Armando Montelongo Seminars Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Armando Montelongo Seminars

You have probably heard that Armando Montelongo and his family starred on A&E's hit TV show Flip this House, where he purchased homes, fixed them up, and sold them for big amounts of money. Later, he appeared on Season 6, episode 10 of CBS's Undercover Boss. As Armando himself says he earned $3 million during his first three years of damaged houses before he appeared on television. This significantly contributed into his career of a motivational speaker and a well-known entrepreneur. Via his seminars, mentorship programs, and bus tours, Armando promises to help you achieve financial freedom. But are his seminars really helpful in achieving your financial goals? Are they worth the price? We are going to answer these and other vital questions in a minute, but let's first find out what you will learn in his seminars. After looking through Armando Montelongo's websites, we have learned that at his free live events, you will learn about his business system, including how to choose deals, how to fund them, how to fix up and sell properties for good money.

After taking a look at numerous online reviews for Armando's events on websites such as PissedConsumer, ConsumerAffairs, Ripoff Report, and others, it seems that the customers are satisfied with the events they attend. They get a desire to pay for the three-day event for only one reason - to learn more about Armando's business scheme and to become a financially successful person. It is a mystery what you will learn at the 3-day seminar, as people who have attended it prefer to keep it in secret. However, they only mention that the information provided on the seminars is highly beneficial for the financial flourishing in business and personal life. Many of these customers decide to sign up for a more expensive "bus tour." Of course there are some complaints about the seminars but they appear to be minor and not proven. No matter which event you will choose remember that Armando will not necessarily be the one to present it. he has a lot of coaches around the country.

Customer Reviews - Does Armando Montelongo Seminars Really Work?

If you are interested in the topic and would like to attend any of the available seminars, simply type "Armando Montelongo seminars" in your search engine. You will immediately see many consumer reports about the product. You can find similar stories of the customers, some of which we will discuss in this review. Customers' testimonials carry a mixed character with most testimonials being positive. Thus, one man writes in his review that he enjoyed the show and believes that real estate business can really help him make money. Armando Montelongo teaches one of the most effective methods of real estate investing - fixing and flipping foreclosures. This method has many applications. If you are interested in this strategy, you will certainly like Armando's seminars too. The price for teaching seems to be quite reasonable.

Armando Montelongo Seminars LLC (including Armando Montelongo VIP Bus Tour and Armando Montelongo's Mega Millionaire Event) held a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are over 80 closed complaints. It is interesting to note that the company had an F rating with the Better Business Bureau in February 2015. Some complaints emerged during a free seminar hosted by the author of this business, but generally the visitors were satisfied with the service and were even encouraged to attend an additional three-day seminar that cost $1,497. They were offered a tax lien seminar for $795. The visitors had some questions about what kind of information would be provided on the three-day seminar. Some consumers decided to buy additional real estate investment education packages that cost $12,000. Most of them were satisfied with the education they received. There were people who cancelled their purchase and requested a refund. They received their money back without any problems. According to the BBB blog post from 2013, Armando works completely legally and offers an efficient business model to his clients. He receives a quick income and the customers tend to be pleased with their knowledge about real estate investments. One customer reports in his testimonial that he wanted to learn more about Armando Montelongo program. Before that he saw some infomercials and it sounded promising. He had a lot of interesting information. So the man got his son with him and they went to the first seminar. They continued studying and kept going to more. After that, they started flipping some homes already, and the business worked for them very successfully. Here are some of the actual users' reviews online.

"Before I went to Armando Montelongo Seminars I found a lot of negative reviews from those who visited the first seminar but didn't go to the entire process. They left their review about "how bad the movie was without even watching it to the end." Nevertheless, I decided to try it, so I went to my bus tour together with my wife. In just three months we had our first property. We went to other seminars after the bus tour to receive more tools. It was the best decision we have made in our life after getting married."

"I have found ArmandoMontelongo Seminars online and made up my mind to take part in his training. It was mind blowing for me, informative, incredibly inspiring and unbelievably realistic. After coming from this seminar I informed my wife that I wanted to fire up. I really was captivated by the system and by all of the individual testimonies of the mentors present on the seminar. I invested more time and now I am building a business of my own. Most of all I appreciated the individual approach that was down to earth."

"Armando Montelongo seminars brought me excellent experience. I have never thought that real estate investment could be professionally incredible. The knowledge I received on the seminars opened a lot of great opportunities to me. We were also provided by the support of a professional team. I learned how to make my dreams come true. Thank you for the financial wisdom, Armando and the staff!"

My Final Summary

Armando Montelongo seminars prove to be highly efficient in terms of giving you better insight into the field of buying, fixing up, and selling real estate. If you are not sure whether this field is right for you, they will give you the necessary information for you to decide immediately. According to most online reviews, the system works well enough. The majority of industry professionals are sure that the information received on the seminars can be of great value for people who are thinking about starting real estate business. If you are thinking whether it is worth visiting Armando Montelongo's seminars, be sure to get a solid return on your investment. Many customers claim that the seminars are motivating and encouraging.

Armando Montelongo Seminars Pricing and Rates

Armando Montelongo's official website While doesn't list any seminar prices, but we managed to find pricing information online. The introductory seminar is free, while the follow-up 3-day seminar costs about $1,500, and the personal coaching and bus tour is around $40K. Besides, you can buy additional products from Armando's company. Investing in Foreclosures book costs $49.97, Flip for Success home study course is priced at $49.97, Negotiations CD costs $129.97, Assessing Properties book is priced at $129.97, and Flip & Grow Rich book costs $29.97. According to the Refund Policy, refunds are given if purchase is cancelled within three days of purchase not including Sundays and Holiday. You may need to sign additional documentation or return materials. To initiate a cancellation you will need to speak to an empowerment agent by calling at 877-217-2124.