Beepi Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Beepi Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Beepi is a company that was co-founded by Owen Savir and Alejandro Resnik. This peer-to-peer marketplace claims to take all the hassle out of purchasing and selling a used car. In addition, the company says that their business model gives sellers an opportunity to get more money for their cars, and for buyers to save money. To accomplish this, Beepi connects sellers and buyers in an organized and safe environment functioning as a virtual dealer. As there are no salespeople or showrooms, you have a chance to save your funds. Let's take a look at the working scheme of the company. First, you will need to fill out an online questionnaire about your car, which include such details as model, make, year, options, mileage, and so forth. You are required to indicate what does not work as needed, if there are any defects or anything wrong.

The company will then send you one of their experienced inspectors. The inspector will check whether you are the legal owner of the car. Your vehicle will undergo a cosmetic inspection and 185-point mechanical. After being "Beepi certified" your car will be estimated with the use of the company's proprietary algorithm. You are expected to get a better price than you would at a dealership and avoid meeting random people in your house. If you accept the offer, your car will become available to the customers of the company. You won't have to worry about altering of the car's price and the company guarantees to find a buyer in less than one month. You can still drive your car in the meanwhile. If they don't, your car will be bought by Beepi at the original price. The company will take care of the paperwork associated with the selling process.

Customer Reviews - Does Beepi Really Work?

The official website of the company can be used by the customers in CA and NV but the residents in neighboring states such as NV, OR, WA, and UT can have their cars shipped to them for additional $999 due to the Prime program. Even though Beepi is a relatively new company, it currently has a number of customer reviews available online. Yelp contains more than 200 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars. The most common compliments reference easy and quick process (whether selling or buying), complete transparency of the process, and better prices. There are few complaints citing lower offers than expected and failure to pass certification. In cases of poor reviews it appears that Beepi representatives responded quickly and tried to resolve any issues.

Beepi also has a few dozens of customer reviews on eKomi. The average rating on this website is 5 stars with the same compliments mentioned above. From a company perspective, it is based out of Los Altos, CA and has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are no closed complaints at all. If we take a look at the users' testimonials, we will see that most of them carry a positive character. People claim that they have had a great experience of cooperating with Beepi. Thus, one seller says in his review that he sold his Ford Edge SEL 2014 to the company and was very happy with this. The company failed to sell his car within a few months and had to buy it from the client. The price was pretty good. The man was pleased with the fact that they allowed 1000 miles overage within 30 days, but I was charged 0.50c/mile. In his opinion, this was a reasonable cost.

Another customer was highly satisfied with the worn of the company's customer service, especially with their representative named Hercules. The guy was knowledgeable, patient, and very flexible. Because the check was not a cashier's check, so the man needed to verify the funds first. As the Comerica branch manager, Beepi is one of their good customers and. This made the man feel confident so he started cooperating with the company. Overall, he gave Beepi an A and feels very grateful for making a car selling process almost painless. It is high time to take a look at what real customers are writing about their experience with the company.

"Beepi exceeded expectations and I found the whole experience professional and pleasant. The car I bought was in a good condition and corresponded it description on the website. It even had less mileage than claimed. The delivery was fast and somewhat special. Beepi did all the DMV paperwork. This saved me a lot of time. I had no problems with purchasing a car from this company, so I can certainly recommend them to my friends."

"I bought a car from in summer. This was my first car purchase and I don't regret it. It was an easy and simple process completed over my cell phone. Several days later, my car arrived to my threshold. The company's team kept me informed of each step of the process. They quickly responded to my questions and issues I had. It was a unique and smooth experience for me. I would recommend this company to my relatives and friends who need to sell or buy a vehicle."

"I have an experience of selling cars to dealerships and Carmax but I was not actually satisfied with these companies. This was before I discovered Beepi. This was the company to whom I sold my last car. The whole process was convenient, smooth and worthwhile. Their representative Lance breezed through the paperwork with me and helped me a lot. I had a very good experience with Beepi. I highly recommend this company to everyone and would work with them in future again."

My Final Summary

If you have ever bought a car before, you probably know that the process can be really harrowing. According to an Autotrader survey, there are a lot of customers satisfied with the Beepi car buying process. Those who sold their cars to the company feel happy too because they managed to buy their vehicles at high prices. The company can be a great option for those who are willing to have the initial test drive and receive a 10-day return policy. The latter is a big advantage for people who have any doubts about buying a vehicle from the company. Most Beepi customers are pleased with their selling and buying experience.

It should be remembered that from a selling perspective, you will still get money for your car even if neither of the buyers purchase it via the website. Beepi promises to buy your car if it is not sold within thirty days. This is what differentiates this company from traditional dealers. The company's guidelines seem to be more stringent. Some customers have complained that their cars were rejected due to the chipped paint on the factory bolts. This directly indicates that a repair was made and the car is not new. Taking into account all pros and pros of the company, I do recommend Beepi to people who wish to purchase or sell their vehicles.

Beepi Pricing and Rates

As soon as Beepi sells your car, you will be charged a fee ranging between 3% and 9%. It depends on the vehicle. All sellers are guaranteed to earn more money than from traditional dealerships. And buyers are expected to pay less on the contrary. If you have any issues and questions for Beepi, you can contact one of the representatives of the company's customer service by calling at (888) 542-3374.