Bad Axe Throwing Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing boasts to be the largest urban axe-throwing company in the world. They promise to bring you an unforgettable time on a private event, special occasion or whenever you wish to join their leagues. Many different companies across the country like bringing their employees and clients to Bad Axe for them just to have fun and unusual experience. They host group events that range from one or two hours of axe throwing fun. There is a dedicated axe throwing lane and an axe throwing coach whose responsibility to teach you how to throw an axe correctly. If you want to have an awesome time, continue reading this article and you will know more about this place. Believe it or not, but axe-throwing bars have become very popular lately. It is a growing trend across the USA despite anything that can go wrong. There are axe-throwing bars in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, Charlotte, Austin, Brooklyn, and Denver. The first axe-throwing bar was started in Toronto in 2011 by a Toronto actor and bartender Matt Wilson. It looks like an indoor arena with drinks and axe-throwing. This company is now called the Backyard Axe Throwing League. It has broadened its boundaries across a dozen of locations in the USA and Canada.

Axe-throwing bar is a mainly group activity that needs to be booked in advance. Some bars accept walk-ins when there is enough space, though. To book axe-throwing usually costs between $35 and $45 a person. One session takes two and a half to three hours, based on the size of the group. The bar supplies its visitors with all the necessary equipment, including the axes. Some bars of the kind have axe-throwing leagues, which makes this activity a competitive sport. There are age requirements to take part in the activity. In Chicago, the minimum age is 18. Visitors there can bring their own snacks with them. In Boston, the participants are allowed to bring beer or wine with them depending on local laws. Participants are explained safety rules before anyone takes an axe. Coaches at Bad Axe Bad Axe Throwing locations teach three types of throws including overhead (with two hands), one-handed and underhanded throws. It has some common features with darts but it is more dramatic. If you are brave enough to try this sport, you are welcome to ride over to your local axe-throwing bar.

Customer Reviews - Does Bad Axe Throwing Really Work?

During our research of Bad Axe Throwing, we have encountered a lot of testimonials from actual participants of the activity. Most of them are highly pleased with their unusual experience, saying that it was the funniest time in their life. Thus, one guy reports in his online review that he had a wonderful time axe throwing. One of the bar's representatives called Mark was an amazing Coach, he was absolutely knowledgeable about how to teach newcomers. And it was hilarious! At the same time, the coach emphasized safety of the activity. The man says he will definitely come back to the bar again because it was truly a great night even for beginners. Another customer agrees that the instructor Mark brought their company an amazing experience. Everyone had a lot of fun despite the fact all of them were newbies to the process! The customer especially recommends Bad Axe Throwing to groups of young people who just want to have a fun night out. Mark is a perfect coach.

Another highly praised coach is Mandy. According to the words of a participant, he made their experience wonderful. As soon as they arrived, the man met them and spent time with them teaching the youth and helping in whatever he could, Mandy was pleasant to deal with. The customer suggests doing this sport with a group of friends to have at least two teams. Walk-in is an hour, but a group of six and more people should book a party. The best part in the process is that you can get in for free if you have your birthday. One young man describes his experience with Bad Axe Throwing. He says he went to the bar with a group of family and friends to throw axes. It was his birthday and it was the first time of trying this activity. First of all, the man was allowed to play for free as he had his birthday. Second, they got a great teacher who did a huge job teaching everyone in the company and leading their games. The man confesses he didn't think it would be that fun.

Another company of friends who had excellent experience came to the Bad Axe Throwing bar from a small town. They were looking for something new and they were truly surprised. They have been to many different events but none of them brought such joy as axe-throwing did. The team was provided with a great coach and axes. Their coach was simply the best - skilled, informative and funny. They can recommend this sort of entertainment to their friends and just everyone who likes extreme. These people are thankful for such a great experience. Let us take a look at the actual customers' testimonials.

"Bad Axe Throwing brought us so much fun that we plan to come back soon. I had heard about this sport through the media but was fearful and hesitant at first. As soon as we started playing, within just five minutes all of my fears faded away. I went to the bar with a group of twelve friends and we all enjoyed axe-throwing! We had a nice coach named Patrick. He gave us the knowledge, tips and encouragement throughout the process. We have got a lot of satisfaction. This is a definite must try!"

"Bad Axe Throwing is a awesome activity! We held a bachelorette at the Vaughan bar yesterday and had the most marvelos experience in our lives. We are very thankfuls to our coach Blair. He walked us through the game and gave us valuable tips. Our group included ladies from mid 20s to mid 80s and everyone was pleased with the game. Thank you Blair for making our day memorable. We highly recommend to try axe-throwing to everyone!"

"Four of us went to Bad Axe Throwing and it was great. There was a cozy atmosphere in the bar when we walked in. The teacher showed us the basic throw and described safety moments. The instructor also taught us how to arrange the game within our group. We all enjoyed our time and plan to visit this place again. By the way, it is a great place to have a party."

My Final Summary

Bad Axe Throwing has become a popular activity in the past years, especially among young people. This is a venue that offers new feelings and an absolutely new experience. Even elder people find it to be a lot of fun. The bar offering this kind of activity are perfect places for celebrating different occasions and holding parties. They get bookings for team-building parties, birthday parties, bachelorette and bachelor parties. Even couples who want to try something new together come to throw axes. One axe-throwing session usually lasts for two and a half to three hours. The duration of a session may depend on the size of the group of people who participate in the activity. The bar supplies axes and other equipment. There is a nice opportunity to get into the bar for free - when you have your birthday. You will just need to book your event in advance through their official site or a customer service rep. Send your email to the bar at least 48 hours before a planned event. You should also send them your valid government issued ID (passport or driver's license) for them to ensure that you really have your birthday. It should be done within a week before your event. As you come to your event, you will just need to show your ID and throw axes for free.

Based on the customer reviews, Bad Axe Throwing is worth trying mainly because it brings a lot of fun to its participants. Many of them have shared their experience of throwing axes online on third-party websites. Some of them just did it for fun, while others celebrated a corporate team building event, someone's birthday or other events. Each bar has knowledgeable coaches ready to teach you how to throw axes successfully and in a safe manner. It is not a bit scary activity; on the contrary, it brings lots of pleasure. Axe-throwing bars offer good service and friendly atmosphere. Taking into account all pros and cons of this activity, I do recommend Bad Axe Throwing.

Bad Axe Throwing Pricing and Rates

Bad Axe Throwing leagues are only $15 per week. They run for eight weeks of league play and include a league appreciation night. It's a party where you can bring in your friends and family members. They also offer more than $100 of perks to their league members. In this way, the total cost is $125 per person plus taxes. Now they offer public walk-in sessions that do nor require previous reservation. The cost for one session depends on the location. They can change and are limited in availability. You can check the walk-in schedule for available times on the official website. You are recommended to do this the day before you are going to attend the bar.

You can book a party or event at the price from $30 per person. Generally, an axe-throwing booking is $35-$45 per person. You can also get in for free on your birthday. To do this, you will need to book your event online or through a rep of the customer service department. Remember to email them more than 48 hours before your party. Send them a copy of your valid government issued ID (driver's license or passport) for them to validate your birthday within a week of your party. After the required minimum number of payments are made you will be allowed to participate for free. On the day of your party, show your ID. That's all.