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Atomic Beam SunBlast

Outdoor security light can be too expensive to install and to run but what is worse is that this indo flight may be linked to certain issues. For example, whenever a leaf or plastic bag blows across your house, these security lights turn on and stay on until you turn them off manually. It is real waste of money. Fortunately, Atomic Beam SunBlast uses solar panels work on the internal lithium ion battery. In this way, the solar powered motion sensor light will save your money! In addition, it is very bright. This light also features a 120-degree state-of-the-art motion sensor. It means that your outdoor light will turn on automatically whenever you get near and it will turn off whenever you go away. Atomic Beam SunBlast is able to detect motion from the distance of 25 feet. It is ideal security light for your patio, garage, back door, shed, doggie door, and more!

With this light you will be able to save on your electric bill. Atomic solar panels prove to be very efficient and work by charging the internal lithium-ion battery. They work perfectly even on a cloudy day creating the brightest LED light! It also has a wider-angle beam of light when compared to other outdoor lights. Thus, it can light up a larger area, which is perfect for garages, paths, doorways, and more. Instant installation of Atomic Beam SunBlast is provided by super-strong industrial adhesive. So, you can add bright light anywhere without pliers or wires. These panels can be mounted just about anywhere, since the adhesive works on siding, wood, stucco, and even stone! Let us take a look at what real customers think about Atomic Beam SunBlast.

Customer Reviews - Does Atomic Beam SunBlast Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about the product on third-party websites. Most buyer are happy with their purchase. One of the compliments is that Atomic Beam SunBlast is easy to install. You don't need any pliers or wires. Due to the industrial strength adhesive, you will easily install the device on your own. All you will need to do is just peel and stick. Adhesive works on clean surfaces so much better. Enjoy your bright light anywhere you wish! Each product has two screw holes at the top, so you can mount it with the help of screws which are included in the set. The light is perfect for doors, trees, beams, and more. It can be quickly mounted almost anywhere where you need motion-activated light - on your patio, over your garage doors, in your shed, and so much more! Let us take a look at the available customers' testimonials.

One user reports that this is the ideal light for an area that needs to be well lit when it's dark at night. This man managed to install Atomic Beam SunBlast at his front porch within 90 seconds. The product came with the detailed instructions, which made the process easy and simple. It has been two days since the man started using this light and he is very happy with it. The brightness is even better than desired. The customer loved how easy it was to remove the packaging and install the device. He also added that the shipping was really fast. Since it was great buy for him, he recommends it to anyone else who needs bright light in their household. Another customer reports that he has tried many motion lights within the last years but he prefers Atomic Beam SunBlast over them all. This kind of motion light works well if you install it in direct sunlight. This will promote maximum battery charging. These motion lights are small in size but they give off a lot of light.

As you can see, most customers are very happy with this product. It is simple to use and works really effectively. It's no surprise why this product has gathered so many positive reviews from true customers. The light does what it is advertised to do on the official website. One woman also reports in her testimonial that the seller handled her order up to the highest rate. The product has already lasted for two months and seems to be very durable. She bought it for the company she works at to light the porch. It was installed in about five minutes by one of her male colleagues. It is high time to take a look at the actual users' testimonials found online.

"Atomic Beam SunBlast is a great way to light my yard in the dark part of the day. It is solar powered, so I like that fact that there is no need to change batteries like I did with traditional solar garden lights for many years. This bright light senses motion in a 180 degrees direction. I have three lights in the front and I am pleased with these items. But I found out that it does not stick to stucko as to the surface that is not flat but that's ok. It does stick to any flat surface without a problem. It needs a surface of at least three inches wide to hold it in place."

"I like the light provided by Atomic Beam SunBlast. This product is perfect for the snow season in Colorado. I won't need to wander if the light bulb goes out in my old light. I have placed one in the back by my car port and one on the back porch. Now I have a well-lit walkway all the time, so I can safely walk from my car when getting home very late. I do recommend this product to everyone!"

"I am very pleased with Atomic Beam SunBlast and the brightness of the light this stuff puts off. I do not need to leave my front porch light any longer, because it only attracts numerous flying bugs at the front door. I also appreciate my purchase because it has no batteries or wires. It is easy to hang too. This is a very good product."

My Final Summary

This product is exactly what it is advertised to be on the official website of the manufacturer. It features a solar-powered motion sensor that senses your movements and turns on when you approach it. The device will turn off as soon as you go away. This 120-degree motion sensor detects motion at the distance of 25 feet. The device shines very bright. The installment of the product does not require any wires or pliers! You can mount it almost anywhere with an industrial-strength adhesive that will keep it well mounted to any surface, even stone. The solar panels charge the lithium-ion battery with the help of daylight. Atomic Beam SunBlast uses new LED chips built into a panel to provide you with the brightest solar light you can imagine. The product has a heavy-duty weatherproof design for rain and snow. It proves to shine bright all year round. LED flat panels are extremely durable and can last a lifetime without burning out. Make the night much brighter with Atomic Beam SunBlast!

Recently the manufacturer has presented a new product - Atomic Beam SunBlast Deluxe - that shines much brighter than its classic version. It also covers a larger area and can be ideal for large yards, entryways, long driveways, and even your shed! The company has a special offer in the form of an Atomic Beam flashlight if you buy two Atomic Beam SunBlast Deluxe lights. This flashlight is ideal for usage on the go! Generally, the product we have discussed in this reviewhas gathered a great number of positive customer opinions. The users report that it is exactly what they were looking for. The product works really as well as advertised. It provides bright light and can be mounted almost anywhere. Another advantage is its reasonable price when compared to the competition. With all these benefits in mind, I would recommend Atomic Beam SunBlast to buying.

Atomic Beam SunBlast Pricing and Rates

The official website offers this As Seen On TV product at the price of $19.99, plus $7.99 shipping. The product can also be found on many retail stores online. For example, Amazon sells it for $24.99 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.