Baseboard Buddy Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Baseboard Buddy

Baseboard Buddy is an easy-to-use cleaning tool that allows to clean your baseboards and moldings fast and effectively. It features a 360 degree rotating head that can clean the surface from any angle. You can break the collapsible handle down for easy storage and to adjust the height, so that you can clean up top or down low! The tool has textured fibers on the cleaning pad which are responsible for trapping and locking dirt. It can be used wet or dry. All you will need to do is just rinse and reuse it. The product includes one Baseboard Buddy and three Reusable Cleaning Pads. Baseboard Buddy promises that you can clean baseboards in an easy way. It removes the hard work by removing the need for you to knee and scrub the grime or dirt. Its adjustable design does all the work for you. You can easily extend the handle to the necessary length, place the microfiber pad against the baseboard, and allow the pad to glide and remove the dirt. The lengthy handle of Baseboard Buddy's allows to reach tough spaces behind appliances, furniture, and fixtures (toilets). You will be able to reach door casings and crown molding too. There is no need to drag around a step ladder or do anything else to reach high places. Lift up the tool and let it do the work.

Baseboard Buddy promises to keep your baseboards attractive and looking freshly painted. The plush microfibers can easily conform to the shape of the baseboards, for you to clean all the contours and curves as it glides along the surface to remove dirt and dust. You can use this tool dry for everyday cleaning, or wet it to get rid of the most stubborn grime. Forget about straining to reach places behind furniture. This item is made by a reputable company in the USA that claims that their product will help you to do the housework. This is a plastic tool that features a flexible head design, telescopic handle that reaches up to 60 inches, 360-degree swivel action and three microfiber cleaning pads. Is it really a good cleaning tool that can clean your baseboards and moldings fast and easily? To answer this and more questions we will have to take a look at the real users' testimonials found on third-party websites. At present we can say that the product can be bought from $10.49 plus free shipping on orders over $25.00 on Amazon.

Customer Reviews - Does Baseboard Buddy Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about this cleaning tool on third-party websites. Most of them are positive. People using the product claim that it is an easy way to clean baseboards and moldings. You will simply need to walk and glide the head as it conforms to any baseboard or door molding. Its swivel action allows you to clean the surface from any angle when Baseboard Buddy is wet or dry. The adjustable handle helps to reach high and low surfaces. Specially textured fibers trap and lock dirt. This collapsible tool breaks down for easy storage and comes with three reusable cleaning pads. What real users really appreciate about the product is that it eliminates stretching and bending. Due to the 360-degree swivel-action head one can clean different kinds of surfaces from any angle. The tool itself is reported to ride and glide easily. The tool's microfiber cleaning pad takes the shape of the surface to make cleaning ideal. The customers like the fact that it can be used wet or dry. The microfiber pads can tackle not only baseboards but almost any surface they can reach, including fireplace mantles, banisters, chair rails, etc. The textured fibers trap dirt and dust lock it in. Easy storage is provided by the ability of the handle to collapse for easy storage.

Many real users are sure that Baseboard Buddy is an awesome product. It can even be used by elderly people who have many health issues and cannot clean baseboards in a traditional way. One 73-year old woman reports that she had the baseboards cleaned in a short period time with minimum effort. However, it is recommended to read all the usage directions to avoid problems managing the base of the unit. Most customers are satisfied with how the product works. They say that it works as claimed by the manufacturer. The tool is so easy to use that you may work with it even more than I anticipated. It allows to save your back, especially if you are over 70. Some customers confess that they are surprised with some negative reviews, since they are sure that the tool works great. They like the Baseboard Buddy and claim that it is the best way to clean baseboards. There is no need to crawl around. It follows contours very well and is easy to control. There is an opportunity to buy replacement cleaning pads at a reasonable price, which only adds to the overall value to the product. It works well wet or dry. Its rinse/reuse capability is highly appreciated by the real users too. This certainly helps to bolster the economic value, since you can use the tool liberally, which can add another $20 to the household cleaning budget each month. It is high time to take a look at the actual customers' reviews available online.

"Baseboard Buddy is the best purchase I have ever made online. What I like the most about this tool is that it can even get behind the toilet and hard to get places. I have bad knees, which is why it is so important for me. It cleans just wonderfully. I usually spray the pad with my floor cleaner before the first cleaning with the tool. As a result, I get spotless baseboards. I dust them off with it fast and easily. The product does exactly what it is advertised to do. Besides, the pads can be washed in the washer together with my cleaning towels! Thank you for such assistance!"

"I just received my Baseboard Buddy and I am pleased with the product, even though I have used it only twice. It works as advertised, cleans better than I expected. It is easy to use and seems durable. I am happy that now I can forget about a bunch of rags I have used before. This is a great innovation for housewives. I love this thing and I will write more, as I use it for a while."

"Baseboard Buddy certainly beats bending over to clean the baseboard at my age. I am a 71-year old woman. I tend to wet the pad, then spray 409 on it and wipe down the baseboard. The tool works like a charm and I don't have any back pain after using it. Thank you for a great product. I am impressed with the offer."

My Final Summary

Summing everything up, the Baseboard Buddy appears to be an excellent tool that every household needs to have around the house. It is especially appreciated by elderly people who suffer from a bad back, but still try to keep the baseboard. It being bent over is a challenge for you too, try this product and you will see that you will not find yourself soar after cleaning the baseboards. Baseboard buddy does not require you to be bent over anymore, as you can clean around the house with no problems. You won't have to worry about being in pain anymore. Those who have used this tool appreciate it a lot, based on their testimonials online. This tool will make cleaning the baseboards less stressful. The Baseboard Buddy has more positive reviews from customers than negative ones. It is reasonably-priced and can be afforded by any household. It should be noted that it is easy to assemble. The pad is flexible and can be reused. It works well when wet or dry. The pad can be easily removed for washing and it dries really fact. The product also comes with three pads for convenience. If you are looking for a helpful duster for your baseboards, Baseboard Buddy will certainly be of great help. I do recommend this product to purchasing.

Baseboard Buddy Pricing and Rates

Baseboard Buddy for the fast and easy cleaning of your baseboards and moldings can be purchased directly from the official website of the manufacturer or from the most reputable retail stores. The list price of the tool on Amazon is $24.99, but you can buy it for $14.99 at present. There is free shipping on orders over $25. Or you may choose to get free Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime.