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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Aubuchon Hardware

Aubuchon Hardware is actually a family business that was founded by William E Aubuchon in 1908. It can be truly named the oldest family-owned Hardware Store chain in the USA. There are over 100 stores in New England and Upstate NY. Over the generations, they have grown into a large chain with high customer reputation and trust. They have the items you need at affordable prices and knowledgeable service. The shopping experience is expected to be convenient and successful. Let's find out how the life of the company was started. As it often happens with immigration, a young widow named Georgianna Aubuchon and three of her four kids left Canada and went to the United States in search of a better life. On April 3, 1901, they came to Fitchburg, MA, where the eldest boys, Arthur and William, started working in the yarn mills. Daughter Albanie stayed at home with her mother, while another son, John, went to his uncle on a farm in Yamaska, P.Q. William left the mills and started working for Mr. Emile Dion, a man who had his own hardware store in the French-Canadian section of Fitchburg-Cleghorn. Eventually, Willie bought out Mr. Dion's store on February 9, 1908. By the end of the 1920's eight more stores were opened in central Massachusetts. John, Willie's brother, joined the company, while Arthur, was running his own hardware store.

In the 1930's, 22 more stores were added despite the Flood of 1936 when the Warehouse at 28 Rollstone St. in Fitchburg was under water. The loss was $60,000. Then the Hurricane occurred in 1938. It also brought serious damage but Willie survived. He had a "can-do" attitude and saw many opportunities. He was lucky to meet smart people who helped him to succeed. The original headquarters of Aubuchon Hardware were based on 28 Rollstone Street in Fitchburg, MA. Despite the World War II, the Company expanded to 32 stores by 1948. The Post War 50's resulted in 22 more stores most of which were located in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The 1960's saw rapid expansion, when the first store in Connecticut was opened, as well as the first store in Maine (Wells). In that decade, 43 stores were added. In the 1970-s Warehouse continued its expansion. The first New York store was opened in 1966. 28 new stores became part of the Company by the end of the 1970's. At that period of time, the first computer was brought to the company. The decade of the 1980's brought 36 new stores. The third generation of management started in 90's with M. Marcus Moran, Jr. and William E. Aubuchon, III becoming President/Treasurer and CEO respectively. In 1992, telephones were installed in the stores. And in 1996, their first website was launched. On February 9th, 2008, the company celebrated its 100th anniversary. Today, Aubuchon Hardware operates under the direction of William E. Aubuchon IV, great grandson of the company's founder. You can contact the company by calling at (800) 431-2712 or (978) 874-0521 (corporate). You can also email them to The main office of the company is based at Aubuchon Hardware; 95 Aubuchon Drive; Westminister, MA 01473.

Customer Reviews - Does Aubuchon Hardware Really Work?

During our research, we have encountered quite many customer reviews about Aubuchon Hardware on third-party websites. In general, the company seems to have a very positive reputation among its clients. The customers are pleased with the customer service, reasonable prices for goods and marketing policy. Let's take a look at what actual customers are writing about this store. One man reports that one morning he woke up very unhappy. In fact, he was woken up by his teen telling him that his younger four-year old brother put a whole bunch of paper towels in the toilet. Of course, you can only imagine that it was overflowing. The elder boy decided to plunge the wad of paper towels down, but it was very stuck. The man's first thought was to run down to Aubuchon Hardware that was just around the corner. The customer walked in and was greeted by a nice guy who asked him if he needed any help. The man said he needed a toilet auger. The assistant walked him straight to these goods and showed him to another guy who helped the client to select an auger. The man explained his morning story and the rep said he had exactly what he needed. The assistant told him how to use his 3' toilet auger. In the man's opinion, prices at the store might be a bit higher based on some things he noticed during his short visit. But the customer was glad that he didn't waste any time trying to find what he needed and the reps were knowledgeable enough to help him very quickly.

Many other customers of different Aubuchon Hardware stores of the country are also happy with the staff. For example, one man describes his experience of shopping at the store with a store manager named Ben. This is simply the best manager he had ever dealt with. The customer had an issue with a grill and Ben went above and beyond to solve the problem. That man has been a customer of the store for many years already and, according to his words, Ben always checks the goods he sells to his clients. He is very friendly, honest and polite. Another customer reports that the local hardware store in Franklin is well organized and clean. There was everything he was looking for. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable and even saved him a few dollars due to their recommendations. They are always ready to help their customers to find anything they are looking for. Aubuchon in Franklin is sure to bring you multiple positive shopping experiences. One man says he happened to work for Aubuchon Hardware and he knows a lot of the Aubuchons and the Morans. This is a good company to shop from and to work at. Its owners are personable and easy to talk to. Since it is a family run company, everyone treats each other like family. It is the third generation that is running the company at present. The fourth generation is responsible for the internet. Here are some testimonials from the actual shoppers at Aubuchon Hardware.

"When I needed some supplies to paint my bathroom, I addressed Aubuchon Hardware. As soon as I arrived and started looking around, a young rep greeted me and suggested her help. Even though I have lack of experience in painting, the company's representative helped me to choose everything I needed. She also consulted me in many vital issues being very polite and knowledgeable. I will definitely come back to this store."

"It is so pleasant to know that hardware stores still exist in small towns. I stopped in at Aubuchon Hardware yesterday to buy some furniture polish. Even though the store is small, there is a wide variety of products. Besides, I was informed that they are moving to a new larger location down the street. when I entered the store, I was greeted by a kind gentleman who took me to the polishes. I made a good purchase. By the way, the prices at this store are quite reasonable."

"Aubuchon Hardware in our small town has recently moved to new location and expanded significantly. Now it is located at 600 Route 2 State Road. They have the same friendly service and affordable prices. I was delighted to see a great variety of goods including specialty waxes. It seems you could find anything that you would need. The reps are all helpful and informative. I would highly recommend this store to everyone."

My Final Summary

Aubuchon Hardware is a family-owned store that has a long 100-year history. The business has lasted over 100 years, which indicates the great experience in the sphere. There are about a hundred of stores in the chain throughout the country. There are both larger and smaller hardware stores; however, they have a wide variety of goods to choose from. The atmosphere in each of them reminds the one in the family. As soon as you enter the store, you feel like you are in your family. Everyone is ready to help you and find whatever you may need. The staff in every store are very helpful and knowledgeable. All of the stores are clean and bright. The prices are reasonable. According to the majority of customer reviews, they are pleased with Aubuchon Hardware saying that it is always a pleasure to shop there. With all this in mind, we can certainly recommend this chain of hardware stores.

Aubuchon Hardware Pricing and Rates

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