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Arez God Of The Gym Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Arez God Of The Gym Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Arez God Of The Gym is a dietary supplement which is designed to provide you with the pre-workout boost. This product promises to give you a wide range of training benefits, which focus on achieving a better workout. It is really important to have the necessary energy boost before a workout to handle it and to get the most out of it. This can be beneficial for those who feel lack of energy before a workout, fail at getting the desired level of excitement to go through the training tasks and to make a workout a breeze. But will Arez God Of The Gym really help you in achieving all this? We are going to answer this question further in this review. But before we move further, let us take a look at the manufacturer information available online.

Well, the company behind the supplement is known as Ntel Nation. It specializes in the production of different workout supplements and boast to have many years of experience in the sphere. This can be important for you if you are choosing the best workout supplement suitable for your needs. Another thing you need to consider is the promises made by the manufacturer about the product. Of course, the official website is full of promising claims. Arez God Of The Gym promises to boost your energy levels and provide you with the necessary stimulus for you to go through your workout comfortably. This is not always easy to achieve. In addition, the supplement promises to enhance your overall recovery rate, allowing your muscles to recover faster. This can promote better workout capabilities and increase your potential to gain more lean muscle mass faster. Are these claims true? To find out, let us take a look at the supplement's ingredients.

Ingredients of Arez God Of The Gym - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

This product claims to be the God of Stimulants due to 623 mg of engine-revving stimulants it contains. It promises to get you pumped up. It is high time to take a look at some of its basic ingredients. The first one if 125mg 2-Aminoisoheptane that is usually referred to as DMHA. No doubt, it is one of the most powerful stimulants in the field. It promises to enhance your strength in a natural way. According to reputable website webmd.com, there is insufficient evidence for the effectiveness of 2-Aminoisoheptane for better athletic performance and body weight loss. Besides, this compound may cause a number of side effects which will be discussed further in this review.

Arez God Of The Gym

30mg of Synephrine HCL is a compound commonly known as bitter orange. It is associated with different workout benefits, according to the manufacturer. However, it can lead to certain side effects and allergic reactions. 30mg of Dendrobium Extract is an ingredient also called Shihu. It is mainly known for its tonic properties, since it can enhance your mood and give you the desire to work out. This compound can increase the risk of seizures. Finally, 75mg of Eria Jarensis Extract is also referred to as Cocoamine. It functions as a moderator for your nervous system. It is high time to take a look at possible side effects of the product and real customers' reviews

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The official website of the product says nothing about possible side effects you may experience when using it. However, there is a number of precautions for you to take into account. The main thing you should be careful about is the medical condition you may have. The matter is that using the product may be prohibited in case if you are diagnosed with a serious disease. In this case, you should have a thorough consultation with your doctor. According to many sources, the supplement can cause serious bathroom issues, especially if taken on an empty stomach. Many consumers tend to notice excess sweating. For this reason, you are highly advised to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. One of the major product's ingredients, 2-Aminoisoheptane, may be unsafe when taken by mouth. This stimulant might cause such serious side effects, as heart attack and death. It should be avoided by pregnant or breast-feeding women, as well as by patients with high blood pressure, glaucoma, irregular heartbeat (heart arrhythmia) or those who are going to have a surgery. Another component of Arez God Of The Gym, Synephrine HCL, may cause fast or irregular heart rate; tremors; sweating; pale skin; severe headache; light-headed feeling; buzzing in your ears; shortness of breath; anxiety; or chest pain or pressure. There is a concern about Dendrobium Extract that it could potentially increase the risk of seizure in some patients. It contains a chemical that increases this risk. If you have ever had a seizure, you should not use dendrobium.

There are quite many customer reviews about Arez God Of The Gym on third-party websites, but the majority of people are not pleased with their purchase. Many of them did not even find a scoop inside their package, which made them think that it is fake. Others reported that the product is total garbage, since it does not give any pump or energy. A few users wrote that they got itchy for five minutes, which was a very unpleasant symptom. Some customers were not happy with the taste of this pre-workout supplement. They request their money back. By the way, this product is pricey. A few consumers reported that the supplement gave them side effects, such as a bad headache. Here are some of the actual users' testimonials.

"I searched for top pre-workout supplements on the web and YouTube and I saw that Arez God Of The Gym was rated "#1". So, I decided to give it a try. I started fromone scoop but it didn't do anything. The next day I took two scoops, I felt a little hype but in about 30 minutes it wore off. 25 servings of this product are certainly not worth the price. Mr. Hyde gave me much better results."

"I would give ArezGod Of TheGym zero stars. It is a terrible supplement with a terrible taste. It did not increase my energy levels, during my work-out I felt terrible and had to walk out of the gym to get some fresh air. I had the feeling as if I was going to throw up. I gave the product to my brother and friend who had the same reaction."

"ArezGodOfTheGym is a dangerous supplement. It almost made my heart explode. It is also not cheap. The parcel arrived without a scoop. I do not recommend taking this product to anyone. Take care of yourself."

Where To Buy Arez God Of The Gym?

AREZ God of the Gym can be ordered from the official website of the manufacturer. It is also available on some of the major retail stores including Amazon. This store offers the supplement with the Baja Blue WaveChange Flavor at the price of $39.94 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.

My Final Summary

Arez God Of The Gym has a lot of disadvantages. Even though its ingredients seem to be rather powerful, they often do not product any effect to users in terms of energy and focus. A number of customers have experienced certain side effects such as stomach ache, nausea, headache and irritation. Many buyers reported that they did not get a scoop with their purchase. The taste of the supplement also leaves much to be desired. Arez God Of The Gym is overhyped. There are preworkouts from other brands that really work. If you are looking for a good pre-workout supplement, you should look elsewhere. With all this in mind, I cannot recommend Arez God Of The Gym to usage.