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Barkbox Super Chewer

BarkBox is a subscription-based online service with its headquarters based out of New York, New York. Its members receive surprises for their dogs on a monthly basis. These usually contain hygiene products, all-natural treats, and toys. The service is suitable for dogs of all sizes, including medium-sized adults, puppies, or even large breeds like Great Danes. BarkBox carefully creates each of the boxes to meet your specific dog's needs based on its breed and size but you will never know what you will get this time, each of the 4-6 items you get will be a complete surprise for you and your dog. According to the official website, all edible items found in the Barkbox Super Chewer box are sourced directly from the U.S., South America, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, are tested in-house, and are never produced with the use of formaldehyde.

It is important to note that BarkBox's founders are true dog lovers, so they wouldn't send anything to your dogs, that would be harmful or bad for them. Besides, the company claims that 10% of their profits are given to canine-related rescues, shelters, and welfare organizations. Each surprise box is sent on the 15th of each month and quickly and without delays, according to the majority of consumers. But if you are a new customer and sign up for BarkBox service after the 10th, remember that your package will not be sent until the 15th of the next month. In case if your BarkBox contains any defective item, you have the opportunity to send it back immediately, and the company will send you a replacement or give a credit toward your account. To find out whether customers are happy with the service let's take a look at their online reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does Barkbox Super Chewer Really Work?

There is a great number of testimonials from real customers of Barkbox Super Chewer service on third-party websites. Most of them are highly positive. The people are amazed with their surprise boxes, saying that they always contain precious, useful and fun items. One dog owner reports that signing up for the service was the best decision she has ever made when buying something online. She says that at first she was very skeptical with the company and their service mainly because of the "surprise" element and the price. But as soon as she received her first box she understood that the service was worth the price. The customer has a large puppy, but he eats almost anything, including toys. The woman was sick of buying new toys every week and decided to try BarkBox Super Chewer. In her first box the dog liked just everything.

Another customer reports that his dog was not quite happy with what was found in the first box they received. His dog only liked one out of the two treat bags and he wouldn't even touch the hard plastic toys. So, the dog owner contacted BarkBox to inform them so they could fix his next box. The man was blown away with the BarkBox customer service and their attention to detail. Within 30 minutes the man got a response concerning his worries. One of their team members sent a new bag of treats for his dog completely free of charge! They also discussed that maybe his dog was not a big chewer, so the company's representative suggested a box with "durable fabric" toys instead of plastic ones. She mailed out him a sample toy for the man's dog to try also free of charge. The man was surprised that his dog loved it! The company lowered is monthly subscription and followed up to make sure that his dog was liked his new box. According to this man's words, BarkBox has restored his faith in the great customer service. He is happy, and wat is more important, his dog is excited to get his next box. The service is worth the money and the customer highly recommends this company.

One woman reports that she had great experience with Barkbox Super Chewer saying that they do have an option for super chewers. But this service may not be suitable for extremely strong chewers because actually no toy can hold up to strong chewers for a long period of time (unless they are boring rubber). Her dog is not a strong chewer and she loves what she gets in the box. The toys are durable and last about two months being chewed every day for several hours. According to the woman's story, the basic package contains two bags of treats, two toys (if you get their promotion you will receive three toys), and a chew. The toys are of a good quality and very unique. These toys cannot be found at the store. BarkBox often uses a combination of squeakers (tube/regular), crinkle paper, and rope. The issue with store toys is that they are usually only rope or only squeaker, etc. BarkBox toys are a big deal to this woman's dog. The chew and treats are nice, but her dog doesn't go crazy about them (he is more toy motivated and not food motivated). All the treats in the box are grain-free. The bag is rather large, so if you treat you dog correctly it will last long. This customer reports that she hasn't finished one bag within a month. Let us take a look at the actual user reviews available online.

"My doggie loves his Barkbox Super Chewer boxes very much! They have a different theme every month and it is always a surprise for us what we will receive next. My dog goes crazy when he sees a new BarkBox. The treats are tasty to my dog and the toys are durable. In fact, my dog still has some toys we got six months ago. The staff at BarkBox are great. Once we received a bag of treats that my dog didn't want to eat, so they sent us a replacement within just a few days. I would recommend this great company and their products to all dog owners."

"Barkbox Super Chewer is quite expensive subscription service, so I hesitated before signing up. But when I couldn't play with my puppy because of my health concerns I had to find the way to keep him active. So, I turned to BarkBox and what I want to say is that they are wonderful. Each month we get boxes with a different "theme", which makes them fun to us. The treats are allergen-friendly and the toys are meant for much chewing. You can cut out treats completely if your dog doesn't like them. They are user-friendly, and you can always talk to a live person. One month I had to pause my subscription and they readily agreed."

"I am a customer for life of the Barkbox Super Chewer. I love BarkBox. They have been always pleasant to deal with. The boxes arrive on time each month. The company offers a great selection of super cute toys and healthy treats. It is not exaggeration that their customer service is the best I have ever dealt with. I would certainly recommend this service to everyone who loves their dogs."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about the Barkbox Super Chewer, this service appears to be worth the price. Their monthly surprises are specially created for dogs with their specific needs, and always include useful items. Based on the user feedback, the value of their BarkBox packages exceeds the price of your monthly membership fee. So you can freely sign up for the most expensive option ($29/month). It should be taken into account that the shipping is free. In case if you don't like anything in the box you can simply call the customer service and they will send you replacement. The company does not offer packages for cats or other pets. According to the customer reviews, the majority of dogs love BarkBox items. With all these advantages and disadvantages in mind, I would recommend Barkbox Super Chewer.

Barkbox Super Chewer Pricing and Rates

To get started with the BarkBox service, you will need to simply select your dog's size: 0-20 pounds, 20-50 pounds, or 50+ pounds. No matter how large your dog is, all plans are priced equally. Month-to-month fee is $29 per month. You can choose a three-month subscription for $24 per month and save 17% or a six-month subscription that will cost you $19 per month (a 34% savings).