Atomic Beam Headlight Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Atomic Beam Headlight Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Atomic Beam Headlight

Atomic Beam Headlight is an ultra-bright device that promises to feature tough grade construction, 5,000 LUX bulb that lights up almost anything, and three levels: Low Beam, High Beam, and Strobe. You can also benefit from its adjustable beam and angle, hands-off operation, and its ability of being frozen in ice, to resist boiling water, and even the force of a sledgehammer. According to the manufacturer, this appliance implements the "virtually indestructible" technology that is used by the US Special Forces today. Atomic Beam Headlight will be in handy to tool around in the garage, perform an emergency repair in the dark, or when being out on a camping trip. But is this device worth the price it costs? Does it have any better competition? What are the benefits it offers? Let's answer these questions by considering this buyer's guide. You are expected to get a solid idea whether it deserves your attention.

A good outdoor headlamp involves a battery-powered light that can be easily attached to the head through adjustable and flexible headbands, in order to make your hands completely free. This device is irreplaceable for such activities as mountaineering, backpacking, hiking, and caving. Atomic Beam Headlight can be found online and can be delivered within just several days to your threshold. In addition to these basic characteristics, the Atomic Beam Headlight has also adjustable lights with flood and spot beams, a high lumen output, different brightness levels and modes, as well as a beam that will project the farthest. The headlight does not weigh too much, so you won't have any headache even when carrying it for hours. Its weight is less than seven ounces. Let us take a closer look at the features of this headlight and check what real users think about it.

Customer Reviews - Does Atomic Beam Headlight Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about the product on the Internet. Most users are pleased with the Atomic Beam Headlight. They appreciate its unique features. As it was already mentioned, this headlight comes with an adjustable (tilt) beam, as well as low/mid/high/strobe modes. Some models work on a rechargeable battery. The Headlight's lux measures light intensity in a special area. It has 5,000 lux measurement. The headlight lights a long distance and has a durable run time. From the price perspective, the customers are satisfied with the price of the device. There are many other competing headlamps online with the same features as Atomic Beam but many of them are much more expensive, while some options are far more than $100.

Atomic Beam Headlight is manufacturer by Telebrands, one of the largest and longest lasting ASOTV companies that offer thousands of other products. It has been in business for many decades and is known for hundreds of massive hits. Their most recent products include Smart Swab, Red Copper Square Pan, Ped Egg Power, the original Atomic Beam USA flashlight, and Lazer Bond. Based on the testimonials from real users of this company's products, they tend to have high quality. Most of these products have average three-star consumer ratings. Atomic Beam Headlight is claimed to work as advertised. It tends to last as long as expected and to boast pleasant customer experiences.

The product has been tested thoroughly and found that its zoom feature covers quite a large area. Its beam is also rather bright when compared to competing models. The Atomic Beam Headlight proved to perform fine even when submerged in water. According to these results, it can be concluded that the device is a worthy investment. But in order to get a better idea of what this headlight is, let us take a look at the testimonials from real users of this product.

"I have used Atomic Beam Headlight for the last several months on many different tasks. I found the cheapest option on eBay for only $15.00, including shipping. It features the zoom lens and three lighting modes. It is as bright as claimed and works as advertised. I would recommend installing three disposable AAA Lithium batteries in the back battery case for better longevity and brightness of the light beam. The current ABH has the on-off push button on the right side, at the bottom of the light housing. It is great improvement over the old position. The headlight is extremely durable and suitable for standard day-to-day use."

"Atomic Beam Headlight is the best option for me as I am involved in the bar bouncing/venue security business. I often point the beam on people walking along the street from my balcony. It can be used to light restrooms and stairs. It is also very durable and hard. I have dropped it into puddles and it still works fine. The only drawback of this headlight is that the AAA batteries don't last long. It is an awesome device for me. I highly recommend it to everyone."

"Atomic Beam Headlight costs only $25 CDN but it is much brighter than more expensive and heavier options. This device fits in my pocket, easy-to-use and is not heavy. At the same time, it is solidly built. It produces an intense and well-defined circle of light. The headlight illuminates everything in this circle. I use to inspect my car's engine, find different things in dark corners and for many other tasks. I am not disappointed with my purchase. I've had it for a month already and it has not failed even once. I am impressed with this product."

My Final Summary

Telebrands is the company behind the product and it is known for selling millions of other units each year. It appears that most customers are pleased with their products. The Atomic Beam Headlight can also boast a positive online reputation, as the users are satisfied with the features of the device. It meets their needs and compared to the competition, Atomic Beam Headlight proves to offer more benefits and lower price. If you are thinking about ordering the product, do it through the official website to get a high-quality device. It is needless to say that many other companies are trying to duplicate it to make money.

The Atomic Beam Headlight comes with a small cylinder for three AAA batteries but it also has rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. Some other battery types will also work well. According to its official website, this headlight produces more light than other similar items available on the market. Experts agree that it is the best headlight on the modern market. It cannot be found in stores however. It is only available on-line. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of the device, it can be said that Atomic Beam Headlight is great for the money. I do recommend this product to usage.

Atomic Beam Headlight Pricing and Rates

A single item costs $19.99, while two items can be bought for $29.98. The product comes with free shipping. Deluxe Offer (one Headlight and one rechargeable battery) is worth $32.98. Its Double version costs $55.96. You can buy Atomic Bundle (one Lantern, one Headlight, and one Flashlight) for $59.99. Deluxe (plus one rechargeable battery for Headlight and Flashlight) costs $89.96. Atomic Beam Headlight comes with a 30-day refund policy. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee. It means that if it breaks, you will receive your money back.