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Alpha Muscle Complex Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Alpha Muscle Complex Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Alpha Muscle Complex is a natural dietary product specially created for people who need to optimize their workouts. This supplement adds to the long list of muscle pre-workout products available on the modern market. It works by increasing testosterone and energy levels, as well as overall muscle mass. In order to see visible results after working hard in the gym you will need to do more than just eat well. Using some muscle boosting supplements speeds up the occurrence of effective results. The manufacturer claims that this product is able to increase blood flow to the muscles. It works by widening blood vessels and supplying more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. Since the product increases strength it helps to achieve the desired results faster. It provides longer periods of workouts and improves workout endurance. The product reduces the buildup of lactic acids in the user's body and reduces insulin. It promises to enhance the development of lean muscle mass within a short period of time. These claims seem to be very promising but does Alpha Muscle Complex really work as well as claimed? Let's find out by discussing the ingredients added to the formula but at fist let us take a look at the manufacturer information available online.

The product is manufactured and distributed by the Alpha Muscle Complex Company. There are some contact details for the company on the official website. Thus, to cancel your trial you will need to contact the company by calling at 800-591-2106. There is also an email address: support@alphamuscleproducts.com. You can ask your questions or leave a comment in the form provided on the official website too. Despite lack of popularity of the company on the internet, this testosterone booster is claimed to be well-known in fitness and body building community. There are some positive customer testimonials about Alpha Muscle Complex but they seem to be fake and paid for. The official website of the company is filled with numerous loud promises which are not supported by any solid science, though. Does this supplement have testosterone boosting ability and other beneficial effects on the body muscles? Let's try to answer this question by discussing its ingredients.

Ingredients of Alpha Muscle Complex - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As a matter of fact, there is no ingredient information on the official website of this product, which is the first red flag. The claims may be very promising but without ingredient information it is impossible to know what effect this supplement will have. This is disappointing, so we decided to do our own research of the ingredients included into its formula. The key ingredient of Alpha Muscle Complex is Tongkat Ali. It is a natural herb responsible for the stimulation of testosterone production in the body. This is important for achieving several workout benefits. The drawback of this compound is that it can cause a number of side effects. Saw Palmetto Extract is another ingredient of Alpha Muscle Complex. It promises to increase blood supply to the muscles which promotes sufficient minerals, oxygen, and nutrients for better health and muscle mass. Additional health benefits of this herb include protection from prostate cancer and urinary tract infections. However, this ingredient may also cause certain adverse reactions.

Alpha Muscle Complex

Orchic is another powerful ingredient of the supplement. It is derived from wild yams and is responsible for boosting testosterone levels in the human body. As a matter of fact, this compound is not backed by any science, so its effects are quite doubtful. Sasparilla root extract is believed to facilitate muscle recovery and promote the process of protein synthesis. But to achieve any results you will need to stick to your workout schedule regularly. This compound also promises to promote workout motivation and high endurance levels. Other ingredients of Alpha Muscle Complex include L-Norvaline, L-Arginine, Nettle extract, and L-Citrulline. The major drawback of this supplement is that the manufacturer does not provide ingredient amounts on the official website, so you never know whether the product will be effective or not. it is high time to check whether it has any potential side effects.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Alpha Muscle Complex claims that the product is free from any side effects but it is not quite true because many of its ingredients carry potential health dangers. For example, Tongkat Ali may cause aggressiveness, insomnia, and increased heart rate. Accrding to the studies, Eurycoma Longifolia Jack can increase testosterone levels by freeing bound testosterone and by stimulating the release of luetinizing hormone (LH). The latter is produced by the pituitary gland. This substance is linked to higher testosterone production. Because this product increases testosterone levels it should be avoided by those with prostate cancer, heart disease, diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, sleep apnea, or liver disease. High testosterone production has an anabolic effect linked to the increased athletic performance and muscle mass; however, it also has a "steroid crash" potential. The symptoms of this condition include excessive sleep or insomnia, profuse sweating, bad dreams, upset stomach and no appetite. Other symptoms include a thick white coating on the tongue, food tasting different, sores on the tongue and muscle, frequent urination, and joint pain. To avoid some of these symptoms you are recommended to start with smaller amounts of the supplement and to eat nuts. Nuts can prevent constipation while being on a high-protein diet. Remember to consume plenty of fruit and vegetables. and whole grains should be eaten during the "off" cycle to make sure a balanced diet is maintained. One of the main reasons for cycling the supplement is to try to avoid the "steroid crash" effects discussed above

There are quite many customer reviews about the supplement online. A lot of people are not satisfied with the results they received when using Alpha Muscle Complex. This product is usually associated with such complaints as lack of positive effects, experiencing side effects, poor customer service and high price. Some users are sure that this is a scam! They are often unable to get in contact with anyone who can help! It is difficult to cancel the order if you are not pleased with the product. One man took the pills as instructed, but he turned out to be allergic to the pills, so he stopped taking the product. Another guy says that he ordered the free trial and had just to pay for the shipping. However, he was charged full price $89.99 for the first bottle plus the shipping. If you don't cancel shipment you will be involved in auto-ship, which means that you will be charged $89.99 each month. The guy called them to complain and was offered a 50% discount. He has taken the entire first bottle but it did not provide any positive results. He thinks that all of these products are a scam. The man sticks to a well-balanced diet and trains 5-6 days a week. Here are some of the actual user reviews.

"I think Alpha Muscle Complex is a scam. I ordered this product and I did not receive it for over a week. I live in Hawaii and I saw the $13.93 shipping charge on my Visa billing. I called them to cancel any further shipments and I thought I was done with this company. But today I just opened my Visa bill and saw a charge for 89.99. At present I cannot reach any of four phone numbers for this company. This is a total scam. Do not deal with this company."

"I ordered a free trial of Alpha Muscle Complex but they charged me the full price of the bottle after two weeks. I opened the bottle but I didn't take the pills; however, they don't want to give me a refund. They offered only a 25% which is better than nothing but I still want to get a full refund. I don't recommend you subscription for the product. The trial bottle is not free; it is your first month bottle you will be charged for after 14 days automatically."

"I ordered Alpha Muscle Complex only once but I was automatically subscribed for further shipping. I did not like the supplement because it caused side effects. I have tried to find ways of contacting the company to stop this prescription. They continue charging me $89.99 each month for a product I have never ordered. Please stop these withdrawals from my account!"

Where To Buy Alpha Muscle Complex?

The company promises a free trial offer but it is not what it should be. Many users report that they are charged for a full bottle even before 14 days expire. You will be charged $89.99 on a monthly basis. Thus, the trial results in an auto-ship program. Alpha Muscle Complex can be bought from the official website of the company or from some retail stores. It is recommended to take two capsules one or two times a day.

My Final Summary

There are some issues that stop me from recommending Alpha Muscle Complex to you. There is lack of proof of the manufacturer's claims. The second issue is the high price of the supplement. The third issue is the auto-shipping, which is going to cause many complaints. Other drawback of Alpha Muscle Complex is limited availability. There is lack of information provided by the company behind the product about the manufacturer and the supplement itself. The company does not offer any money back guarantee. Some people consuming the product may get nausea, headache, vomiting, and many other health problems. Teenagers should not use this supplement. Taking into account many negative testimonials I would suggest you looking for an alternative. Alpha Muscle Complex cannot be recommended to usage.