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Animal Pak Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Animal Pak Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Animal Pak is a daily dosage multivitamin that was specially created for your body nutrition and health in general. This supplement is claimed to be made specifically for your wellness and health. It means that this multivitamin supports intense training for competitive and serious athletes who need more strength and power. The goal of the main ingredients in the product is to boost your overall health. These multivitamins promise to support rigorous training, thus it is claimed to be trusted by its users as a true multivitamin pack for powerlifting and bodybuilding purposes. This multivitamin training pack has been on the market for more than three decades. It has been used by athletes to provide them with intense training, maximum performance, and competitive power and strength. But before we take a deeper look at the supplement's ingredients let us find out who the manufacturer of Animal Pak is?

Well, the company behind the supplement is called Universal Nutrition. It boasts to be one of the most reliable and well-known manufacturers on the modern market. It offers a broad range of various performance products with different health benefits. The official website of the company is not as informative as desired, though. However, it is full of promising claims. The product is claimed to enhance your performance capabilities so that you could work out harder. It also promises to enhance your testosterone levels, which promotes leaner and bigger muscles, as well as to enhance your stamina. Is it really a reliable solution for your health? With it bring all of the higher mentioned benefits? To answer this question let us take a look at the ingredients found in the product's formula.

Ingredients of Animal Pak - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As it was already mentioned, the main ingredient in this dietary supplement is multivitamins, which means that the product is not uniquely formulated at all. However, it promises to help competitive athletes including bodybuilders to increase their training by providing their body with all the nutritional substances they need. This training multivitamin is designed to help the human body to sustain and support itself, since intense workouts may be too much than you can really do. So, you may need to work out better. These multivitamins are also responsible for providing you with bigger muscles. Animal Pak includes vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, anti-oxidants, and carbs. These ingredients are claimed to be supplemented and included in mega-doses to provide the user with more benefits. However, it can be a disadvantage since high doses of ingredients may cause side effects and allergic reactions. The manufacturer of the supplement does not describe how it works. The minerals and vitamins can deliver on strength and size in muscles. It is vital for these substances to be delivered in necessary doses as they act as catalysts and pharmacological agents.

Animal Pak

The ingredients in Animal Pak intend to speed up ergogenic benefits and anabolic effects in the user's body hence activating the necessary chemical body reactions during intense and rigorous training. The product is designed to fill the nutritional gaps in the body of the bodybuilder. I am concerned with the fact that some users may not need additional multivitamins if they have no deficiencies. Animal Pak has too many ingredients that can potentially be armful for the human health. Actully, its formula contains sixty key ingredients, the intake of which can be nutritionally not wise. The manufacturer does not provide the ingredients on the official website but we made our own research and found out that this multivitamin includes L-arginine, lipotropics, pyridoxine alpha-ketoglutarate, alpha-lipoic acid, Carnitine, etc. Some of these ingredients may potentially cause side effects. Let us take a look at possible health risks.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer says nothing about possible side effects of the product saying that it contains many natural ingredients. There are only some precautions provided on the official website. Pregnant and lactating mothers are not allowed to use Animal Pak. In any case, you are recommended to ask advice from your doctor before using this product. We have researched that the most common side effects associated with the use of this supplement may include stomach discomfort, allergic reactions, the runs and stomach pains, irregular bowel movements, emotional mood swings. Since the product contains zinc it can cause damage of inner organs if it is used in high doses. Unfortunately, we are not informed on how much of this and other ingredients is contained in the supplement. To avoid possible side effects, it is recommended to use one pack per day. Two packs can be used in a pre-contest diet or in intense training. Remember to drink plenty of water when taking the product.

Animal Pak is associated with a number of customer reviews, but not all of them are positive. Many users complain that it contains too many vitamins with a lot of filler. Some users say that the pills are too large to swallow. They also have an awful taste. Many customers have faced a number of side effects and allergic reactions. But the majority of people do not feel any changes in their bodies at all. Let us take a look at some of these testimonials.

"I have been taking Animal Pak for a few years, sometimes two packs per day but usually one pack a day. It has been my dose for the last year, actually. However, for a few last months, this supplement made me suffer from a terrible allergic reaction, similar to that induced by Shrimp and Crab. I have recovered already and now I feel much better. I will no longer take this product and I have submitted this batch to a laboratory for testing. If you are allergic to shell fish or nuts, avoid this supplement."

"Animal Pak pills are extremely large in size. I can hardly swallow them. Besides, it contains sucralose (artificial sweeteners) which are harmful for human health. I should have read the label better. My body doesn't digest this kind of sugar well enough. I wish that supplement makers would not use this sweetener bandwagon, and allow the user to add the sweetener to their taste if they want. I would like to return it and return to the horse pills."

"This review is dedicated to Animal Pak, the Orange flavored powder. I have a lot of things to complain about, and the taste is one of them. This product tastes really nasty. I think I will switch to the Animal Pak vitamins. I would rather swallow large pills instead of drinking this stuff!"

Where To Buy Animal Pak?

The supplement can be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer or from the number of retail stores online. The prices may vary from store to store. Amazon sells Animal Pak Multivitamin for athletes and bodybuilders at the price of $28.95 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.

My Final Summary

Animal Pak features a number of disadvantages. First of all, this product is available online only. It does not appear to perform the functions it is claimed to perform on the official website. Many customers complain that the supplement does not increase testosterone levels as promised, does not improve general body wellness and health, does not increase strength or physical performance. This multivitamin supplement appears to cause a number of side effects, too. Athletes are free to choose from any other strength weightlifting supplements available on the market. Taking into account all pros and cons of Animal Pak, I cannot recommend this product to usage.