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Arnica Gel Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Arnica Gel Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Arnica Gel is a product designed for the treatment of bruise, however, one recent study showed that it can also be used to relieve pain. It is said to be beneficial for people who have joint discomfort. This topical product contains Arnica as its active ingredient. It has been to prevent and cure bruising as it possesses antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammation, and anti-cancer properties. It has to be applied to the affected area. As it is a homeopathic product you should not expect fast results such as reduced swelling and inflammation of joints, reduced inflammation of the joints in the body.

It is manufactured by A. Vogel as a homeopathic topical product for pain relief. This company was founded by Alfred Vogel, a naturopathic pioneer. However, this person is not well-known in medical circles of the country. This company also offers some other products which are said to be inspired by this specialist's beliefs and research. Let us have a closer look at the ingredients of this topical product to understand whether it is as effective as promised on the official website. By the way, the latter is not very informative, as it doesn't contain basic information on the actual location of the company, ingredients of the offered products and their possible side effects.

Ingredients of Arnica Gel - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

According to the official website, 1g of Arnica gel contains 500mg of arnica extract. It is equivalent to 160mg of fresh arnica flowers. This form of arnica preparation also contains glycerol, purified water, ethanol, and hypromellose. It is considered to be safer than oral pills which carry a high risk for overdose. In fact, taking arnica orally can cause fatal complications in some patients. A number of studies have shown that arnica gel preparation is also more effective than tinctures.

Arnica Gel

In general, Arnica is a plant growing in central Europe and Siberia, as well as in some regions of North America. These are the flowers which are used in medicine. Arnica is usually taken by mouth for the treatment of sore throat and sore mouth, pain after wisdom tooth removal or surgery, insect bites, bruising, painful and swollen veins, muscle pain, vision issues due to stroke or diabetes, and for causing abortions.

Arnica is used topically to relieve swelling and pain associated with aches, bruises, and sprains. It is also applied to the skin for arthritis, insect bites, chapped lips, muscle and cartilage pain, and acne. It is believed that the active chemicals in this compound may decrease pain, reduce swelling, and even have an antibiotic effect.

According to webmd.com, Arnica Gel is possibly ineffective for the treatment of complications associated with the wisdom tooth removal, as well as for reducing pain and swelling. Most studies have demonstrated that only taking six doses of arnica orally might reduce pain. There is insufficient evidence for the effectiveness of Arnica Gel for treating bruises. There was only one study showing that taking 12 doses of a certain arnica product (Alpine Pharmaceuticals or SinEcch) might reduce bruising. Applying an arnica ointment may be effective only when used for a long period of time (about two weeks).

There is inconsistent evidence on the effectiveness of arnica gel for relieving muscle pain. One early research demonstrates that using arnica cream (Boiron Group, France) thrice a day every 24 hours does not reduce muscle pain. Another research showed that an arnica gel reduced muscle pain on the leg muscles when applied immediately after running every four hours for five days might. It is not effective for relieving pain after surgery. It is not beneficial for swollen or painful veins, according to webmd.com.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Arnica gel is possible safe when applied to unbroken skin for a short period of time. The Canadian government is worried about the safety of the product despite the fact that Arnica is mainly listed as an ingredient in homeopathic products. Pregnant and breast-feeding women are not recommended to use Arnica gel, because its impact on a baby is not studied enough. This topical product should be avoided by eople who are allergic to ragweed and similar plants. The matter is that Arnica may be harmful for users who are sensitive to the Compositae/Asteraceae family. These include daisies, chrysanthemums, ragweed, marigolds, and many others. If you have any other allergies to any substances, you are advised to talk to your doctor before applying Arnica Gel to your skin.

Do not apply the product onto broken or damaged skin. Too much of the substance could be absorbed and cause serious side effects including severe skin irritation, swelling, pain, etc. Let us read a few testimonials left by real users of this topical solution.

"I was attacked by two guys in the street and I got severe swelling and bruising on my face. I applied Arnica Gel but it gave me extreme burning even though my skin didn't seem to be broken. I had to wash off the product."

"I bruising and swelling of my lower jaw. My doctor prescribed me topical ArnicaGel and oral capsules with arnica. Over the next several days, I continued to bruise until my lower jaw turned black. I was not given any warnings by my doctor. I am discontinuing the use and going to find a more effective treatment."

"I play Aussie rules football. It means being hit a lot. During the last month, I have used Arnica Gel to fight bruises and strains I get. However, these issues have not healed any quicker. I don't think that this product is worth buying."

Where To Buy Arnica Gel?

Arnica Gel can be bought from a number of retail stores or from the company's official website which is better. 2.6 oz. of the cream costs $10.49 on Walgreens. Cheaper options can be found as well on Amazon and GNC.

My Final Summary

Arnica Gel cannot be recommended to usage as it is connected with a number of drawbacks. The product can be easily absorbed through the systemic circulation. Large amounts of Arnica gel can cause serious allergic reactions and side effects. It can even cause poisoning and fatal consequences due to its ability to change the blood clotting capability. If you are looking for a pain relief for your joints or bruises, you should consider other available options on the market.