Arrowhead Water Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Arrowhead Water

Arrowhead Water Spring is a 100% natural product obtained from the depth of the earth. Thus, this water retains the same wonderful properties as its underground source. Based on the minerals present in water, its temperature, and other important factors, water receives its distinctive character from the spring it comes from. It tastes differently too. Arrowhead water makes a difference - it is absolutely pure and comes from the refreshing mountain spring. It is high-quality mountain spring water that is naturally filtered by the earth, received at the source and regularly tested for its properties and quality. It comes in a pretty Eco-shape bottle that is both contemporary and unique. You are recommended to recycle it after usage. The official website of the manufacturer is Their phone number is (800) 759-7552. The major office is based at 7 S Linden Ave; South San Francisco, CA 94080.

Customer Reviews - Does Arrowhead Water Really Work?

There is a great number of testimonials from real drinkers of Arrowhead Water. Most of them are highly satisfied with the product, its high quality, pleasant taste and value for health. The customers are also pleased with the perfect customer service provided by the manufacturer of this kind of water. If you have any questions or offers you are free to call the department and shape your opinions. However, the majority of drinkers enjoy Arrowhead Water. One guy says in his review that he drinks about four bottles a day and recycles a lot. This water tastes very well and does not have a flavor of chemicals or any other weird substances. Some consumers claim that it is the only bottled water brand that has no unusual taste like water of other brands does. It just tastes like water, not like plastic. Besides, the product has good price and packaging. It can be taken with you wherever you go, including for a long trip or to have an emergency stash. Those people who have tried this water say they would buy again. They add that this brand of water keeps them well-hydrated at an affordable price. The product is easy to store as the bottles don't take up a lot of space.

One woman named Melissa says in her testimonial that this water is really good. She especially loves its taste when it is frozen. It is affordable water in good packaging. In her opinion, no improvements are needed. It is definitely healthy and tasty water, probably second after Dasani water. Another male customer reports that he keeps this product on hand. His daughters grab several bottles of water on their way out the door. They also keep a few bottles in each of their cars. The man feels like other waters have a strange taste. Arrowhead doesn't have it. He would recommend this product to those who are looking for tasty water at a good price. Families with many children love this water too because it is very inexpensive and tastes well to children. Besides, it can be easily stored in the fridges. A father from one of such families says he usually stocks up at Costco. Another advantage of this product is that it can be found at many retail stores such as Walmart and Amazon.

This water proves to be good even for those who are not good at drinking water. Its attractive bottle makes you want drink this water more and more during the day. it is very good since the human body needs proper hydration for stronger health. One man reports that he learned that many delivery services are not good at keeping appoints in the area where he lives. However, he has never had any delivery problems with Arrowhead Water, so it is worth buying. The man highly recommends this brand to all of his friends in the area. One woman who has been on ReadyRefresh, asks everyone to stay away from this brand. She was their customer for about six years. The brand's service was OK at first but since April of 2015, they started missing deliveries for a few weeks at a time. She has no such problems with Arrowhead Water, the customer service of which is doing a good job. The woman canceled her service at ReadyRefresh and completely switched to Arrowhead Water. The customer service department of this company involves live people only who are ready to help their clients any time.

Another male customer had some delivery issues at first but since his call to the customer support, deliveries have improved significantly. Deliveries arrive regularly on the scheduled day. Another man says he is not a customer of this location but he rather has a comment and hopes Arrowhead Company will hear him. He has experienced difficulties canceling his account online. He had to call the company and have it done in a phone regime. The man wants to make it easier. He succeeded to cancel his account but he spent 15 minutes of his time on this procedure. Here are some more customer testimonials about their experience of using Arrowhead services and drinking their water.

"We have been happy customers of Arrowhead Water for many years already. The company offers great customer service whenever I call. Their official site is easy to use to order the product and to pay for it. Recently I called them to find out why there was a two-day delay on the delivery. The lady on the phone was polite, she apologized for the problems and put morning delivery to the system. Sometimes all of us make mistakes. By the way, their delivery drivers are always pleasant. Thanks for everything!"

"Arrowhead Water is a nice product and the company behind it has high-quality customer service. They always deliver their products right to our door, which is very pleasant! I have been their constant customer since 1999 and within this period of time I have moved four times. However, the service hasn't changed, the reps have always been polite and courteous. I mainly do all my business online through their website. Over these years there have been several missed deliveries, but they came the next day, which was not a big problem. We have never been out of water completely. There may be traffic problems which can't be controlled."

"I regularly order water for my home and office and I am usually satisfied with the Arrowhead Water delivery service. There have been a few issues at first, but my rep named David worked everything out very quickly. I didn't deal with anyone but him. He provided good service and the company compensated me for the inconvenience. I like their water and I plan to be their customer in the future. I do recommend this water and service for home and business."

My Final Summary

Water plays an important role in the life and health of every living being. And when this water comes from the earth and has the same healing properties it had from the beginning, it becomes so much more valuable. It's Arrowhead Water that is taken directly from the underground source. This water contains a precious blend of minerals each of which contributes to the taste of the water and its beneficial properties for the human health. This water is often tested for consistency each hour at every stage of the process of bottling. According to numerous customers' testimonials, Arrowhead Water is so good that is is loved by all categories of people - grown-ups and children. It can be drunk on a hot summer's day or left in the fridge for later. This water tastes good both warm and iced cold. Arrowhead Water is a refreshing treat for you wherever you go - for a bicycle ride or into a long trip. The water's taste is smooth and clean. It is a 100% safe product because it is manufactured by a reliable company with many years of experience in the sphere. The product itself doesn't have a poor after taste of plastic or anything else. This water is also a good choice for those who are not fans of mineral waters because it tastes simply like water should taste. The product comes in a convenient and environmentally-friendly packaging that is easy to recycle. This water is healthy and can be consumed on a regular basis every day of your life. You can dink several bottle a day with only benefits for your health. Some people prefer this water to the Dasani water because of its natural flavor. Even Kirkland and other famous brands often stay behind. It has become their favorite brand of water. These people like the fact that there is no carbonation or sodium in Arrowhead Water. It is soft and pure. Taking into account all of these positive features of Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water, I totally recommend it to everybody.

Arrowhead Water Pricing and Rates

The product can be purchased from the manufacturer or from a number of retail stores online, for example, from Amazon. Arrowhead Water comes in the pack of 24, 0.5 liter in each bottle, at the price of $25.99 plus free shipping. That's not very expensive water, so it can be afforded by a person with any family budget.