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Apex Forskolin Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Apex Forskolin Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Apex Forskolin is a dietary supplement that is said to be clinically proven to solve problems linked to obesity and extra weight. This is an effective formula which helps to bring down the unnecessary fat with no need to go through hard exercises. The manufacturer calls this formula revolutionary saying that it focuses on decreasing body fat from the inside. At the same time it is promised to keep your lean muscles. Apex Forskolin is claimed to be a purely organic product. This is what many potential users are looking for in a supplement. The product is able to speed up the metabolism via the process called thermogenesis. As a result, it stimulates an enzyme which can burn body fat.

Does this all mean that the product is able to make your body use fat for the energy resulting in less weight and fat? This question remains open and we will certainly answer it further in this review. But before that, let's see who the manufacturer of Apex Forskolin is. Based on our research, it is a company called Apex Vitality. The official website is low informative when it comes to the information on the company itself and product's ingredients and side effects. There are two addresses indicated on the site: one in Canada and another one in the USA. It looks very strange, especially when taking into account the fact that there is no other information regarding the history and background of the company. It is a big red flag. What is good, though, is that the company can be contacted through the available information.

Ingredients of Apex Forskolin - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As it was already mentioned, the manufacturer does not provide information on the ingredients contained in the product. It means that you never know what effects to expect from the product. There is probability that the supplement contains some ingredients that may be potentially harmful for the human health. They also may be used in wrong proportions, which may also be bad for the user. How does Apex Forskolin work? Well, the manufacturer does not describe the way how the product works, but it is only claimed that it contains safe and natural ingredients. This claim cannot be believed to the fullest because the company behind the product is linked to many mysteries and unanswered questions. The manufacturer does not provide any solid evidence to support the effectiveness of the supplement. All they say is that the product boosts body's metabolism by increasing energy levels and bringing the calories rate down by suppressing hunger. However, there is no guarantee that this can lead to the achievement of your weight loss goals. It is not explained how exactly Apex Forskolin releases fatty acids in the user's body to turn them into energy and melting excess fat.

Apex Forskolin

We did our own deep research of the ingredients found in this product and based on the information we found, its major ingredient is Coleus Forskohlii. The official website states that one needs to take one dosage of 125mg of forskolin daily. But in reality this dosage is very low when compared to the dosage found in many other products. The modern market offers supplements which contain a much higher dosage of this component. Generally speaking, Coleus Forskohlii is a plant from the mint family. It is believed to possess weight loss properties. Its additional health benefits include relief from allergies, bladder infections, irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract infections, skin conditions, insomnia, blood clots, and sexual problems in men. Even though the major ingredient in Apex Forskolin is natural this does not necessarily mean that it is 100% safe to use. Let us take a look at possible side effects associated with the use of this ingredient.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

As a matter of fact, the manufacturer of Apex Forskolin says absolutely nothing about possible side effects of the product; however, they may occur. Coleus Forskohlii is safe when used in small amounts for a short period of time. However, even in these cases it may cause some side effects including low blood pressure and flushing. Some users may experience throat irritation, tremor, cough, and restlessness. This ingredient should not be used by people who suffer from bleeding disorders. There is some evidence that it might increase the risk of bleeding. Coleus Forskohlii should be avoided by people with heart disease because this compound might lower blood pressure. Besides, it might interfere with treatment for blood vessel or heart conditions and could make these diseases worse. Coleus Forskohlii should be used with caution if you have low blood pressure or you are going to have a surgery within the next two weeks.

There is a great number of customer reviews about Apex Forskolin on third-party websites. Most users are not satisfied with the product. The most common complaint is that it simply does not work. Some users even managed to gain a little more weight when taking this supplement. Another issue is the high risk of side effects. Many people are sure that this is a scam. For instance, one woman reports that she purchased the supplement in the bottle that was supposed to contain thirty pills. When she opened the box she realized that there were only twelve pills. Let us take a look at what real customers are saying about their experience of using the product.

"I am almost through with my first bottle of Apex Forskolin. I haven't changed my eating habits but I have gained four lbs while using this product. I will not try it again and I don't recommend it to anyone else. Not only that, but it seems that I have stomach ache after taking the supplement. It does not add any energy."

"I don't like Apex Forskolin at all! I took this product for one week and I haven't lost a pound. On the contrary, I gained even more weight than I had before. I wouldn't recommend these tablets to anyone. The supplement is a scam! Waste of money."

"I took Apex Forskolin as directed for two weeks. I must say I was disappointed with this product. It did not make any difference in my body weight even when I worked out. I won't buy it again. This product has false advertising since I haven't felt any difference in my weight at all. I think this a scam."

Where To Buy Apex Forskolin?

This supplement is available from the manufacturer's website only. It seems that you cannot make a one-time purchase but you will first need to sign up to a 14-day free trial. They promise to send you a bottle for free and you will have to pay for shipping and handling only. If you do not cancel your order within these 14 days, you will be charged $74.99 for this bottle automatically. Besides, you will be subscribed to the auto-shipping program, which means that you will be charged $84.98 on a monthly basis and get another bottle of the product each month. This is very high price for a product of this kind, I must say.

My Final Summary

Apex Forskolin is associated with a great number of disadvantages. The product is not meant for use for individuals under 18 years of age. It is available online only. This supplement does not seem to be worth going for it. Even though the manufacturer claims that the product contains only natural ingredients, there are no details about the actual ingredients on the manufacturer's website. The site gives very promising claims on the supplement but they are not backed up by any scientific evidence. The price for Apex Forskolin is very high when compared to the competition. An automatic shipping program is linked to many issues. If you want to lose weight you should look for some other options available on the market. Apex Forskolin is not recommended to buying.