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AMC Stubs A-List

AMC Stubs A-List is a subscription movie plan from AMC that differentiates from existing Sinemia and MoviePass with its new paid loyalty program that costs $19.95 per month. Let's take a look at what you are going to get for that $20 and what other perks this plan comes with. Well, instead of offering a monthly allotment, this service allows you to watch three movies a week. The week starts on Friday and finishes on Thursday. So, you are going to watch twelve movies per month. It is up to you to use these offers or not. Let me remind you that MoviePass offers only one movie per day for $9.99 per month (four movies per month), while Sinemia offers one ticket per month at $4.99 and three tickets for $14.99 per month.

Another advantage of AMC Stubs A-List is that it allows its members to see all three movies on the same day, with two-hour breaks between showtimes. Besides, the members can watch movies they have already seen. To sign up you will need to go to the AMC's official website. The process is very fast and simple. You can further use the AMC app that is also easy to use. It allows you to book your ticket, and if you have available reservations, the app will automatically make your ticket a reservation for no cost. There is no need to take any additional steps or to use your "debit card" for entry. You'll receive an email confirmation for each ticket, and the app will show you your upcoming reservations. You may want to cancel your reservation, which is easy as cake.

Customer Reviews - Does AMC Stubs A-List Really Work?

We have encountered a great number of real customers' review on third-party website about Stubs A-List. Most of them carry a positive character saying that this service is much cheaper than the other available ones, like MoviePass and Sinemia. Besides, it is less limited in terms of buying tickets and watching the films. Starters can buy tickets in advance, so there is no need to waiting the day of the show. That's great if you are fond of seeing big blockbusters on opening night, which usually requires buying tickets several weeks in advance. Unlike MoviePass, Stubs A-List allows to use all kinds of premium movie screenings, including Prime, Dolby Cinema, IMAX, RealD 3D, and BigD. Stubs A-Listers can enjoy the same perks as AMC Stubs Premiere members, including these from a points-based rewards system, free size upgrades for beverages and popcorn. A-List members receive 100 points for every $1 spent on membership fees each month. You will actually get 1,995 points per month.

According to the customer feedback, buying tickets has never been easier. You won't need to use a physical debit card, but you will just buy tickets using the AMC virtual card. You will be given it when signing up for the service. Then, you will just visit the site ( or open the AMC Theatres app to be able to use your virtual card. You will also find a showtime and make your reservation. This process also works at the ticketing kiosks or at the box office at AMC theaters. When a screening is announced, you can make ticket reservation no matter how many days remain before the show. You are limited to three reservations a day, which means that if you have got three screenings reserved, the company will lock your account until one of the screenings passes. Besides, the tickets can be reserved only for yourself, not any other individual. AMC employees can check for valid photo IDs at the theater. Sometimes one can't make it to a showing. In this case, you can cancel your reservation through the mobile app or AMC website at Any tickets can be canceled which you can't use; otherwise, they will count against your weekly total.

As most users of Stubs A-List claim, this service is perfect for those who prefer to watch many movies in theaters per month, as well as those who like watching big blockbusters on opening night, and those who prefer 3D movies and other enhanced screenings. You are getting guaranteed price for a year, so there is no need to worry that the price may go up for the service during the year. AMC guarantees its $20 a month price for the whole year when you sign up. They are not locking you into a year of service, you are signing up for a three-month minimum. There are no online fees, which are hated by online shoppers more than anything else. You can benefit from the AMC Rewards Program, which is quite straightforward. It allows you to earn points while spending money on the movies. Points will give you a lot of discounts on things like concessions and tickets. Free popcorn is a nice bonus, isn't it? When you renew or join, your subscription fee is also linked to your rewards. AMC Stubs A-List proves to be valuable for the dwellers of big cities who can use an opportunity to save some money on cinema. It can be also beneficial for people who live in a location with high ticket prices. The service can be beneficial for those who live near an AMC. It is high time to take a look at the actual customers' testimonials available online.

"Due to AMC Stubs A-List, I cannot remember a time in the last several years that I have purchased a movie ticket at the cashier or from an actual human being. I like buy tickets in advance on my phone. Earlier I used MoviePass that required me to use a special debit card to buy my movie tickets from a cashier. I don't need to go anywhere. I just signed up for a loyalty program and now I can use a well-designed app. It allows me to book reservations in advance. I like this way of watching movies. I do recommend the service to everyone."

"I am pleased with AMC Stubs A-List because I can see up to three movies a week, which is twelve films a month. I can see a movie the weekend it opens, there are no restrictions on which day I can see the film. Besides, I am not limited to regular 2D screenings. With the service I can see Imax, 3D, and Dolby screenings. A week when I can go to the movies runs from Friday through Thursday but I can book reservations even more than that if there are tickets available for a movie. You can just to keep in mind that you can hold up to only three total reservations at a time. I like AMC Stubs A-List so much more than MoviePass."

"I am an active moviegoer. I like to sit with my giant bag of sour gummies before a large screen and watch a giant robot movie. Even though I go to the theaters really often I never bothered with MoviePass. I wanted to find a movie ticket subscription service which should not be associated with a huge hassle. I was skeptical about AMC Stubs A-List but now I know that this service is just ideal for my needs. I am in love with A-List."

My Final Summary

AMC Stubs A-List has a lot of advantages. It is well integrated with AMC's app and services. The pricing is lower than that with the competitive services available on the market. It is guaranteed for at least a year, so you don't have to worry that it will be increased or anything. You can watch three movies per week even if it is the same film, and even on the same day. Dolby, Real3D, IMAX are all fine with the service. There is a three-month minimum commitment but it does not seem to be a problem for any of the customers. $20 per month for twelve movies is a very reasonable price. AMC Stubs A-List is a perfect option if you have many AMC theaters around the area you live in and if you watch more than two movies per month. With all these advantages and disadvantages in mind, I do recommend AMC Stubs A-List.

AMC Stubs A-List Pricing and Rates

As it was already mentioned, one-month subscription costs $19.95. It gives you an opportunity to watch twelve movies per month. The year coming to a close, and AMC is going to raise the prices on their service in some states. The company is raising the subscription price in January 2019 in fifteen states and one district. With the higher price, you will be able to get three tickets each week, including IMAX and 3D format screenings. For Connecticut, California, Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey, the service will rise from $19.95 each month to $23.95. In Washington, Colorado, Florida, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Illinois, Minnesota, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia the price will rise to $21.95.