Airrosti Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Airrosti stands for Applied Integration for the Rapid Recovery of Soft Tissue Injuries. It is a treatment model for chronic and acute musculoskeletal injuries and pain associated with them. The address of the headquarters is 43150 Broadlands Center Plz; Ste 184; Ashburn, VA 20148. Their phone number is (855) 404-2945 and business website is They claim to have knowledge about the underlying cause of pain problems and injuries of soft tissue. They know how to treat these issues and to resolve the problems of their patients in only three visits. The establishment is known for chiropractors who have been specially trained specific methods. Their website does not open the secret to the effectiveness of their treatment, though. However, the net is full of patient reports and discussion groups telling about the method. There are also numerous testimonials most of which claim that Airrosti is effective but painful. The patient is provided with high-quality care for an entire hour, with thorough examination, foam rolling, hands-on soft tissue therapy, instruction in rehabilitation and exercise, as well as Kinesio Taping. Their main competitors are Gua Sha technique and the Graston technique, and their treatment is focused on myofascial release (MFR). If you have more questions about the techniques, you are free to visit the Airrosti website featuring some explanations.

Our research has shown that myofascial release is a term for several advanced techniques of manipulating human muscles and fascia (pieces of connective tissue). It can be also called massage. The major factor for different claims behind MFR is the statement that fascia has vital properties backed up by scientific evidence. A number of studies have demonstrated that myofascial therapy can be an effective treatment for many conditions. What is good about Airrosti is that their services are covered by insurance. Kinesio Taping offered by the company is also scientifically proven to be safe and effective. In general, Airrosti's methods are based on the fascial distortion model that was developed by Stephen Typaldos, DO. He trained a female physical therapist and taught her his methods. After that, he decided not to train any other PTs after that woman told other she had developed these methods herself. The female therapist sold her concept to entrepreneurs who started sharing their knowledge with chiropractors. Doctor Typaldos described six major types of fascial distortions, each of which has its own signature presentation and body language. He tested his methods for more than fifteen years, treated different health conditions such as backaches, Osgood-Schlatter disease, headaches, chronic pain, sciatica, and kidney stones. The AFDMA (American Fascial Distortion Model Association) was the continuation of his work after his death. There are FDM associations in Europe, Burkina Faso, and Japan. Recently there was a World Congress in San Antonio. Typaldos' book is out of print now but you can get a used copy for $342.84. PubMed contains a study dedicated to his model of treating frozen shoulder.

Customer Reviews - Does Airrosti Really Work?

The official Airrosti website has some evidence. It is said to be proven as an effective method of treatment musculoskeletal conditions through deep third-party research. The analysis has showed that it is the most efficient and affordable option for solving the higher mentioned problems. It is claimed to be an effective prevention measure of hospitalization, injections, surgeries, MRIs, and pharmaceuticals for musculoskeletal conditions including back pain. Airrosti intends to make an immediate impact on their patient's injury, within the first one or two treatments. They can help to reduce pain and any other symptoms. Each patient gets a detailed personalized treatment plan, which specifies the amount of treatments to improve their health condition. The company has already helped over 60,000 patients, based on their reports they provided at their last visit. According to the company's data, Airrosti has resolved injury/condition problems of 89.6% of their patients. 5,516 individuals said they helped them to prevent a surgery, 93.8% patients said it they helped them to reduce the amount of medications taken, and 92.3% reported they prevented medical services in the future such as chiropractic visits and PT.

60.2% of patients reported that their health condition "much improved," while 33.9% said it "improved" after Airrosti's services. 37.4% of patients reported they felt no pain at their last visit, 46.2% had little pain, while 13.9% of individuals had moderate pain. There are many customer reports about these treatment methods on third-party websites. Most of them claim that Airrosti is the best approach to the treatment of soft tissue issues within a short period of time. The average patient had 3.2 visits to the office of the company. People are pleased with Dr. Jason Garrett, a chiropractor and the vice-president of the company. Airrosti costs are also lower than those of other similar services. Let us take a look at what actual clients of the company are writing about it.

