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Ashford University

Ashford University was founded in Clinton, IA in 1918. This higher educational establishment uses a student-focused approach to offer online and on-campus undergraduate and graduate degree programs at affordable prices. The university provides professional relevance for their graduates, because its goal is to create real-world skills and knowledge, as well as a drive for intellectual inquiry. In addition, the University provides a wide variety of technological support, staff and faculty guided by professional practice and contemporary scholarship. The establishment is now a member of the North Central Association and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Ashford University offers a number of interesting programs. These are both online and on-campus bachelor's and master's degree programs. You can find more options online. Let's take a look at some of these programs further.

Business and Professional Studies is the program that includes Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, eMarketing, etc. Health, Human Services, and Science presupposes Health and Wellness, Adult Development, Health Education, Natural Science, Health Care Administration, Psychology, etc. Liberal Arts involve Applied Linguistics, Military Studies, Social Science, History, Sociology, Environmental Studies, etc. Education is the program that includes Child Development, Cognitive Studies, Education Studies, Physical Education, etc. You will be also provided with a number of minor options. Like many other online colleges, Ashford University offers access to their online learning platform to each student. You can log in at your convenience and check assignments, participate in discussion boards, access course materials, communicate with instructors and other students, and submit assignments.

Customer Reviews - Does Ashford University Really Work?

It seems that the majority of individuals who have studied at the Ashford University online are completely pleased with their experience, at least this is what can be found online. Most testimonials are really very positive; however, from an attendance perspective, being an online student, you are expected to perform some responsibilities. You will be required to regularly attend class, defined as submitting a written assignment or posting in a graded discussion forum, journal entry, exam or quiz (at least twice a week). Besides, you must visit undergraduate introductory courses at least once a week, while you can attend non-introductory courses once every two weeks. If you don't meet these requirements, you may harm your assignment and/or overall grade. The University also offers a personal Student Advisor to each student. This specialist is expected to provide support during the whole educational process.

If you need education and dream about holding your hand and giving you a pat on the back, this school may be a good choice for you. If you want to contribute to society or your company at a higher level, Ashford University is just if you take a look at all of the students’ reviews posted online, you will see that the majority of those people are surprised by the difficulty of the college's curriculum. One guy working for a large company in the world is sure that AU's curriculum can take part in the Leadership Development program/grant. The MBA program is unbelievably insightful and challenging. This higher educational establishment provides tons of information about marketing, business and just everything you need to guarantee you will have successful career.

It is worth mentioning that the college's staff is professional and is able to provide each student with awesome experience. However, it does not mean that studying at the Ashford University is easy. Some students report having certain difficulties pursuing a degree; however, the academic advisor team was always ready to help in a friendly way. The classes were engaging and applicable. At present, many of the students have high-paid jobs and enjoy their professions. The majority of reviewers have had positive experience when studying at the University online. They liked attending classes and managed to graduate with honors. Let's take a look at the actual reviews left by people who have used the service of the University.

"I liked to attend Ashford university online. I completed my BA in Early Childhood Education and managed to work full-time and take care of my family. The faculty at the college was very helpful and responsive whenever I needed their help. The online forum was user friendly and always provided me with the necessary learning tools. This allowed me to gain a better understanding of the materials I had to study. Overall, I had great experience at the university."

"I have been enrolled at AshfordUniversity since 2016. Actually, attending this university has been one of the most wonderful experiences I have had I my life. I am a mother of two kids and a full-time employee, but I managed to finish my studying successfully. The college has given me all the tools I needed to study well. The teachers were helpful and understanding, some of them even gave me their phone numbers, so I could discuss my issues with them. Nothing in life is easy, but I am glad to have received great education being married."

"I really love my Ashford University, as I earned my second degree here. The reviewing course documents, late night studying material, and typing long essays paid off. Sometimes, the classes were challenging but I appreciated class interaction and the rewarding system. I met nice people who are still my friends. I liked the advisors and instructors I worked with. Thank you for your guidance! I would recommend this school to anyone, despite your age. Remember that with any online school you need to be self-motivated. Good luck."

My Final Summary

Ashford University is truly the place where higher education meets technology, as their students can get their education online while interacting with fellow students and accessing information from anywhere. You can use any device for connection - your tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Most students are pleased with their innovative online experience. The University gives an opportunity to earn the Associate's, Bachelor's, or Master's degree. You will be able to choose from online college degrees in the most popular fields including business, education, health care, and liberal arts.

The university offers all the necessary tools for your study, including coursework content in the cloud, a mobile app, a portal for students, and so much more to keep you in touch with your classmates and courses. The team at Ashford University includes faculty members, advisors, mentors, librarians, writing consultants, career services specialists, and many others. It means that you can get the support you need any time. You will be able to join a student body where you belong for better communication. With this in mind, Ashford University can be recommended.

Ashford University Pricing and Rates

Few students need to pay the full sticker price. The Net Price is an estimate that shows the amount of money the average student is required to pays when attending the college for one year. This number includes the total cost of attendance including fees, tuition, room, board and other expenses. Undergraduate Net price is not known. Family income tends to influence the amount of aid you may get, as well as the amount of your net price. If your family income is 0-30k Net Price will be $17,311. Income of 30k-48k results in $17,439, while the income of 48k-75k is associated with $14,755. If you family income is 75k-110k, the net price will be $8,036. If your family earns more than 110k per month, the net price will be $9,620.