BasicTalk Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


BasicTalk is a new phone service that makes it possible to make unlimited long distance calls to any phone number in the United States via internet connection. The company is based out of Holmdel, NJ, and was created by Vonage. Crystal clear sound quality can be enjoyed at a low price of just $9.99 per month. In order to use the service you will need to buy a special device that can be ordered directly through their official website at, at or at Walmart stores. BasicTalk units possess all the important features you can only expect from modern phone service, including voicemail, caller ID, crystal clear sound quality, call waiting, and 911 dialing. As their website claims, in order to use the service, you will need internet connection, any model of touch-tone phone, credit card or checking account, a router, and a physical address. The latter is necessary for the service to be routed to the right destination.

It is important to remember that only one phone can be connected to the BasicTalk unit directly, and to the phone cord. It is not a problem for the majority of modern phones, as they usually use their base stations to "feed" off the signal from the main phone. Any older phones in your home that need a direct connection will not be able to use the service. What you will need to do is to simply place an order on their official website. You will need to specify whether you want to generate a new phone number depending on your area code, or to keep your current number. In the latter case it is vital to note that the transfer process requires completing a Number Transfer Authorization (NTA), and emailing it to the company. The process will take from 7 to 10 days. Once your phone number transfer is complete you will be able to use BasicTalk. Finally, enter all your billing and personal information, and your service will be set up. Getting your box connect it to your router with the included Ethernet cable, and connect the cord from the box to your phone. Then quickly activate your account on and enjoy your service.

Customer Reviews - Does BasicTalk Really Work?

BasicTalk is associated with a great number of customer reviews online, most of which appear to carry a positive character. The users are highly satisfied with the new home phone service as it offers them a nice opportunity to make calls anywhere in the USA for only $9.99 per month plus fees and taxes. People like the fact that no contract is required, and it is free to keep the number. It is very easy to buy a BasicTalk Box on the Internet either from the official website of the company or from reputable retailers, such as Walmart. The adapter works just perfectly to allow customers to use their Internet connection for making calls. At present, BasicTalk comes with a free BasicTalk Box. While reading about the BasicTalk device and the company's service in general, we have encountered a lot of users' reviews on the Internet. They share their thoughts about using BasicTalk in their own lives.

Thus, one customer reports that he has been using BasicTalk for a few years already and has never had any problems. He is happy with the connection and excellent service. He doesn't have anything bad to say about the company's service. The device was simple to set up. The man had to replace his router once every two years. The resetting of the BasicTalk unit was very easy too. Actually he just plugged it in and the device started working well again. The man also loves the website where he can go to listen to his voice mail any time of the day or night. It also displays a list of all incoming calls with times and dates. There is an opportunity to listen to the messages right on one's personal computer. The messages can either be kept or deleted. Even if you delete them by mistake, the website will still save them for another 24 hours. Generally speaking, all BasicTalk customers seem to be satisfied with the great service. They can take screen shots to be able to prove when someone says they called but didn't in reality. The cost of the service is way lower compared to cell companies and local land lines. The majority of users can't think of anything to complain about. It is high time

"Before using BasicTalk I hesitant to get it because some people bash it so much in their reviews but I still did it and I am so glad! It is one of the best home phone services I have ever used. It is cheap and reliable. The only drawback I would mention is that there is no Call Forwarding. Besides, customer service is working online only. There is no phone number you can call. I contacted them through email and was responded quite quickly. I have no complaints about the company and I do recommend them toe every modern person!"

"I have had BasicTalk for half a year and I absolutely love it. It was easy to set up and I have not faced any problems whatsoever. I can log into my account and listen to my voice mails as well as check the summary of my incoming and outgoing calls. The service works flawlessly at such a reasonable price. If you want to purchase it do this online. They will send it to you with free shipping and will not charge you for the modem. It is also easy to do your number transfer. It will save you a great deal of money!"

"I have been with BasicTalk for two years already. It has been painless and I haven't got any problems at all. The phone quality, availability and billing have been reliable. Nation-wide calls are free and have a perfect quality. There is no need for annual commitment and the price is very competitive (only $10 + tax per month). Besides, you can quit any time. The only drawback is that there is lack of feature sets, such as international call option, FAX capability, and call-blocks. However, I can still recommend BasicTalk to those people who want a basic feature set."

My Final Summary

BasicTalk was created by Vonage and partners with Walmart, which means that it can boast high reputation. The service offers a great set of features appreciated by the majority of people. But what attracts customers most of all is a great price. The unit certainly works as advertised and the service relies on an internet connection. The only downfall is that if you lose internet connection, your phone service will also be lost.

$10 of monthly commission is a low payment for this kind of service when compared to other major companies such as ATandT, Comcast, etc. The service seems to be promising. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of BasicTalk, I can highly recommend this service to everyone who mainly needs a basic nation-wide call feature.

BasicTalk Pricing and Rates

BasicTalk is available at different online retailing websites, including Amazon, which offers reasonable prices on their products.