Beautologie Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Beautologie Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics is a special medical establishment created for people who would like to change their bodies, to enhance the beauty that every person already possesses. The staff of the hospital promises to do this in a safe and comfortable environment. We are going to take a look at the satisfaction of their patients a little bit later. Are they really able to meet the needs of every patient? We are to answer this question later in this review. They claim to have the Best Plastic Surgeon, Best Medical Aesthetics and Best Specialty Doctors in town (Bakersfield). Beside a wide range of plastic surgery procedures, they also offer non-invasive treatments such as fillers, botox, and lasers. One has an opportunity to undergo breast augmentation surgery (breast implant surgery) or any other plastic surgery. They say it is quite easy to schedule a consultation by calling them on the phone provided on the official website.

Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics is not a reputable or well-known medical establishment in the country, so they can hardly be trusted. Their official website has a traditional design. While some surgery procedures are described in detail, others are not. Few medical procedures come with pricing, but all of them are accompanied with positive reviews many of which seem to be fake, since there are even no before and after pictures. The company's professionals provide face, breast and body procedures to people across Central and Southern California. There are many concerns about the professionalism and experience of their plastic surgeons, since there is lack of evidence supporting their professionalism. Will you really look and feel beautiful after visiting this place? Let's find out by taking a closer look at the offered procedures and the experience of those who have already undergone these.

Customer Reviews - Does Beautologie Really Work?

There is a great number of customer reviews about their experience with Beautologie. Unfortunately, the majority of these testimonials are negative in character. One woman writes in her review that she simply hates this place. According to her words, the staff is nice only before they get paid. Afterwards they don't are about you anymore! The woman received a botched surgery from doctor Lehocky. Since he knew that it poorly performed he refused to see her after it. The patient showed up and the doctor was hiding from her in his office! She requested her money back because she would need to get a revision in some other more reputable place in order to fix what he did. The surgery cost the woman 12k but they refused to return her at least part of the money. This frustrated woman asks everyone to beware because they care only about money, not about your health and life. She recommends going to professionals. They are just practicing and consider their patients to be their guinea pigs!

Another reviewer reports about his wife's experience with Dr. Darshan Shah and Beautologie in Bakersfield. He describes it as very bad. They searched for a Dr. they could trust but it did not work out well for them. The man avoids telling his wife's name, though. She has experienced enough suffering from her experience over the past three years. They are a marriage couple who have raised two boys and his wife had a desire to restore her body after giving birth to their children. They began to search for a good doctor who would improve his wife's body. They searched online and stopped their choice on Dr. Darshan Shah and Beautologie based on the reviews on their official website. They scheduled an appointment on the phone. They arrived and liked the facility and plenty articles of recognition on the walls. The Large Screen TV played short clips with positive patients' results. As the man writes, their marketing group has done a great job. All employees were pretty and spoke politely. On their first meeting Dr. Darshan Shah assured them that he was the best doctor there. In this way, they signed their contract, scheduling their "Mommy Makeover" surgery for his wife. After the surgery they wheeled his wife out to the car and loaded her. The trip home was painful and filled with suffering for his wife. Their program includes one-year healing. Dr. Darshan Shah reassured the man's wife that all was fine. The results of the surgery were impressive. One breast was larger than the other one, while one breast was lower. The nipples were misshaped (more egg shaped). Lit seemed that liposuction has not been done. There were many other complaints too, such as a welt under one of the breasts, visible scars and so on. Many attempts to talk to the Beautologie Team and Dr. Darshan Shah were not responded. A few revisions with Dr. Darshan Shah did not bring much improvement. Nipples were still misshaped, the opposite breast was larger than the other one, and another liposuction was required. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews left online.

"Beautologie provides horrible surgery procedures! My experience was just terrible. They made a lot of mistakes and charged me to redo their mistakes. They do not seem to be professionals in their specialty. Then my plastic surgeon started ignoring my calls. This doctor doesn't have any integrity. Don't set yourself for suffering and disappointment. It is better to accept your face and your body the way it is. I do not recommend anyone to get there"

"I made an appointment with beautologie a few months ago, but it was immediately rescheduled, which seemed very odd to me. So, my appointment took place two months ago and went well. Friendly staff, clean office, impressive collection of before and after photos... Then I met the doctor who promised to contact me in about 3 days. I was waiting for a month and finally emailed my appointment coordinator. The girl said that they had problems with the camera. I was promised to be contacted in a few days again; it has been more than a month now but still not a word from them. I am discouraged"

"Do not believe all the positive reviews about Beautologie and high qualifications of their doctors. This is all a lie! I have been to this place and all I can say is that it can be great waste of your time and money. All they want is your money. Do not trust your body to them. Avoid these non-professionals!"

My Final Summary

According to the claims of Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics, each of their surgeons has undergone extensive training at reputable medical institutions in the country; however, the reality appears to be quite the opposite. The professionals at this medical establishment provide low-quality plastic surgery services, according to the majority of customers' testimonials. Many patients complained of long waiting time for their appointments. After setting the date, the majority of patients sign a contract for a surgery. As a matter of fact, many patients are not satisfied with the results. Thus, if you need to change your body you are recommended to look for some other plastic surgery center.

Beautologie Pricing and Rates

The prices for different surgery procedures may vary a lot depending on its type. According to the customer reviews, one surgery for a temporary breast augmentation may cost you seven thousand dollars. Eyelid surgery costs depend on whether or not you are performing the lower eyelids, upper eyelids, or all four eyelids. As a rule, these surgeries start at about $3500.