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AutoGravity is an application you can use in order to buy a new or used car as well as get financing if you need it. The app allows choosing the car you want depending on availability in the country and your area. Then you can apply for a car loan and compare up to four offers. This unique app differentiates from other apps of the kind with the ability to find a car and get financing for it. In the mortgage world, it can be compared to the combination of Lending Tree and Zillow: an app finds a home for you and then finances it. According to our research, AutoGravity was founded in October 2015. Within the past two years, the company has raised more than $50 million. Online, you can find a video of two company's employees, Chief Technology Officer Martin Prescher and Chief Marketing Serge Vartanov present at Finovate 2017. They talked about the importance of AutoGravity for car shoppers, saying that the car finance process is associated with a customer experience and technology gap.

Is AutoGravity really providing a fundamental driving transformation, as said by Vartanov in the video presentation? Can it empower the customers to control the process before they go to the dealership? We will try to answer these questions further in this review. According to the claims on the official website, AutoGravity is a wonderful application, but how does it work? To understand how this app works, we did a test run and searched a 2017 Hyundai Tucson SUV. We started our choice between new and used. You will be able to choose from 42 different brands including such manufacturers as Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Mazda, Ford, Chevrolet, Subaru, and Toyota. After choosing your brand, you will have to choose a model of car. AutoGravity provides cars with photos, names of models and prices. Then you will have to choose from 12 trim options. Let us discuss selecting your dealership and loan, as well as take a look at what people are saying about AutoGravity in their online reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does AutoGravity Really Work?

After you choose your trim, you will have to choose the dealer in your area. You will see results on a map and an informational side bar. There are individual dealer listings with website, address, an email address, hours and phone number. When you choose the dealership, you will start the search for financing which involves four steps in which you will have to provide your personal information, employment information, residence information, and identification. You can wrap up the financing process by taking a photo of the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the car you want, as well as by uploading it to the AutoGravity app. Then that number will be sent to the lender who will finalize the loan.

There are very limited customer reviews about this application online, probably because it is a new and not popular enough. There are not as many expert opinions as there are for Carvana and some other app-centered auto companies. However, we managed to dig up some information about both expert opinions and consumer testimonials. At the time of this research, AutoGravity had about 500 reviews on the Google Play store. Of those more 110 were 1-star. This is not a very positive rating, I should say; however, there were some 5-star reviews too. We found that while some consumers liked the application, its ease of use, others were unsatisfied with it. From some testimonials it is unclear whether or not the reviewers actually bought their cars through the app or they are just expressing their attitude to the app's concept.

There are some complaints against AutoGravity online too. The most common of them focused on some specific aspects. A few reviewers said that they were disappointed with the lack of information provided about funding. They were also unsatisfied with limited choices. One reviewer named Andy Aisha reported that there were not many options to choose from. He also hated to be locked to a specific dealer instead of giving him an opportunity to search for the car and find him the closest one. Another reviewer said that they selected a car he wanted to buy, but the application itself had no option to go further. He could not find a dealer, absolutely nothing. All he could see was pricing. AutoGravity has only six reviews on Yelp. One customer writes that when he heard about the service for the first time, he wasn't impressed. All they do is shop your credit around to lenders. This concept is known as shotgunning, and dealers that everyone will be approved for credit. Everyone does get a loan but it is an awful loan with ungodly terms and jacked up APR. In this way, AutoGravity is not doing anything novel. You are asked about your purchase (down payment and price) and your credit worthiness. They want you to buy a car as quickly as possible, which is wrong, since buying a car is a very responsible act. Let us take a look at what actual consumers are saying about the app.

"AutoGravity finance company is not worth addressing. The customer service reps are completely unhelpful and they don't possess much information at all. But the worst thing is that they are not FDIC. I know this because I went to refinance and it turned out that the bank I tried to use did not deal with this company. They said that the reason was that the company isn't federally insured. I was disappointed! Their website is just ridiculous. I cannot see my balance, how much principle and interest was paid off. Besides, they don't take direct payments, instead they use Western Union!"

"Auto Gravity is the worst way to finance a car. I am work with two people who have not been stuck in 24% auto loans. In addition, the company has been re-aging information to extend poor credit history on their accounts. It is illegal to re-age any information on credit reports. Their interest rate is just unacceptable. Do not ever deal with this company."

"Autogravity Car Finance allows getting a loan easily but it is almost impossible to get any information from the customer service department. The only online service is designed for you to make a payment. If you need any other information call the company directly but remember that you will need to give your life history, including your date of birth and address. They may miscalculate payoff amounts and make many other mistakes. Don't get a loan with this company."

My Final Summary

Summing up, it is important to say that before making any responsible decision you should give it time. When it comes to AutoGravity, customer reviews have showed that car choices are limited. This is clear, considering the fact that the company is new on the market and is in the early stages of broadening their database of vehicles. However, there are many other negative reviews referencing high interest rates, poor customer service, lack of information on the official website, etc. AutoGravity seems to be an interesting option for those who want a fully automated car purchase; however, they risk experiencing many unpleasant issues described higher in this review. It is still a mystery which financing options you are offered and who offers it. With all this in mind, AutoGravity cannot be recommended.

Where To Buy AutoGravity In Stores?

We were curious about the terms and conditions of loans and we found out that monthly payments looked rather reasonable. For example, the monthly payments for Hyundai Tucson were based on the following metrics. Down payment is $5,460. Length is 72-month term. APR is 2.5%. The monthly payment for Hyundai Tucson was $306 a month. We added a 7.5% tax rate, and the payment went up to $398. The monthly payments don't include license or registration fees, title, nor do they include dealership fees or taxes. Payment amounts may differ based on such factors as fees, rebates, specials, term, APR, down payment, and applicable tax rate. If you want to change the parameters of your monthly payment, press the calculator button in the bottom right of the screen ( You will see a panel with sliders that let you change cash down payment, vehicle price, trade-in value, Term, Tax rate and APR.