Best Egg Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Best Egg

Best Egg is a company that offers personal loans for people with fair to good credit. The borrowed money can be used for home improvement, debt consolidation from credit cards, medical expenses, and many other needs. The company helps clients to fix their personal balance sheets through providing a fair and transparent personal loan delivered via an easy and fast online process that is a solid first step toward the client's financial freedom. Best Egg was founded by a team of experts who have decades of experience in the field of financial services. They intended to help customers take control of their debt. This is the reason why the company strives to offer clear-cut payment plans on the provided loans. Loans range from $2,000 to $35,000. Most people use their loans to consolidate credit card debt or cover their large expenses - $15,000 on average, according to Josh Tonderys, president at the parent company of Best Egg called Marlette Funding.

The company started lending money in 2014 and within these four years has originated more than $5 billion in loans. The company's official website is well-designed and intuitive, so it is easy to use. Best Egg is a good fit if you have good income ($60,000 annually), as well as several years of credit history and good credit. The minimum required credit score is 640, but the borrowers at Best Egg have an average score of 685. They also have seven years of credit history on average. This is also a great option for those who need fast funding. According to the lender, more than half of its money is funded within just one day. The funds are deposited into the borrower's bank account which is another worthy advantage. To find out whether Best Egg is worth your attention, let us take a look at what real clients are saying about their experience of taking a loan from this company.

Customer Reviews - Does Best Egg Really Work?

There are numerous testimonials from real clients of the company on third-party websites and, fortunately, most of them are positive. What the customers appreciate is the low rates for good credit. The borrower receives an annual percentage rate of 15% on average, but people with better credit have a the lowest possible rate of 5.99%, you will need to have minimum income of $100,000 per year and a minimum credit score of 700. There are some minor requirements too. Another benefit offered by Best Egg is fast funding. Its online application takes just a few minutes to complete. You can get the funds within one business day after it was completed. Applying for a loan is an easy task too. You will need to fill out an application on the official website. Once you enter the required personal information, you will be offered several loan options for which you pre-qualify. You are recommended to compare the offered loans to find the best one for you. Special attention should be paid to the rates.

Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews available online. The majority of the clients report that the loan request process was simple, fast and easy to complete. One customer says that his loan was approved quickly and the money was sent to his bank the next day. That very day, the funds were available for his use. One of the most frequently reported advantage is the great customer service of the company. One guy reports that he has recently called the company's customer service department to discuss a concern with a loan payment. The representative of Best Egg was professional, kind and polite. The man was offered an option that met his needs in the best way. He says that he had a very positive experience with the company from the loan application process, so he is ready to gladly recommend this service to anyone who needs a loan. Other clients agree that the customer service representatives are helpful whenever you need any sort of clarification as to the completion of the process or submission of the necessary documents.

Best Egg can be very handy when you need to spend a lot of money quite unexpectedly. For instance, one woman reports that she had problems with her house after a tornado. She needed to improve the condition of her house immediately. This is when the company came to help. Another woman had another sort of the problem. Due to the unexpected $1000 dental bill, she was unable to meet her monthly obligation to Best Egg, so she took advantage of their offer to skip one month's payment. She really appreciated their offer. That customer also added that the application was an easy process. Her interaction with the loan specialist was very well too. She needed to send one new document in and the rep was helpful in this business. She had the loan the next day already. The company seems to do an excellent job. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews available online.

"Best Egg I have had a very nice experience with Best Egg. I took a loan from this company in June 2017 and haven't had any problems with their services. I am pleased with the company's customer service the representatives of which helped me to understand what to do with my payments after having a medical emergency. I had to pay a big sum of money, which made me unsure of being able to perform my payment this month. I am grateful for giving me a few different options. The company's representative also explained each option in detail. I chose the one that suited me the most and I am satisfied with my decision."

"I was in search of a loan from different companies but it was taking forever. Then I saw information about Best Egg in a mail sent to me. After learning this information, I realized that their interest rate was not as high as that with other companies of the kind. So, I went to their official website and did the paperwork but I made a mistake in the application form. I left the wrong email address. I contacted them the next morning and talked to a woman in hope to straighten that out. I had the loan within half an hour of calling them. I was happy."

"Best Egg is one of the best lenders online. The company has great customer service too. I had to talk to many of their representatives and all of them were professional, helpful and friendly. They resolved my issues and answered my questions quickly. Every time after taking to them I felt satisfied. I do recommend this lender to everyone who desperately needs money."

My Final Summary

Taking into account everything we have learnt about Best Egg, the company seems to be one of the best online lenders nowadays. The application process is simple and fast. You will just need to fill out some of the personal information, wait for the approval and get a response within 24 hours. Any questions you may have will be immediately answered by the company's representatives. If you need additional information about your loan or face any problems, you are advised to contact the customer service immediately. Most of this lender's clients are happy with cooperation with Best Egg. They say that they had the best and the quickest deal. However, to get a loan from this company, you will need to meet certain requirements, for instance, to have a decent credit and income. Whenever you face a difficult life situation and need money immediately, you can address this lender and you are likely to get the desired assistance. You are expected to get the money within 24 hours. Taking into account all advantages and disadvantages of Best Egg, I do recommend this lender. The company has been on the market for a long period of time, so it can be trusted.

Best Egg Rates and Pricing

The loan amounts may vary from $2,000 to $35,000. Origination fee is from 0.99% to 5.99%. Typical APR varies from 5.99% to 29.99%. You are expected to get the funds in just one business day. Minimum credit score required for getting a loan is 640. Minimum credit history is seven years on average. Minimum annual income required for getting a loan is $60,000 annually.