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Atomic Zoom

Atomic Zoom is a zoom lens that can be attached to your phone to provide you with better zoom photos. In this way, you won't need to zoom in on a grainy photo you took at a distance, but get high quality photos without buying a professional camera. You will not have to worry about the pics you are taking from a public space or from your car that is far away. The device is made of professional grade aluminum and glass. Its high-definition snap-on lens is claimed to turn any smartphone into a professional-grade camera in just a few seconds. According to the website, in order to use it you will have to attach the lens and start taking pictures and videos up to 10X farther. Just shoot your image with a compact lens set, unlike large professional-grade zoom lenses. Based on the claims featured in the official Atomic Zoom's commercial, you might have really high expectations from this lens set. Will you really be able to enjoy easy usage without a loss of quality? What can you realistically expect? Is there any better competition for a lower price?

If you are thinking about getting Atomic Zoom, there are several important issues for you to take into account. While the 10X zoom mentioned in the device's commercial seems impressive, without knowing its largest and smallest measurements, we cannot know what kind of multiplier Atomic Zoom features. And without this, we cannot measure the real focusing ability (focal length) of these lenses. And without knowing the product's focal length, we don't know its real-world zoom capabilities. The 10X zoom claim in its commercial may be nothing more than a marketing act to attract potential customers. We contacted several customer service representatives to hear some more information but none of them could provide these measurements. Based on what we have learned on the product's website and in the commercial, Atomic Zoom uses an optical zoom. We are concerned with the fact that the manufacturer of the device is not reputable or popular in the country. The site does not provide its postal address, which is a big red flag. Let us take a look at some other features of the product, as well as at real customers' reviews available online.

Customer Reviews - Does Atomic Zoom Really Work?

We are going to describe the features listed on the official website before we move to the actual customer feedback. Atomic Zoom promises to provide high quality zoom, so that you can enjoy 10 times the zoom quality with no picture quality loss. The manufacturer claims that you don't need to take with you bulky camera supplies and lenses anymore. The device is fast to use to provide you with professional looking pictures. The camera unit is said to be powerful enough to offer you 10 times the zoom. It can be taken with you anywhere, even to the beach, a sports game or on vacation of any type. The major advantage of the Atomic zoom over other camera zooms is that it works on smartphones, not on other cameras. You can just snap it on your phone and shoot photos. Traditional zoom lenses are rather expensive and can be used on a definite type of cameras only. Different cameras need different types of lenses.

Most modern people use their smartphone to take photos and they cannot invest a lot of money into professional cameras. But the problem is that even expensive smartphones have low-quality cameras on them. With the Atomic Zoom you can save money on costly equipment and use your smartphone to take photos with a good zoom. You are going to get the atomic lens and a phone clip to hook to any type of smartphone, which means that you do not have to buy a new smartphone. Each set also comes with the macro lens and the fisheye. What differentiates Atomic Zoom from other smartphone zoom lenses? The truth is that there is a wide variety of smartphone zoom lens available on the market. Some of them include one lens, while others come in large sets. Some cost just $5, while expensive options are priced at $240. Let's discuss what real users are saying about the Atomic Zoom online. Many of them report that the product does not make any difference in the quality of pictures. One customer complains that two lenses were attached inside the package and he was not able to separate them, so he returned the set to the company. The man was pleased that the seller refunded his purchase price and the shipping. A few people write that it is a nice idea, but it does not work as claimed when taking distance pictures. One customer says that his order was lacking a lens. The camera itself takes awful pictures. Several buyers report having received their purchases without instructions included, which made it impossible to use the product. They call it a waste of time and money. One woman says in her testimonial that she could never get fish eye lens on with clip. Another lens doesn't change the quality of photos. It's useless. It is high time to take a look at the actual customers' reviews available online.

"The description on the Atomic zoom says that it will work with an Ipod Touch but I could not deal with it on a continuing basis. The Ipod touch has rounded or beveled edges, so there is no way for the clip to stay steadily placed over the Ipod lens. Some You Tube presentations offer to mount lenses to the Ipod case. I was looking for a suitable lens attachment or adapter for the Ipod touch but in vain. I have returned the product to Amazon."

"To be honest, the AtomicZoom does not deserve even one star but I had to rate it somehow when writing this review. I would have given it minus 5 stars! It does not help in any way and it is lame. I have the Iphone 5 and my son has the Iphone 4 and we can both say that it is worthless. It is difficult to place in the right spot. We noticed no improvement. By the way, the iPhone has a panoramic setting which makes the Atomic Zoom unnecessary. I am returning this product."

"I don't know what I was expecting when I was buying the Atomic Zoom, but I was extremely disappointed. I couldn't tell any difference in the wide angle lens. The macro lens gave blurry image. The fish eye lens is not necessary. I returned the device set but I am still waiting for a full refund. Don't waste your money."

My Final Summary

Based on what we have learned about the Atomic Zoom during our research, it seems that it offers quite many options that amateur smartphone photography customers need, including zoom, macro lens, and fisheye. However, the product has a lot of drawbacks. According to numerous customer reviews, this device does not improve the quality of picture at all. In many cases, it doesn't fit users' phones at all, so it is not as universal as claimed by the manufacturer. Besides, the product is rather expensive when compared to other similar options available on the market. Many users complain that the device doesn't stay in place securely and falls off easily. The lens quality also leaves much to be desired. Do yourself a favor, look for another item of the kind. Do not buy Atomic Zoom. I am sure you will find a lot of worthier alternatives available on the market.

Atomic Zoom Pricing and Rates

The device can be ordered from the official website. One Atomic Zoom lens set costs $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping, which makes the product very expensive when compared to the competition. The set includes one fisheye lens, one universal phone clip, and one macro lens. You will be able to order two sets for an additional $9.99 fee during checkout. All orders come with a 30-day refund policy. To request one, you will need to contact the Bulbhead customer support by calling at 855-668-1655.