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Auroma Brewing

Auroma Brewing is a coffee maker that was created to revolutionize the way we brew coffee. This machine has several sensors that exactly monitor all the major parameters responsible for making a cup of delicious coffee, including total dissolved coffee, temperature, grind size, coffee to water ratio, and more. This information can be monitored through Auroma's Android smartphone and iOS apps. The app will learn precisely what kind of coffee you prefer. To use the Auroma coffee maker, you will just need to put in whole coffee beans and a filter, choose the recipe and press a button. The machine will automatically brew your coffee in less than two minutes. According to the manufacturer, the Auroma Brewing device is accessible to almost everyone and can save you up to $1,000 per year on consuming specialty coffee.

Auroma Brewing was co-founded by Pawin Wongtada, Ornicha Srimokla, and Rayan Al-Shaibani, who started an experiment in a Canadian apartment and created a quickly-growing seed-funded company. Their initial goal was to make coffee brewing a home activity. After creating Auroma Brewing prototype, the team moved to Shenzhen, China and partnered with Hax, the device has gone through four full iterations before the company presented it to the market. In the future, they are going to partner with more roasters. This information will be available on the official website of the company. Now let us take a closer look at the device and the experience of its real users.

Customer Reviews - Does Auroma Brewing Really Work?

The Auroma Brewing coffee maker has a stainless steel shell and is made of BPA-free plastic. It measures 5.5"W x 12.2"L x 15.6"H with the attached 40g hopper and burr grinder, and weighs 6.5 pounds. It also features a 1.2L reservoir that is able to make 4-5 cups of coffee, along with a built-in metal filter. Coffee grounds can be put directly into the device, and your coffee will be brewed in about two minutes due to the patent pending method. As you can see in the company's promotional video, 1,500 chemicals can be naturally found in coffee, which translates to 30 different aromas and 150 possible flavors. By changing the concentration of these chemicals, you can change the aroma and flavor of your coffee. Auroma can do this by using a scale, PID temperature control, and a conductivity sensor.

In this way you can measure coffee-to-water ratio, which can alter bitterness levels. You can change the temperature, extraction rate and chemicals released. The device can control grind size by adjusting the distance between burrs. Auroma's conductivity sensors can also measure the amount of coffee dissolved in every cup. You can also control time, set your morning alarm clock and afternoon coffee break. You can also benefit from the Brewing control chart that ensures the perfect balance of flavors. When you make your first cup of coffee, Auroma will pick the necessary brewing point for the chosen beans. After you make a cup of coffee, you can log on to the smartphone app and rate different factors like caffeine kick, strength, bitterness, and texture. In this way, Auroma will learn your preferences.

One really important feature about the device is that, depending on any changes, the smartphone app will give you an opportunity to preview your coffee's flavor before brewing. Besides, Auroma will allow you to brew three types of coffee in three ways. You will be able to create different user profiles. The machine features automatic internal cleaning, pre-heating, and safety shut-off. It can be synced with your morning alarm or afternoon coffee break. The device has received a great amount of media attention from such websites as DigitalTrends, GadgetFlow, CNET, SlashGear, and more. Most high level reviews praise the Auroma Brewing giving it an average 4-star rating. What exactly people think about the product can be seen in the next online reviews.

"Auroma Brewing is the most wonderful programmable coffee maker I have ever seen in my life. This machine also boasts app and Wi-Fi connectivity. It has an internal thermometer, burr grinder, and water reservoir. It seems that this coffee maker has electronic brains to control major brewing factors. All I have to do is regulate the flavor of my drinks with variables such as brewing temperature, the grind size of beans, and the ratio of coffee to water. I can easily adjust factors such as bitterness texture, and even caffeine level. I have not experienced any technical difficulties since I have owned this machine. I am proud of my purchase."

"AuromaBrewing is a great coffee machine. Believe it or not but it has learnt my coffee preferences and uses them to create the next cup or coffee for me. The company also suggests a wide range of coffee types, roasts and blends from its library. I can choose any of them to my taste. The machine can be operated from the comfort of my bed due to the Android Auroma app. I have never had a smarter device in my house. I certainly recommend it to my friends."

"Auroma brewing coffee machine is the best online purchase I have ever made. It can prepare any type of coffee. Probably, this is the reason why my friends started visiting my house more frequently. I have had this machine for a year already but I haven't faced any problems with operating. The device really works as it claims on the official website of the company. It is really a smart coffee brewer that should be present in the house of each coffee fan."

My Final Summary

The Auroma brewing coffee machine works exactly as the company claims, which makes it a perfect option for both casual drinkers and coffee aficionados. It is a self-contained unit with a water tank and burr grinder. There are also three built-in sensors responsible for controlling major aspects of the brewing process. Another advantage of the device is that it offers customization through the smartphone app with the help of just one button.

In addition to all of these positive moments, Auroma brewing coffee machine can become yours for less than $400. Hurry up because this cost can be raised very soon. Most customer feedback carries a positive character. It means that the users are mostly pleased with the product. The company doesn't appear to offer any refunds, however, very few people would like to request for them. Taking into account all pros and cons of this coffee machine I can certainly recommend you purchasing an Auroma brewing device.

Where To Buy Auroma Brewing In Stores?

The device has completed its Kickstarter campaign, which had 638 backers who pledged $231,448. One package could be bought for just $299. At present, the Auroma Brewing coffee maker can be bought directly through the company's official website for $399. The cost is going to increase to $449. The product comes with a built-in metal filter and a grinder. So, if you have decided to buy this coffee machine, do not lose your time and order it today.