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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Barnett Crossbow

If you are interested in crossbows and leading manufacturers of these products, you probably know that Barnett are one of the major crossbow brands at present. They make some high-quality crossbows that can shoot accurate and fast; nevertheless, they are still affordable. Barnett have produced different types of crossbows and we have had an opportunity to review some of them. The best Barnett crossbows include Barnett Predator Crossbow (430 Feet Per Second with Premium Illuminated Scope), Barnett Raptor Pro str Crossbow Realtree Camo BAR78005 (187 lbs, 400 fps), Barnett HyperGhost 425 Crossbow in Mossy Oak Treestand Camo (425 fps, Premium Illuminated 1.5-5x32 Scope), Barnett Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow (shoots 350 fps, 4x32 scope, light weight quiver, rope cocking device, two 20 inch Headhunter arrows), BARNETT TS390 Crossbow (390 fps, Compound Crossbow, 4x32 Scope, Rope Cocker, Side Mount Quiver, Two 20 Inch Arrows).

Let us take a look at quick facts about Barnett Crossbows. Well, the company itself was established in 1962 by Dave Barnett with the goal of producing powerful, efficient crossbows for hunting. The company continued their commitment to produce high performance units improving their design and using all of their professional skills to make high-quality crossbows. Due to their great experience in the field and the use of high technology, Barnett produces some of the finest crossbows in the world. In this article we will review the features you should take into account when choosing a crossbow.

Customer Reviews - Does Barnett Crossbow Really Work?

The company produces a great variety of bows, so we will take a look at some of them. The Predator 430 is a flagship crossbow designed for professional hunters in the high-end market. It is the most powerful and fastest bow ever made by Barnett. Utilizing the latest technology and innovative design, it has the best features needed for the enjoyable hunting experience: long-range shooting, power, speed, precision, and a number of other positive features and accessories. The high performance of this bow rightfully places it in the row of the top bows. Barnett Predator is bit larger than the average crossbow, weighing 7.8lbs and measuring 37.125"L x 20.375"W. It is easy to handle or maneuver on a treestand or in the woods. It is third of the fastest crossbows in the modern market, falling behind the Scorpyd Aculeus (460fps) and the TenPoint Nitro X (440fps). Barnett Predator delivers 430fps speed,207lbs draw weight, 156ft. lbs kinetic energy, and 16.333" power stroke to deliver a fatal blow to any thick skinned game at a distance of up to 70 yards. The TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology features no friction, a zero creep, 3 pound trigger that is comfortable to deal with. The TriggerTech assembly includes Anti-Dry Fire and Nock Sensors that prevent injuries associated with string damage and dry firing. The Soft-Lok Floating Bristle Arrow Retainer ensures that the arrow is fully loaded, while finger safety reminders inform you whenever your fingers are endangered.

Barnett Raptor FX3 Pro 78127 Crossbow Kit with RCD 4x32 Scope RT Xtra Camo is one of the most popular crossbows from the brand, the major reason for which is the best combination of the quality and price (CDN $755.34). the weight of the unit is 6.4lbs, its speed is 380 fps; draw weight is 160lbs; kinetic energy is 122 ft lbs); Power stroke is 13.525 in); Axle to axle is 16.125 in. The product features Triggertech frictionless release technology; magnesium riser; single bolt assembly; CNC machined aluminum rail; Soft-Lok floating bristle arrow retainer; Anti-Dry fire (ADF) trigger system; custom composite laminated; metal injection molded (MIM) trigger; 7/8-Inch Picatinny rails; Compatible Finger safety reminders; anti-vibration foot stirrup; crank cocking device; pass-through Foregrip. It includes rope cocking device; 4x32 mm multi-reticle scope; side mount quiver; lubrication wax; two 20-inch headhunter arrows.

There is a great number of customer reviews about Barnett Raptor FX3 Pro 78127 Crossbow on third-party websites. This is one of the most popular bows from the brand. One man says that he just got an upgrade and despite it, the raptor fx3 pro still has all the features from the raptor series including extensive safety measures, high speed, and unparalleled performance). The unit also has some new upgrades such as side mount quiver, premium aluminum rail, a fully camo riser, and, and an improved stock that is more comfortable and longer for full-framed shooters. The prolonged stock fills out adult frames better, but the bow still retains its compact size. It feels very comfortable to use. The butt pad is made from premium material. The new design features pistol grip and cheek piece that make the crossbow lie more natural and secure against your shoulder and in your hands. The product name received additional word "pro" deservedly. When you take a bow with the right stuff, you will know the raptor fx3 pro is a worthy product.

