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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Angel Shave Club

Every modern woman wants to enjoy smooth shaving. It's not a secret that one of the ways to reach it is to use a fresh razor. But why are women suffering through dull blades? Isn't it better to use cartridges and then just throw them away after five to seven uses? The question consists in expense and convenience. Men's shave clubs are already springing up to provide their clients with fresh cartridges at a low cost for a few years. There are also women's shave clubs but they are not as numerous. In this guide, we are going to discuss one of the most popular shave clubs called Angel Shave Club. Their official website is We will find out what they offer, at what price and what actual customers think about the service. The founder of Angel Shave Club is Iskra Tsenkova, a female entrepreneur from Bulgaria. She has quickly achieved success in her business and now she is using it to help other women all over the world via a subscription shaving program. Iskra started to make her dream come true in 2016 when she founded Angel Shave Club. In fact, it was the first shave club founded by a woman for women! The club was opened by Iskra and her husband who decided to use their life savings to make it successful. They started from using their spare bedroom and soon outgrew the space within a month. In order to contact the company you will need to send them a message indicating your first name and last name, as well as your email address. You are expected to get a response from one of the company's team members within 1-2 business days.

Customer Reviews - Does Angel Shave Club Really Work?

Angel Shave Club claims to be a boutique shave club for females only offering a razor subscription membership that can be fully customized depending on your needs. At present, there is one type of razor handle that comes in three colors: California Kiss Blue, rose bud, and La La Love Pink. High-quality metal and TPE rubber grid is made in such a way as to fit in the female hand well for a perfect shaving experience. You can sign up for an Angel Shave subscription just for $9 per order that includes two 5-blade razors and one Angel Shave Club Handle. Depending on the frequency of shaving, you can also change the frequency of shipping of your razors from every month to every other month (4-7 times a year) or every four months (1-3 times a year). Every scheduled blade refill of eight razor heads costs $4.50 per month ($18 or $32 for order).

Angel Shave Club is associated with a great number of customers' testimonials available on both the official website and third-party sites. We are happy to inform that the majority of club members are absolutely pleased with the service. Thus, one woman says that it is what she always needed. Shaving is one thing she does not have to worry about when making her shopping list. The service is easy to deal with and it is always pleasant to get blades and razor heads delivered. Since the woman used to constantly forget about them, there is nothing to worry about now. These items just show up right when she needs them. The woman is thankful for the opportunity to be able to adjust her deliveries or make a pause in subscription. She also says that she saves three times the amount she used to spend at the store. All of the blades she has received are good quality. Besides, the company offers an amazing shave butter and body scrub, both of which are natural. The customer confesses she threw away her shave foam.

Another happy member of the Angel Shave Club says that it is not often that a service comes along that she feels really satisfied with. This very club is wonderful, so she loves everything about it. It is very easy to place an order on the site, their products are much better than anything at the store and you can save some money. It should also be mentioned that your order is delivered right to your door in a timely manner. This customer can confidently say that this is the best razor she has ever used in terms of its design, good grip, and perfect weight. The razor fits well in her hand and the blades are better in all ways. They are sharper, sturdier, give a closer smoother shave and stay sharp longer. The woman says she will be using her purchase forever.

Another current client of Angel Shave Club reports that she was a dollar shave club member for a year, but the blade was average. She also did not want to pay high prices. So, she found Angel Shave Club, a new company that was specially created for women. Being happy to step away from the "Men's" company, the customer ordered a long overdue pink razor. She says that this blade razor is perfect for trimming the bikini. The young lady confesses that it shaves better than she expected. In some moments she had to be more careful because it was sharper than other blades she has ever used. It has a convenient handle and glides easily. The handle is high quality; it is not made from cheap plastic like most razors found in the store nowadays. It has a pleasant heavy feel and it fits well in a hand. The customer says she has been a member for three weeks already and she has not had any complaints. Here are some more testimonials fromother members of Angel Shave Club.

"I have been a member of Angel Shave Club for two years already and they remain my favorite company. This are the only service I am subscribed to and I am satisfied with what they offer. I have dealt with different forms of hair removal all my life and shaving has become an important part of my routine. What I like about the razors from this company is that the handle is heavy enough to give me more control of the process. The 3-blade is very sharp and more durable than other blades I have used. The third reason why I remain their customer is the coffee scrub they offer. It is the best scrub I have every tried. I use it when taking a shower in the morning and it makes my skin feel so much better. It makes exfoliating fun."

"Angel Shave Club is truly the company that gives me the angel love. I have been their customer for many years. I love not only their subscription service but also their exfoliant and shaving cream. Their 6-blade razor is just my favorite. This is what I need for my sensitive skin. The three products I mentioned are really helpful too. I do recommend them to every woman. This club is totally worth not having to buy over-priced razors at the store. It helps me to save at least $20. Besides, I get my shipment to my home."

"Angel Shave Club offers the best razor ever! This service is amazing! The razor itself is properly balanced, it doesn't nick my skin and shaves very close to the surface. By the way, the shave lasts longer so I don't have to shave every day. I love this razor most of all and I have tried so many razors in my life. The service is definitely worth the cost and if you compare it to other razors available on the market, you'll see it's a win win!"

My Final Summary

We have thoroughly researched women's shave clubs available on the market and can confidently say that there are much fewer shave club options for ladies than those for men. Those clubs also tend to offer much fewer blades per order when compared to men's products. We have also learnt that women's shave clubs can save you a significant amount of money each month. We have compared the cost of buying cartridge refills in the traditional store and found out that Angel Shave Club can bring you substantial savings. In fact, this is probably the best women's shave club. It offers really durable, heavy and high-quality plastic razors with convenient handles at a lower cost. This is probably the reason why so many modern women have switched to this women's shave club. If you also want to give up buying expensive razors from stores and enjoy good quality and considerable savings, you should subscribe for Angel Shave Club. It was exclusively created for women!

Where To Buy Angel Shave Club?

The service allows you to customize your plan and to check the quality of the company's products within thirty days. The Starter Set is priced at $13 plus free shipping. The trial includes 5-Blade Razors and one Angel Shave Club Handle. There are five blades per cartridge. Maximum eight cartridges can be ordered per shipment. The price of one cartridge is $2.25. The company also offers two products to take care of your skin. Whipped Shave Souffle costs $12.95, while Sugar and Fig Shaving Souffle is priced at $12.95. The shipping is free for orders over $15. If you wish you can cancel your Angel Shave Club membership any time. It is easy to do: just log into your account and click on Cancel.