AutoTempest Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


AutoTempest is actually an online used car-shopping website that provides the best used car listings from many car websites. This automobile search website contains online classifieds it takes from the following websites: Craigslist,,, AutoTrader, CarsDirect, Carvana, and Oodle. It allows searching for used cars available nationwide from both local dealers and private owners. This search engine also serves as an insurance carrier finder and car shipper. In order to use you will not need to log in or sign up. Your search results will be the same you would get looking through any of the higher mentioned websites. The difference is that AutoTempest allows you to save your time. The site was created in 2007 by Nathan Stretch, a Canadian engineer and entrepreneur, as a way to look for Craigslist used car listings. The man created SearchTempest, a third-party search engine used for Nathan realized that Craigslist had a great collection of used cars, but he wanted to create an easy way to search through them, so he created AutoTempest. It started with Craiglist but then the search engine was expended to include other used car websites.

Customer Reviews - Does Autotempest Really Work?

Autotempest proves to be a highly beneficial car shopping site that has an efficient search engine, provides educational information, automatic synchronization and features a car pricing tool. The site's search engine can save your searches for a long period of time, so you can come back to them later. You can choose from a great number of car options which include price ranges, transmission type, mileage, body style, and type in specific keywords, such as carfax report included, certified pre-owned, Kelley blue book value, etc. Reviews on the vehicles you are looking for automatically appear so you do not have to search this information. speaking about educational information provided by AutoTempest, it should be noted that the site offers a full catalog of auto-related topics. These guides are provided on the site to car shoppers for free to help them find their ideal car. offers a free eBook for you to find the best prices for cars.

One positive feature of the service is the AutoTempest's Home page, where you can use the Search Tool to find a car. After entering your search information, the page will automatically synchronize with your selection. Car Pricing Tool is a feature that allows shoppers to get many competing quotes from local dealers. You can select your desired car model, make, and zip code and then just click the "Get Best Prices" button. You will instantly see which dealers offer the lowest prices and discounts. You will need to fill in some personal information including your first and last name, phone number, home address, and email. You will not be obliged to buy a car; instead, you will be able to compare shipping prices, car insurance prices, and calculate trade-in value. There is an opportunity to list your own car for sale.

AutoTempest has a great number of advantages, based on the customer reviews available online. Via this site, you can find the exact car you are looking for without checking any other sites selling vehicles. The difference with is that using this site you don't have to type in all of the information for every single site you attend. You enter the requirements once and get the well-organized results. Tab over to see the results from each of the higher mentioned websites, including a picture of the car, the distance from you to the dealership, its mileage, and the cost of the car. It's simple. Once you find the automobile you like, you will need to contact the dealer via phone or email.

Who can benefit from the most? Well, this website is for everyone who is searching for a specific kind of vehicle. It is the right choice for car buyers who know exactly what they need and who like searching for vehicles online. Another advantage of this site is that it can save you a lot of time, trouble and money. This car finder site is good for the average car shopper. It is still growing and developing, so some things may change. There is no price guarantee.

We have taken a look at the customer reputation of AutoTempest and found out that the majority of users of this site are happy with it. They say it has a convenient search engine, so with a single search, you can see all used cars from eight different sites. This feature is a big time-saver. Some other sites may limit your searches by proximity from a zip code, but with AutoTempest you can search nationwide or in large areas of the country. So if you don't wish to travel far, this site can be useful to find a lower priced car that is located in the closest proximity to your place. Another advantage of the site is that its filtering results are always rather quick. You can narrow your search by many options like transmission, mileage, model, and even whether you wish to buy a car from a private party or a dealer.

However, AutoTempest is also said to have some drawbacks. Since there are numerous models of cars, the model search box can be sometimes slow to scroll through. It can be confusing if you choose a model year, while a specific model is no longer being produced. There is no filter by color, which is not a big deal, but some visitors still want to filter available cars by color. It can be uneasy to tell which results are really good car deals. Let us take a look at the real consumers' reviews available online.

"I use AutoTempest when I need to change a car. This search website is similar to other sites that allow you to look for used car listings, but what I really like about this one is that I just enter my search criteria once and it gives me results from all the other sites too. So, I don't need to spend time on checking other used car websites. I have already my own used car buying tips."

"AutoTempest is very easy to use. I just entered my requirements for a vehicle and the site showed me the best results in a few seconds. By the way, these results come from eight car search sites. I have recently bought me current car via AutoTempest and I am very pleased with everything. If you want to buy or sell a vehicle, go to this search site, you will certainly find a great deal!"

"All of my friends use AutoTempest because it is actually the best used car search website. It is free to use, it is easy to navigate and it contains a number of filters that make finding a suitable car very fast and hassle-free. I do recommend this site to everyone who needs to buy or sell a vehicle."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt about AutoTempest, it would be wrong to say that this website is perfect. It has its pros and cons like any other website. Here are some of the advantages that we found when searching for cars on this site. AutoTempest saves a lot of your time and efforts by preventing you from having to search many separate websites. This is the only shop you will need to visit in order to find a car you are looking for. It is really easy to use interface. This search car website is consumer friendly. You are notified that you will be taken off-site if you click something else. Most results are showed in an easy to read way and provide vital details in the results listing. There is no need to click each result to see whether it is the right car for you.

On the other hand, AutoTempest has some disadvantages. It may provide limited results because there are sites from which they aren't legally allowed to show results on their site. This is the reason why may sometimes send you to other websites. This feature may change soon, though. You can't buy anything through the site because it is not a direct sales website. There is nothing bad about it too because you can easily contact the seller of the vehicle you like and buy it. Something to remember is the fact that AutoTempest contains only used car listings from other websites. The sellers are not vetted and do not have any partnership with these third parties. You have to be careful of online scams and before making a deal ensure that the seller is legitimate. It means that if something goes wrong, AutoTempest will not be responsible for any issues you face. In this way, AutoTempest seems to be a good place to visit when looking for a car. We do recommend this car-search website.

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You can use this used car shopping website for free. It will filter out cars for you to be able to find the one you need. will save you time by displaying the listings from many other websites, including local dealership listings. The site has car buying and research guides, as well as an efficient search engine to help you make a wise decision regarding your next used car.