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Beauty Box 5 Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Beauty Box 5 Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Beauty Box 5 is a subscription service that is designed for people who enjoy receiving new beauty-related products regularly and are not afraid of being surprised either positively or negatively. The company promises to send 4-5 samples of the box directly to your threshold on a monthly basis. There is an official website but it is not very informative and contains very little information about the company itself. The latter is badly known and is not reputable. It is unknown whether they offer any other kinds of services or products. We found out that Beauty Box 5 may contain products of different categories, including fragrances, accessories, skin, hair, nail care, makeup, etc. But is the box really valuable and worth your hard-earned money? Let's try to answer this question by taking a look at Beauty Box 5 details.

The company claims that the service will be suitable for everyone despite their age, budget, personality and preferences. They claim to introduce new brands to you as well as diverse products across in one box. So you will always find something you will like. According to the company, they source these products from different third-party companies that focus on everything from basic skincare brands to luxury accessories. After you subscribe to the service, they will send you a box with 4-5 samples and full-sized products every month. If you are satisfied with the product and want to get more, go to the Beauty Box 5 online shop and make your order. To better understand whether this service is worth your attention, let us take a look at real customers' reviews.

Customer Reviews - Does Beauty Box 5 Really Work?

Beauty Box 5

It has to be mentioned that the company behind the service is based out of Austin, TX, and despite their experience (they have been in business for a few years already), they are not listed with the Better Business Bureau. Fortunately, there are numerous online customer reviews which appear to have a mixed character. It means that while some people are pleased with the service, the others curse the day when they subscribed for it. Some of the most common complaints we met during our research referenced poor packaging, hit-or-miss product collection, little attention to detail and getting very similar products within a close period of time. Another complaint is that while the service does have a "review for points system" there is no rewards program. It means that instead of getting a discount through the company for having tried the service already, you will be charged the full price directly through BB5.

According to the majority of customers' testimonials, this company has ripped off hundreds of their clients. The first problem is that it is really very difficult to cancel subscription if you are not satisfied with the service. Second, you will unlikely get your money back, even though the company officially offers money back guarantee. Third, you might have ordered a box, paid for it but it never arrived. The company may try to accuse bad weather conditions, anything, but still you will never see your box. Many customers complain of poor customer service. They may call for many days before they are finally answered by an impolite company's representative. It is recommended not to leave your credit card's information; otherwise you will be taken automatic payments each month. It is high time to take a look at the real customers' reviews.

"Beauty Box 5 is a terrible rip-off! I signed up for two subscriptions, one my sister and another one for me. I paid for them in advance for $218.00. Since then I have received three boxes for one subscription, but my sister received four boxes. I contacted them via email but was never replied. The customer service is awful. I am going to contact my bank to contest the charge. I would not recommend this service to anyone"

"I have been a BeautyBox 5 subscriber for almost year but I am not satisfied with it. Boxes are often late, and most products are cheap and have bad quality. I paid for a year in advance but I haven't received boxes since July, they stopped arriving. When I call the customer service, they refuse to explain"

"I subscribed to Beauty box 5 about a year ago. Up to recently, my wife was pleased with this service but the last box we received was in May. It is September now but we don't receive boxes any longer. I was automatically charged for the next three months in August again. We have sent a few emails already but we haven't got any response yet. I cannot find any kind of phone number on their official website. I intend to file a fraudulent charge against the company"

Where To Buy Beauty Box 5?

When applying for the service, you will be offered three membership options. Monthly membership will cost you $12, Quarterly - $30 ($10 per month), while Yearly subscription is priced at $99 ($8.25 per month). No matter which membership you will choose, the boxes will include the same items. The only difference between those plans is the amount of money you can save. Remember that if you sign up after the first of the month, you will get the following month's box. Be aware of the fact that your subscription will renew automatically upon expiration. Thus, you will need to cancel it on your own if you no longer want to get beauty boxes. All boxes come with free shipping, and appear to contain $20-$30 worth of products. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

Beauty Box 5 seems to be a fraudulent service, since it is associated with a great number of complaints from customers on the issue. While this service is definitely priced at the lower price that the competition, but it appears not to be worth even this little money. Many customers report failing to receive all of their boxes. They call the customer service over and over again but are never replied. Another downfall is that boxes cannot be customized. You may receive similar products each month. Other common customer complaints cited poor packaging, hit-or-miss product selection, and little attention to detail. Besides, it is difficult to cancel your Beauty Box 5 membership at any time. It may be the case that you should better go through another company. I do not recommend Beauty Box 5.