from 8 to 16 years old have been using this mat for a few days before it started deflate by itself. Besides, when it was on the floor there was no grip on the bottom to keep it from moving. It did not allow his kids to use it to the fullest. They moved it from one room to another and probably damaged it somehow. It deflates very quickly after being inflated and cannot be used any longer. Everything they have got from their $200 purchase is a bag for keeping the mat. If you are thinking about getting a tumbling mat Air Track Tumbling Mat may not be a good option. It is high time to take a look at the actual customer reviews available about the product online.

"My Air Track Tumbling Mat has got a large leak after two weeks of usage. I inspected the item thoroughly and found out that there is a tear around the major air valve. I contacted the company by mail but they didn't answer. As far as I know the product is supposed to come with the warranty. This is a cheap product. Do not waste your money."

"Air Track Tumbling Mat is a mat that inflates and deflates without even tumbling on it. My children are very disappointed because it was a Christmas gift for them. Now it appears that the return window is closed already. Save your money and buy a worthier product!"

"Air Track Tumbling Mat is a product with low quality. It seems that we need to refill air every day and still it is not enough. Is this normal? I cannot give it even a single star! Do not buy it. It seems to be nothing more than a Chinese imitation."

My Final Summary

The Air Track Tumbling Mat does not appear to be the best inflatable tumble mat on the market. It has too many drawbacks. While it is claimed to be extremely lightweight, some users found it heavy for children to take it to the other room. Many customers are disappointed with its small size. The quality also leaves much to be desired. Some people have reported that it tore really quickly - after a few days of regular usage. It is not acceptable for a product that costs $200. This air track tumbling mat is manufactured from the material that is 0.9mm thick. It turns out to be not as durable as claimed in the commercial. There are much better and more reasonably priced inflatable gymnastics mats. This mat is not thick enough, which may increase the chance of being hurt during your training. In this way, you are recommended to look for a more efficient mat that can be used in the gym floor, artistic gymnastics floor, in high-performance training, dance clubs, fitness clubs, schools, as well as for home entertainment and gymnastic exercises. You are advised to pay attention to the manufacturer of the product you are considering. Read all the customer reviews available about the product online. The mat itself must be bouncy and have high quality. Taking into account all pros and cons of Air Track Tumbling Mat, I cannot recommend this product to usage.

Where To Buy Air Track Tumbling Mat In Stores?

This product can only be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer. It costs about $200 per item, which is a rather high price for a product of this kind. The product is currently unavailable on Amazon and we don't know if it will be back in stock. If you have any problems with the purchase, feel free to contact the company by email. Even though they promise to reply soon, many customers have reported that they failed to contact the company or get a response. So, if you are not satisfied with the product for some reason, do not expect to return an item for a refund.