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Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is one of the most popular brands of health insurance in the USA. It operates nationwide with 36 independent companies across the country. It means they has great variations in service with an opportunity to choose location, plan and their pricing, services and even enjoy certain discounts. The official website of the company names BCBS the best health insurance provider. TX stands for Texas, which means that it serves the customers in this state. But let us give a few important facts about BCBS in general. At present, the company provides health insurance to more than 100 million people across the country. The Blue Cross company was founded in 1929, and Blue Shield entered the market in 1939. These two companies merged in 1982. Potential customers usually start their inquiries at the site and then they are linked up with their local BCBS partner as their requirements are deeply analyzed. The claims and quotation processes are straightforward and clear as the healthcare provider itself, but there are certain factors that can play a role based on individual circumstances.

Blue Cross Blue Shield products include High-deductible health insurance, Individual health insurance, Health savings accounts, Small business health insurance, Dental insurance, and Corporate health insurance. BCBSTX plans are widely accepted at different hospitals and doctor's offices. Coverage options range from Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) to Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). HMO plans offer out-of-network coverage only in emergency situations, while PPO plans usually offer coverage for out-of-network providers. BCBS provides Medicare and Medicaid plans as well. The BlueDental plans offer access to a network of 140,000 dentists across the country. Basic plans include fillings, preventative care, braces, and crowns. Speaking about vision insurance, it is a good news that the BlueVision plans are accepted nationwide at over 3,000 locations. The members can use a special portal that gives access to the 24/7 tracking of prescriptions. There is also a customer service phone line. You will be able to download most of the paperwork you may need from the site. The BCBS app has a wide range of features with an all-ranging "Ask Blue" online help feature and an option to find a doctor online.

Customer Reviews - Does BCBSTX Really Work?

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers perfect customer support with the coverage across all 50 states of the country. BCBSTX covers the territory of Texas. The company provides access to significant discounts across wellness-related and health programs, as well as provides coverage for generic and branded versions of prescription drugs. The company even provides temporary policies to cover travel abroad. Customers have access to much a greater selection of healthcare providers than that offered by other insurance companies. The Blue365 feature allows customers to get discounts across different programs in their region. These vary by location but can include programs linked to diets, fitness monitors, health clubs, and other health-related products. BCBSTX provides coverage for generic and branded versions of prescription drugs but the details can somewhat vary. Most customers will have an opportunity to reorder medications via mail order or online.

During our deep research, we have encountered a great number of user reviews about BCBS. User experiences are quite diverse depending on the local providers within the network. The regional study conducted by JD Power in 2019 ranked the company as the leading healthcare provider based on the customer reputation in the following regions: Massachusetts, Heartland/Oklahoma, North East, South West, Pennsylvania, and Texas. BCBSTX has rather high customer reputation. Usually, customers report having a good experience using the official website of the company, through which they were able to access the answers to plenty of queries. All they needed to do was simply searching the online help sections. The website allows the customers to begin the process, contains a lot of vital information about different policies available, access and details of the Blue365 program, ways of finding a doctor in definite locations, and numerous resources to get more details about BCBS and different health issues. The site also allows customers to find links to the individual websites of the company.

According to the customer reviews available on third-party websites, the online quotation process is clear and easy to follow. It does require the submission of some basic personal information, but it is really standard for the sphere. Be sure, your personal information won't be used elsewhere. The website also provides the comparison of different plans suggested. Speaking about the claims process, it is important to note that Blue Cross Blue Shield provides all the needed forms which can be easily downloaded. There is all the necessary information you may need. The process may vary based on the location it is being filed in and your individual claim. One customer reports that he has had insurance with BCBSTX for almost a year and he is pleased with it. It is a great plan and the client has never had any issues. Let us take a look at some more customer reviews available online.

"We had a bronze high deductible HMO "exchange" plan for 2017. Our doctors were on this plan, so it was really beneficial. Even though BCBSTX wasn't supposed to pay anything until we met the deductible, we enjoyed great discounts on blood-work, medications, MD visits, and other services. The only issue was that there was only one group doing endocrinology in the area. We paid for the 2x/ year endo visits. In general, I like this insurance provider. I thought we would have awful experience but, fortunately, I was mistaken. With such expensive medications and services, BCBSTX is of great help. By the way, the discounts under the "Obamacare" exchange plan were good."

"I have had awesome experience with a sales person at BCBSTX. I had been looking through the available plans trying to choose the most suitable option. I got an idea which plan I liked, so I called BCBSTX to ask a few final questions. I was lucky to be transferred to Antoine, a rep who answered all of my questions and even told me the numbers of what a policy would cost me with a high deductible or with the low deductible. He told me what it would cost me in case of a worst scenario. After listening to everything he had to say, I already had a decision in my mind. What differentiated Antoine from other reps was that he did not try to confuse me but provided all the information in a simple way. He also offered his expertise. Thank you Antoine!"

"BCBSTX provided me with a very good plan. I have never thought how much I liked health insurance until I got sick one day and didn't have it. I had to pay 80 plus dollars for a single doctor's visit. That very day I vowed to keep my insurance. Sicknesses are never on our plan, so we need to have health insurance. I had to go to doctors for 20 dollars each time, and we had a $500 copay for other weird doctor's things we did. Due to BCBSTX now I have a great insurance plan. I have no complaints at all."

My Final Summary

BCBSTX is a part of Blue Cross Blue Shield, one of the best health insurance companies in the USA, with a wide range of policies in numerous locations across the country. The company offers access to considerable discounts which can be used in other health-related schemes such as health clubs and wellness programs. BCBSTX provides good coverage and is usually associated with positive customer feedback online. Even though customer experience may vary depending on region, most of Texas customers remain pleased with thew services. The prices are somewhat higher than average quotes but the clients of the company say their plans are worth each penny. There is vast variety of resources available to customers on the official website. The latter is very informative and easy to use. It should be mentioned that BCBSTX is accepted at a great number of medical facilities. There are so much more winning factors for the company making it one of the most reputable insurance providers in the country. With all of the higher describes positive and negative moments, BCBSTX can be recommended to everyone who needs trustworthy health insurance.

BCBSTX Pricing and Rates

Quotes for health insurance policies can vary a lot based on geographic locations and requirements, but in general, quotes for BCBS are slightly above average. Blue Cross Blue Shield has a good analysis of diverse plans when quotes are being prepared, so that every customer knows for sure what to expect from the plan for their money. The official site of the company is intuitive and easy to use. There is also an app which is also equally straightforward. The price of your policy depends on many factors, so we recommend choosing three or more insurance providers for you to run the quotes on your own. With all of the providers on the list online, we can secure quotes in a few minutes, so the process is easy, and it is worth the money. Here are sample quotes from BCBSTX. Sample quote for a male or female individual aged 45-50 is priced at $465 per month. Sample quote for a married couple is designed for a husband and a wife aged 45-50. Its price is $725 per month. Sample quote for family costs $1,240 per month. It is suitable for a man and a woman aged 35 with two children aged 3 and 7.