Another customer reports that he bought this Barnett Raptor Pro because his limb broke and it was just what he needed. The man was pleased with the price of the bow, taking into considerations what it offers. His bolt does lift at the broadhead a bit, but that does not affect the accuracy of shooting. It is light and compact, and has a small size. The customer has no complaints about the product and he does not regret of buying it. The scope of the bow is 4x32. The man reports that his excalibur micro 315 is repaired now, but it has become his spare bow. He is happy with Barnett Raptor Pro since it offers more penetration and accuracy. The customer service of the company is also up to the highest standard.

Another male customer says in his testimonial online that he had positive general impression of the bow when he received it. He has not shot his Barnett Raptor Pro yet but he is sure it has some high-quality control features. It arrived with the scope that was already mounted but the man noticed that the scope rings were not tight enough. When the customer went to put the limbs on the body he applied plenty of force to line it up. It even popped some of the finish off. According to the man's words, the Allen head bolt holding the quiver on is too short to screw into the rail to keep it in place. Fortunately, the instructions that come with the product are very accurate and are easy to follow. The man promised to update his testimonial later once he shoot his bow a few times. Another customer reported that his Barnett Crossbow shoots really accurate. It is also easy to sight in. He has not had any issues during the hunting season that turned out to be very successful. The man has no complaints at all. Let us take a look at some more customer reviews about the Barnett Raptor Pro available online.

"I am really fond of Barnett Crossbows. My last purchase was the Barnett Raptor Pro. I can say, it is a wonderful crossbow for the price, it has high quality and shoots well. The bow offers perfect performance and is easy to sight in. I have done some more research before buying this bow and it was the right choice I made. I like shooting of Barnett crossbows and enjoy my hunting results. Barnett is the best brand for sure."

"Barnett Raptor Pro Crossbow looks awesome and fires accurately. I have made about 50 shots through it and I am absolutely satisfied. I am hitting game at 60 yards after sighting in. Its 4x32 Scope is good but, to tell you the truth, there are better scopes. I have top note that the Barnett headhunter bolts are better for me than the bloodsports that came in the set with this bow. Remember to wax the strings every few shots. I recommend this Barnett Crossbow!"

"Barnett Raptor Pro Crossbow is my first crossbow I bought after doing some research. This brand's products have mixed customer reputation but the company still sells lots of crossbows. The delivery was pretty fast and the instructions were straightforward. This bow shoots well and fast. Within a few days I also purchased the TenPoint Wicked Ridge Invader G3 and I noticed difference in speed - the Barnett is faster. I prefer the Barnett Crossbow."

My Final Summary

Barnett Crossbow has been in the market for over fifty years already, which is quite a term for a company of this kind. The brand is known for manufacturing a great variety of crossbows which have become some of the best ones in the world. The bows from the brand have vital features including a pass-through fore grip, diverse accessories to enhance your hunting experience (bipods, quivers, optics, vertical fore grips and lights), long range shooting precision scope handles, nice ergonomic design, anti-dry trigger system, string dampeners and many others. Barnett Crossbows have taken hunting to the next level; however, they are made for the big boys who appreciate their own safety first of all. These crossbows can be used by beginners too. They are simple to use and require just a bit of practice. With these products, you will be surprised by the speed and power, which will help you enjoy you hunting. With all this in mind, Barnett Crossbow can certainly be recommended to usage.

Barnett Crossbow Pricing and Rates

The official website of the manufacturer offers all kinds of Barnett Crossbow. These can also be found on some retain stores, such as Amazon. In fact, prices for Barnett Crossbows may vary depending on color and size of the unit. For instance, Barnett Raptor FX3 Pro 78127 Crossbow Kit with RCD 4x32 Scope RT Xtra Camo is priced at CDN $755.34. Barnett Barnett Raptor Pro STR Crossbow, BAR78005, Realtree Xtra costs CDN $1,319.99. Barnett Crossbows 17180 String Dampener, Fits Most Aluminum Track Equipment can be bought for CDN $31.05. The shipping is free on orders over CDN $35 on Amazon.