One woman reports that she is currently undergoing therapy through the establishment. It was recommended to her by her primary care doctor who deals with her shoulder issue. The woman says she is generally skeptical of non-traditional methods of treatment. She describes her experience with Airrosti. At her first visit they checked her range of motion. Then she received massage and stretching of the muscles. Once they completed the session, they switched on a tablet in front of the woman and asked her to rate her pain and other metrics to check if she felt any improvement. The patient is progressing but not very fast. She likes Airrosti and finds it to be rather effective. She especially likes physical therapy with Dr. Ryabinov and Anna. They are good at what they do. Many other customers agree with this opinion. For example, one man says that his hip and shoulder were injured in a bicycle accident. He suffered from huge pain and before coming to Dr. Ryabinov, he needed a cane to walk. On the day of his first visit, he was still limping. After just two visits his limp was gone completely. It was Anna who showed him how to do the exercises to progress more. After four visits, the man was back to biking and jogging. Everyone at his work was amazed at how fast he was healed. His shoulder has improved significantly. Before the treatment he could barely wash his hair because of pain. The patient is very pleased with the treatment. He recommends Airrosti to everyone who has problems of the kind. Here are some more testimonials from actual customers of the company.

"Dr. Ryabinov and Anna at Airrosti are a perfect care team. Dr. R. provided me with the soft tissue treatment and Anna offered therapy plans. Together, they managed to treat my problem completely, and now I have no painful symptoms any longer. Before the treatment, Dr. R. conducted a thorough assessment of my condition to identify the root of the cause of pain. They have a very wise approach to the solution of the problem. If one course does not work, they work together to develop a customized treatment plan that works for you. Both specialists are kind and pleasant to work with. They try to make you feel relaxed and keep you distracted with talking to you and taking the focus off your pain."

"Due to Airrosti I finally feel relief for pain that lasted more than a week. It was my co-worker who told me about Airrosti. I was skeptic at first because as a traditional chiropractor myself, the method usually brought temporary relief. When I tried Airrosti I could not believe that I received almost 100% relief after just a few treatments. It has made my life better! Thank you very much!"

"I am grateful to Airrosti and Dr. Ryabinov for relieving my low back spasms and pain within two appointments! I went out of their office without pain after the first appointment already. The doctor helped me with a long-lasting injury and I am going to come back to him to treat my knee too. It is so good to have a healthy alternative to surgery and drugs. Visit Airrosti, you will not regret!"

My Final Summary

There is enough evidence to conclude that Airrosti is an effective, safe and less expensive treatment method for the treatment of chronic and acute musculoskeletal injuries and pain. They have a lot of customers who are satisfied with the results they received after just a few visits. Their methods have scientific evidence behind their effectiveness and safety. However, before going to Airrosti, customers should ensure that this method will not harm their condition. It is better to consult a doctor. However, Dr. Ryabinov proves to be a well-experienced and knowledgeable specialist who always estimates the condition before starting the treatment. It is important to note that your insurance will cover the treatment at Airrosti. In addition, the company sends each patient a piece of information to back up their claims. Our research has shown that it is really an effective, efficient, and cheap option for resolving musculoskeletal conditions. It helps to prevent hospitalization, surgeries, MRIs, intake of pharmaceuticals and injections. If Airrosti can provide more effective and less expensive treatment than other sources of care, can certainly recommend it!

Airrosti Pricing and Rates

According to third party sources, the average cost of resolving an injury at Airrosti was only 45% of the average cost of other kinds of care. Most patients report that a large portion of the costs is covered by their insurance. However, even those who pay 100% of the costs out of their pockets will be able to save money. The total cost of Airrosti care is much lower than the cost of an MRI alone (about $1500). In addition, Airrosti is an FSA and HSA approved benefit. Their specialists track outcomes for every separate patient. Their patients have reported 88% injury resolution after the completion of their treatment plan.