Beezid Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?


Beezid is a company that is based out of Montreal, Quebec, and having a professionally made official website ( In fact, it is a penny auction website that features a lot of auctions every day, as well as factory sealed products, including computers, cameras, iPads, gift cards, TVs, jewelry, etc. As such, the company claims that their wonderful deals on almost anything has assisted their clients to save more than $14 million since 2009 when Beezid opened their doors in. It is difficult not to be amazed about the opportunities that this penny auction website offers. Isn't it a nice bargain to get a Playstation for $1.66, or a flat screen TV for $2.37? Beezid claims to be a legitimate source for cheap items for you to save your hard-earned money. presupposes dealing with bids. Each bid placed by you increases the items "price" by one cent. According to the company, their customers can get popular and expensive items for lower prices. In fact, the average auction winner gets their item at 94% off retail. The company features five auction categories. The first one is known as Cherry Auctions. This is the category that you are expected to start from after signing up for the site. Each new member is entitled to get up to ten Cherry items and Bid Packs. The second category is Guaranteed Win (GW) that says for itself. If you don't win with your first bid pack purchase, you will get all of your bids back. The third category is called Bid for Free that allows you to take part in these auctions after completing your first Bid Pack purchase. This won't cost you any bids, but you will pay the winning price. Promo Auctions comes with special events without lock limits. These auctions include Price Freeze, All Bids Back, Trophy, Cash Money, Free Shipping, and more. 2 Bids (also called Booster Auctions) gives you an opportunity to combine bids as one single bid and place them together to speed up the auction's pace.

Customer Reviews - Does Beezid Really Work?

If you are interested in any auction, just click on it to see the included item, its specifications, full description, image, time remaining, auction type, the current bid, and how much it takes to bid. You will also see shipping, warranty information, and returns. In order to place a bid, just click on the green "BID" button. One bid will be taken from your account; the bid amount in the auction will increase by one penny. Like many other auction websites, Beezid provides their "Beezid Sniper" and "Autobeezid" features. These will allow you to place bids and win auctions when you are not at your computer.

Overall, penny auction websites are associated with a low reputation among customers but the things are quite different with Beezid. This website does not only have a high customer reputation but is also associated with a great number of customer reviews on different websites on the Internet. Let's see what people are saying about Beezid. The most common compliments include the great opportunity to get a high-quality product or item for a much lower price. However, some people say that they often spend more on bids than they would have by buying the item at retail prices. In fact, this may occur but not that often as claimed by unsatisfied customers. Another advantage that most clients appreciate about the company is the chance to win a high-dollar item. You don't need to be a very experienced bidder or to have thousands of bids to take part in such auctions. Such auctions do not actually include high shipping charges, as some customers may say.

The Beezid website shows pictures of popular items (computers, cameras, etc.) with statement "Stand By" on them. It means that you cannot bid for such items. The majority of people highly appreciate the company's customer service. They say that their personnel are very professional and helpful. In case if you have any problems or issues, the representatives of the service will quickly solve your problems. To help you decide whether Beezid is worth visiting, let us take a look at the customer testimonials.

"Beezid is the best website offering bidding service. It does not only look good but is also very easy and convenient to use. I am very happy that I found this website and started to take part in their auctions. I have already won in five auctions. It is a great contribution for my family budget. I do recommend this beneficial service for everyone."

"I am quite satisfied with beezid. The company offers products of high quality as well as great services. The delivery time is usually very small. I am also pleased with the behavior of the workers. At first, it too me some time to understand how penny auctions work, but soon I received pretty cool stuff. I am ready to give it five stars. If you want to win some good stuff at a lower cost than retail, go to Beezid."

"The website of Beezid offers too much to wrap your hands around. I have been bidding for almost a year and I saved plenty of money on the necessary goods. The website has fnctioned for a few years and can boast overall positive reputation among its users. You may need some time to learn how to take part in closed auctions. I do recommend this website. Good luck and happy bidding!"

My Final Summary

If you want to score some of the greatest items at up to 98% off retail, can be the best way to do it. But before starting to use this website, you are recommended to understand how this penny auction website works. It is not very difficult and clear to everyone. Because Beezid can represent an extreme learning curve, it is important to read the entire FAQ section of the official website before signing up. This will help you to become successful. Only after understanding the provided information, you are ready to go to a Guaranteed auction. If you like to take risks, you will undoubtedly like this online penny auction.

As it was already mentioned, Beezid is associated with a positive customer reputation. People like the fact that winning an expensive and high-quality stuff is possible at a much lower cost. makes the process almost effortless. This is what attracts thousands of customers. If you even see the word "scam" in users' reviews, be sure that it was written by a person who failed to win in an auction. The matter is that one needs to understand that there is no 100% guarantee that you will win. Wise people do understand this and continue bidding until they win. Taking into account all pros and cons of Beezid, we would recommend you to participate in this penny auction website.

Beezid Pricing and Rates

Everyone can sign up for for free. As soon as you do it, you will receive 25 Promo Bids. During the signup process, you will need to enter the information on your credit card. You can use your money to buy a $60 bid pack but if you click on the "My Account" button you can bypass this page and see your free Promo Bids. You are expected to run out of bids soon and need to buy more. Bids are available in packs of 36, 60, 100, 200, 500, and 1000. Their cost ranges from $0.55 to $0.90 per bid. If you win an auction, the item you have won will be shipped to you immediately and arrive in 2 or 3 weeks.