Been Verified Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Been Verified Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Been Verified

Been Verified is a company that promises to provide customers with affordable and easy access to public record information by gathering media profiles, phone numbers, addresses, criminal histories, social and more into one report that is easy to read. According to the official website of the company, they succeed to remove the confusion from accessing public records in an ethical and straightforward manner. The company is based out of New York, NY, and has been featured in Inc., CNET, TechCrunch, and more. Is this service really worth using? Let's try to answer this question by looking at its main features and customer reviews.

Been Verified is not rated with the Better Business Bureau and it has more than 60 closed complaints within the past several years. Most of these complaints appear to cite to billing issues, and the small amount of information in their reports. With this said, it has to be emphasized that the company responds to complaints almost immediately and actively solves any problems or concerns. Outside of the BBB, the overall online customer reputation appears to be mainly positive, but there are some negative reviews too. Common compliments cite good customer service, while common complaints cite billing problems and lack of information.

Customer Reviews - Does Been Verified Really Work?

At its basic, Been Verified gathers information received from public databases, and places this information in one easy to understand report that can be bought by members. As the company claims, the service intends to help people verify prospective roommates, find a long lost love, verify information about a person they met online, verify online buyers, place a current address, etc. But Been Verified is not designed to be used in order to uncover information linked to public FCRA records, to perform an employer background check, to screen tenants, or to verify someone's eligibility for a mortgage. The official website contains Do's and Don'ts page where you can find answers to any questions you may have about this service. At present, Been Verified offers records for U.S.-based people, although you can perform a search completely anonymously. It means that the person you are looking for will not be notified. The service offers desktop, Android, iPhone, and mobile web versions of their website at present. In addition, in case if the record you're looking for is not available online, the company promises to find information manually. There is a special team of people who are responsible for gathering information.

There are numerous customer reviews about Been Verified on different websites. The overall customer reputation seems to be mostly positive; however, there are some negative reviews too. What people like most of all about the service is that it is very easy to use. They are ready to trust it even their credit card information. Many people claim that they have found the information to be quite accurate on the website. The service provides a lot of details about a person including age, address, criminal background checks, phone numbers from very far back, Facebook accounts and other social media accounts, email addresses, family members and friends. Sometimes you may find information where the person works at present or used to work many years ago.

Another great advantage of Been Verified is that it is user-friendly. It also doesn't seem scammy like other checkers of the kind. The users like its nice and easy interface. When looking for a person, it is recommended to enter not only their name, but also the city and state of living. Remember that there are many people with the same names. The criminal background check is lacking at present. A lot of information may be simply missing. A number of criminal records are almost blank. You can still use this website for finding a person without a criminal background. It proves to be much better than any other website of the kind. It features very accurate information about the person's relatives and friends, phone numbers, email accounts, addresses from 10 years ago. Most users trust the website and are ready to continue paying money. They have never been charged incorrectly. If you have additional questions, you can just call them and get help. Let's take a look at what real users of the service are saying about it.

"I am completely satisfied with all the information provided by BeenVerified. The service is really worth the money. I usually find the necessary public record info concisely and quickly. Some info may be outdated but still it can be very useful. It usually takes me a few minutes to read through the available data and to find what I need. The service delivers what it is promised. I would recommend it to my friends."

"Been Verified is a great easy to use website. I have been a member of this service for about two years already. I pay 20 dollars each month and I find this fee very reasonable. The main reason why I use it is because I rent out some rooms in my home to other people. I don't want to have any problems with these people, that is why I have to check them sometimes. I can use it for other things too. I am involved in dog rescue, so I have to deal with many strange people. I prefer to check their background before I meet them."

"I have seen the Beenverified advertisement in a TV commercial, and I was interested in the information on yourself. So I became the member of this website and started searching. I was surprised how much information I managed to find about myself. I thought it was interesting to find some personal info about my employees. I found out a lot of secrets, I must confess. Now I consult this service before employing a new worker."

My Final Summary

Been Verified is certainly not a scam, it is an online data broker that simply aggregates information from different sources including other websites and social networks. The charge for the service is not very high - about $20. It can be afforded by anyone. BeenVerified's online reputation is very positive. People like using this service and claim that it offers accurate information. However, this data broker is associated with certain complaints too. Some of them cited incomplete information. If you need more data about this or that person just let the company know and you will be provided with it as soon as possible.

If you are searching for individuals with criminal records, Been Verified may contain quite limited information on the topic. Remember that the website doesn't verify any of the data contained in its reports, so there is risk of getting unchecked information. This website will be useful for people who are looking for someone's last phone number or physical address. But if you are looking for a detailed criminal history, you should better search somewhere else. Taking into account all pros and cons of this technology I do recommend using Been Verified.

Been Verified Pricing and Rates

You will be offered three different options, each of which includes unlimited report requests. Moderate User costs $19.62 per month. Recommended is a 3-month subscription that should be paid for with one lump sum of $44.62. Power Users is a 6-month subscription billed in one lump sum of $59.62.