Ancestry DNA Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Ancestry DNA

Generally, Ancestry is a company that offers genealogy services. In 2012, another service was introduced by the company. It is called Ancestry DNA. It analyzes your DNA and links that data to your family tree, if you have provided one. The company ships you a DNA testing kit, which is to be returned together with your saliva sample. In a few weeks, the service will post the results on your online profile. This service aims to determine your ancestry by analyzing your DNA. They do not provide any health-related information, or extremely deep ancestral data. Do not expect that you will be told how much Neanderthal DNA you have. Ancestry already has collected DNA from more than seven million people. So, if you are looking for your genetic relatives, this company can help you.

This is number one selling consumer DNA test that has been tried by millions of people who have found more than 1 billion family connections. Ancestry DNA promises to estimate your origins to over 350 regions around the world. You will receive twice more geographic details than with any other tests. This test also provides the recent migration paths of your ancestors. You may be shocked to read the stories behind their journeys. Is Ancestry DNA really worth your attention? To answer this and many other questions let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews available online.

Customer Reviews - Does Ancestry DNA Really Work?

To order an AncestryDNA kit, you will need to create an account that will enable you to see your results. If you already have an account, the same login can be used. Your kit is expected to arrive within a week or two. In fact, the company ships kits to all states in the country and over thirty other countries. When you get the kit, you will need to activate it online with the help of a unique code that can be found on the kit. It is a long code, so you are advised to check it twice to avoid a mistake. The code is also important to keep your sample anonymous. Only you can track it throughout the process. There is no name of yours on the sample, so it is completely anonymous. Then you will need to fill in your name, click Activate, and agree with the terms of the service. Your kit can be linked to your Ancestry family tree, too. After activating your kit and creating your account, you can extract your sample. To do this you will just need to spit into a plastic tube up to its fill line. You are prohibited to eat, drink or smoke at least thirty minutes before this procedure, which is simple and quick. There is a funnel that prevents spillage. Then you will need to remove the funnel and screw on the cap, which produces a stabilizing fluid to keep your sample viable during travel. You will be required to shake the tube for five seconds, put it into the collection bag, place the bag into the prepaid shipping box, and take it to the post office.

In general, the popularity of DNA tests is quickly growing. Many families are taking these tests together, creating family trees and sharing results. Ancestry DNA allows to manage test results easily. An individual who takes a DNA test is actually its owner; however, they can assign other family members to the role of managing the results. They can allow other people to view these results as well. If you are watching other people's DNA results, you can do this from your own account. Doing the test requires having an account. You will also need an account to do the ordering and setup for your friend or family member. Parents who are making tests for their children are allowed to have many kits associated with one account. After you mail your kit to Ancestry DNA, you will receive confirmation of receipt within a week or two. The confirmation will include your activation number and will also inform you when your results will arrive (usually within six to eight weeks).

There are many customer reviews about Ancestry DNA on third-party websites. Most of them are positive due to the high quality of tests, truthful results, fast service and good customer service. The customers are pleased with the ease of using the account and receiving their results. To check your results, you will need to open your account, find a pie chart of your dashboard, and you will see possible DNA matches with other members and your ethnicity estimate. You can see a map of where your ancestors used to live, receive more information about your ethnicity matches, read how Ancestry calculates this information, watch videos about what it all means. There is information about each ethnicity match, the population history and genetic diversity. If you cancel your account, there is an opportunity to download your raw DNA report which can be taken with you. Be ready for surprises. One guy writes in his review that he found out that his father wasn't his biological father. The man was shocked to see that the DNA Circle showed only his mother's family. Once he found out the truth he contacted the man who was his biological father and asked him to take the test. In eight weeks later it turned out that he was that guy's father. Let us take a look at the actual customers' testimonials available online.

"I was adopted, so I have always been interested in my background. I am happy with the fact that Ancestry DNA helped me to learn it fast and easily! But what I like the most about this service is that they provide information about your family members. Due to this company, I was able to finally find my biological sister. I have been dreaming about doing so for 25 long years. For this reason, I will always say that Ancestry DNA is worth every penny. It deserves five stars! I highly recommend this service to everyone!"

"I have tried many kits of this kind over the last years in search of my family members but only Ancestry DNA met my needs. The information on the report was reliable and accurate. I have learnt a lot about my roots. This test is inexpensive when compared to that costs $199. I think Ancestry DNA is the most useful test if you want to connect with your matches and investigate your family history. I learned that I was adopted as a newborn because my parents were too young to take care of me. My biological parents finished school after my birth, married and had three more children. I found them and had the most sensitive time in my life. Thank you for making my dream come true!"

"I was very interested in AncestryDNA, so I decided to give it a try. The results were accurate. I was alerted that I matched someone on ancestry with my DNA. I could not believe that it was my cousin. This person found me through Ancestry and informed me that she was adopted and never knew her biological family. She was born and adopted in the same state I was born in. Later, we found out that my uncle gave up a baby many years ago. We had no idea that we had a cousin."

My Final Summary

Ancestry DNA is the leader in the consumer DNA testing market. It features over 1.4 million people in the database. It is an autosomal DNA test that provides an ethnicity breakdown and relative matches to any person in the database who shares DNA with you. You will be presented with all of your family lines. Gender is not important. It is interesting to know that an individual gets about 50% of their DNA from their parents; 25% from grandparents; and so on. The further you dig; the less genetic contribution you get. Autosomal DNA provides matches reliably up to five generations but in some cases it may provide the 6th, 7th and 8th cousin matches too. Today, Autosomal DNA testing is the most popular test. Ancestry DNA is an easy-to-use tool for investigating your background, especially if you have an Ancestry family tree. With this in mind, I do recommend this service.

Ancestry DNA Pricing and Rates

Ancestry DNA has a price tag of $99 on the official website. It includes the kit itself and two-way shipping. However, the company offers sales from time to time. For instance, you may buy the kit for just $79. Amazon sells Ancestry DNA at the price of $68.50 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime. Other ancestry tests are much more expensive. For instance, 23andMe costs $99 plus shipping (about $10), while the National Geographic Genographic Project is priced at $199.95 and includes one-way shipping only.