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Atomic Zapper

Atomic Zapper is a bug zapper that features an ultrasonic pest repellent. It is claimed to be able to ward off vermin with the help of high frequency sound waves. According to the official website of the product, it can effectively eliminate flying insects, exterminate all kinds of bugs and avert rodents with high frequency ultrasonic sound waves. The device combines an ultrasonic pest repellent and a bug zapper. All you will have to do is to plug the unit into a standard electric outlet. These are quite promising claims, but is the manufacturer of the product really reputable? Is the product worth buying? To answer these questions let's take a look at what is known about the manufacturer. Well, the company behind the product is not very reputable, but it has an official website,, that was registered in November 2017. It means that the company and the site are both too young to trust them completely.

As it was already mentioned, Atomic Zapper offers two different insect control products: an ultrasonic repellent and bug zapper. It is identical to another product called Sonic Zapper. It has an active website. There is an opinion that these are similar competing products (like the spin brooms, copper crispers, spin scrubbers, etc.). Atomic Zapper can be used anywhere there is an outlet, and is able to emit an attractive glow. As a matter of fact, it is not a proven technology, with few studies demonstrating some results. There are no studies providing definitive results. In general, Ultrasonic devices are line-of-sight because they produce weak sound waves, which is why they need to be out in the open to work well. The sound waves don't penetrate through furniture or walls. The FTC has said that ultrasound devices are not able to control insects. Bug zappers have been involved in several studies that found that they do in fact kill bugs, but this may lead to more mosquito bites. The reason lies in the fact that mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide which is emitted by people. So, they may change course toward human beings. Larger bugs will not fit through the slats of the zapper.

Customer Reviews - Does Atomic Zapper Really Work?

Atomic Zapper has a limited number of actual customer reviews available on third-party websites. Few people like the device, while others have a lot of concerns. The first one is its ultrasonic technology, which, unfortunately, may not be as good as claimed by the manufacturer. The issues may include the fact that the product needs to be in an open space in order to work properly. The ultrasonic technology won't work through furniture or walls. This unit needs to be plugged into an outlet, which can be difficult to find in an open space. Even though Ultrasonic pest control is not new, but this technology is not proven scientifically. Due to this fact, many companies had to change the wording of their advertising to comply with FTC regulations. According to the FTC, Ultrasonic devices fail to work for pest control. It is unknown whether the Atomic Zapper has found a way to make this technology plausible.

Another complaint of many users is that the device attracts mosquitos. These insects are interested in the carbon dioxide produced by human bodies, rather than in the blue light. Other bugs aren't interested in our bodies. But mosquitos are initially attracted by the blue light but then they divert to the source of carbon dioxide. Large bugs may be a problem for the Atomic Zapper. The device may work well for small bugs but larger bugs may not be able to get inside the zapper. Nothing in the product will repel larger bugs, even though the ultrasonic sound waves may deal with cockroaches or spiders.

There are a few tips and tricks you may use to improve the effectiveness of the product. Use it with traps to get rid of pests. According to the website, it would be a wise idea to put traps nearby the device. Due to the size of the product, the Atomic Zapper will need to have a direct line of sight to affect the pests around. This means that pests need to cross its path. This is sometimes difficult to achieve. The device will not be able to repel a pest that is in another room. This makes Atomic not a very comprehensive solution. Studies for both bug zappers and ultrasonic pest control devices are mixed. The advertisement shows that the device is mainly used indoors. The fact is that most homes don't have enough flying insects inside. So, there is no warranty that this zapper will work for you. It is high time to take a look at the real customers' reviews about Atomic Zapper.

"I ordered AtomicZapper six weeks ago and I haven't heard from them since then. I finally got a postcard saying that the item was back ordered. A few days ago I got a postcard saying that my order was cancelled. I did not receive my order even though they took the money for this item. At present I am trying to contact them but I cannot get a live person on the phone."

"I wanted to buy two items of Atomic Zapper. They seem to be inexpensive enough and have some positive reviews. The problem is that their website seems not to be secure. My browser on two computers warned me not to provide my personal information like credit cards. Why would they do business like that? I wish Amazon or Ebay had this product."

"I bought Atomic zapper on the official website and received the product in a week. I immediately started using it to check its effectiveness but, unfortunately, it did not work. I was very disappointed. I tried to reach the customer service many times but in vain. It is a very shady company! Do not ever deal with it!"

My Final Summary

Summing up, it is necessary to say that there are many things we don't like about Atomic Zapper. This is not a unique product; there is already a very similar product available in the market. It even has a very similar name, Sonic Zapper. It can be quite confusing for a potential buyer to choose the right product when shopping around. In our research, we found out that Ultrasound functionality may not be as effective as claimed. It does not work through furniture and walls. If you place the device in a congested area, you will not get any positive results. So, it needs to be placed in an open area. It is also known that the light of the bug zapper is not as attractive to mosquitos as the carbon dioxide emitted by humans at night. So, you will attract the mosquitos more than your zapper will. Besides, larger insects may not be able to penetrate the slats of the zapper. To our mind, Atomic Zapper is not a proper solution to control pests. You cannot expect this device to make your house free from mosquitos. Its effectiveness can depend on many factors, even on the type of the furniture arrangement in your house. We don't believe that this item will do anything beneficial for you, which is why we cannot recommend Atomic Zapper to buying.

Where To Buy Atomic Zapper In Stores?

The unit can be bought from the official website of the company for $19.99. There is a double offer that is priced at $29.98. It is said that shipping is free. At the time of writing this review, Atomic Zapper is not available in stores. There are some other products of the kind available in the market with more affordable price tags.