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Battle Visor

Battle Visor is a visor designed for vehicles to block ultraviolet rays and glare to providing clear vision to the driver. The official website of the product is It was registered in April 2018. According to the manufacturer, the product effectively blocks glare from the sun, preserves vision from blue and UV rays. The device is made from transparent material that stops glare, but allows the driver to see the road clearly. The unit is compatible with any vehicle and does not require any hard-to-perform installation. The product is made in the United States and is durably constructed. The company behind Battle Visor claims that its design was inspired by the eye coverings used by American military pilots. It attaches to the built-in-visor in a car, and unlike built-in visors, it blocks glare and sunlight without blocking your view. It does block harmful blue rays but it blocks UV rays only partially. This visor can be used on either the passenger's or driver's side of a car.

Battle Visor clips onto your current visor and works in the same way as polarized sunglasses. It also has a "sun spot blocker", a sliding segment of darker tint that allows you to enhance the process of sun blocking when the sun shines directly into your eyes. According to the commercial for the product, it is associated with military-inspired scenes. It focuses on the benefits of this car visor which include the ability to improve vision and block the glare. It is not the first car visor linked to military scenes. The competing product, Tac Visor has been also advertised in the last months. If you leave Battle Visor under the direct sun rays it will not warp, which is another great advantage. Its plastic is thicker than that of Tac Visor. Let us take a look at some other features of the product, as well as what real users think about their experience of using Battle Visor.

Customer Reviews - Does Battle Visor Really Work?

There are a lot of testimonials about the product from real customers. Most of them appear to highly appreciate their purchase. They say they can use it easily. Here are step by step instructions on how this device should be used. First, attach the unit to your current built-in visor with the help of the visor's two hooks. Each hook clips onto one side of the existing visor. Second, make sure that your new visor is flipped down and adjust it at your eye level. You can keep the built-in visor to attach the new one by flipping it up, or just pull it down so that the new visor lowers too. As soon as your visor is at the right height, you will see clearly during the day while driving, no matter what whether it is. There is no need to worry about missing obstacles such as other driving vehicles, people, or stray objects. This will save you from getting into an accident.

According to the majority of customer reviews, the unit works as advertised and the users are satisfied with their products. It functions effectively due to the so called atomic clarification technology. It can filter out anything that might get on your way, such as blue rays, UV rays, and glare. This technology does not allow it to block what you want to see, including a clear picture of the road in front of you. The device will help you to see any road or street in high definition, allowing you to see better than you would on a cloudy day without the visor. What most people like about this visor is that it is compact and lightweight. It can be installed, uninstalled or re-installed in just a few seconds, so that you will be able to transfer it between cars if you want. You will just need to unhook its hooks from your car's built-in visor, take it to the next car and pop it on there. You will be ready to go.

According to the customer reviews available online, Battle Visor is manufactured from strong and durable material that won't break even if it is bent. So, if you accidentally sit on your visor by mistake, this won't interfere with its performance. It won't get damaged if you accidentally drop it on the ground either. Remember that the product is made in the United States, which means that it has high quality. All visors made in the United States, meet certain labor and safety standards throughout the manufacturing process. Be sure that the visor is safe to use, since it was made in a safe work environment. Of course, the product has some negative reviews too. Some people report that they received the visors that were scratched or covered with glue. Most customers received high-quality products, both daytime and nighttime HD visors. The units are said to work as advertised.

One customer writes in his testimonial that his HD visor is great. It knocks out the afternoon glare perfectly and is suitable for night driving. The guy also bought a second unit for his mother, and she loves it a lot saying that it has changed her driving completely. She is almost 80, and used to have difficulty driving at night. Due to the Battle Visor she can see the road very well without glare from headlights. The man feels great because she is safer, just like other people on the road with her! The guy would definitely recommend this device to everyone, especially taking into account its reasonable price. Let us take a look at some actual user' testimonials found online.

"Due to the Battle Visor I bought online I realized what a wonderful world we live in! It works as advertised by the manufacturer. The device is cleverly designed and rugged. It is a bit expensive, but it is worth the money it costs. It works like the visor on a school bus; however, it does not work well on rainy days. All vehicles should have it. If you remove the protective film on both sides of the visor it won't be foggy. I would recommend this product to a friend."

"Battle Visor is an amazing thing for a car. In fact, this product saved my life. When I was driving down the road, someone pulled out right in front of me really hard. Fortunately, I could see the situation very clearly and managed to reduce the strength of the crash. If this visor wasn't in my vehicle, the sun glare could cause me crash into the vehicle above me. So, this product should be present in your car too, my friend."

"Battle Visor is not a gimmick like others may say. It does work pretty well, just as claimed by the manufacturer. It is not "foggy" at all like some unpleased users may claim. It is certainly worth the price. By the way, it is much cheaper than other products of the kind. I would recommend this device to a friend."

My Final Summary

Summing up, Battle Visor has a great number of positive points. According to many customers' testimonials, it may help to prevent accidents, minor and major ones. Many car accidents occur because a driver cannot see well because of the sun getting in their eyes. This visor can stop any undesired light from interfering with your view. When you see all obstacles in front of you, you can quickly avoid them. Having this visor in your car will significantly reduce the chances of an accident. You can use two visors at once. Each Battle Visor comes with a Sun Battle Blocker that is attached to its side. On a very sunny day, you will need to pinpoint the direction of the sun, and slide your blocker onto the visor at the point with the strongest glare. This will give you more protection from sun rays that can be harmful to your driving skills and eyes. When the sun moves, you will be able to move your Sun Battle Blocker to a different point too, which is quite convenient. If you often drive at night, you might want to get the deluxe Battle Visor set. This set includes two nighttime visors and two customary daytime ones. The nighttime version of a visor blocks glare from streetlights and headlights very well. Taking into account all pros and cons of Battle Visor, I do recommend it to buying online.

Battle Visor Pricing and Rates

The device is available on the official website of the manufacturer. When ordering the product, you will see that there is a mandatory double offer which costs $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping. Thus, the total cost will be $29.98. This set includes two Battle Visors and two Sun Spot Blockers. A deluxe double offer will cost you $39.98 plus $19.98 shipping ($59.96 total). This offer includes two Sun Spot Blockers, two Battles Visors, and two Battle Visor Night Visions. None of these offers are available in stores. But they can be found on some retail stores, such as Amazon.