Better Brella Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Better Brella

Better Brella is a special kind of umbrella that uses a Reverse Open Close technology. It helps to keep you dry like a normal umbrella but in reverse. By turning the traditional umbrella inside out, Better Brella creates a waterproof cone in the closed position. This provides two advantages. First, the umbrella makes getting in and out of a doorway or your car practical and simple, without getting wet. Second, when you are inside, all the wetness will be kept in the interior of the cone preventing dripping of water onto the floor. An ergonomic handle is attached to Better Brella's pole. It has a soft comfort grip that molds to your hand ideally, making it easy to hold. According to the manufacturer, there is no better way to hide from the rain. Don't you think that such a design is just ingenious? But is Better Brella as effective in the real life as it is in the commercial? Is it worth the money? Let's try to answer these questions by exploring the features of this special umbrella in this review.

If you take a closer look at how Better Brella opens compared to a traditional umbrella, you will notice that it functions much the same. There is a runner that moves along a central shaft with a number of stretchers attached to the shaft. As the runner moves up, the stretchers push out ribs and open the umbrella to protect you from rain. Instead of curved ribs present in larger umbrellas, Better Brella has hinged ribs. Those thin pieces of metal fold in the middle. Thus, this kind of umbrella has two design differences. First, the tips of its ribs point up, not down. These create a v-shape. Second, you can see a second piece of fabric underneath the canopy. It adds wind resistance and solid support. Let's take a look at some other features that make Better Brella a unique item.

Customer Reviews - Does Better Brella Really Work?

As you can see, Better Brella is a redesigned version of a traditional umbrella that offers a number of its advantages. This interesting product is already available on the modern market and seems to have become quite popular among customers. It is a sort of a reverse umbrella that is sometimes called a windproof umbrella or an upside down umbrella. In fact, the Internet offers a lot of different options. However, not all reverse umbrellas are designed like Better Brella. They may look similar, especially the windproof models. When compared to these variations, the manufacturer promises that Better Brella can prevent water it from spilling onto the floor. This umbrella will not leave you wet after you come in from the rain. In case of traditional umbrellas, all the water remaining on the umbrella spills down to the floor.

The company has a professionally made website but is does not contain information on the materials used in their umbrella's canopy, but it is claimed to be waterproof. Besides, when it is folded into a v-shape, water droplets start sliding down and accumulate inside the umbrella. This helps to keep the surrounding floor dry. The website contains an image of Better Brella when it is folded in this position. It seems like you cannot lose any drop of water. It is recommended to carefully place your umbrella's handle on the floor, balancing it against the wall to avoid its falling over. I suppose that the handle of Better Brella is made of a soft material that feels like rubber. As it is known, rubber is more slip-proof than any other materials. T is especially important when you are walking in the door and your hands are full of purchases or anything else.

There are many customer reviews about the umbrella on different websites on the Internet. Most users of this product are highly satisfied with it and its features. They say that it is very convenient and easy to use. This item is extremely beneficial for people who suffer from chronic pain or mobility issues. Let us take a look at several real users testimonials left online.

"BetterBrella is my favourite umbrella. I bought one for me, and one for my mom. Both of us love these umbrellas very much. It has been raining frequently this month and I used it to accompany my daughter to school. It was very windy at times, but the umbrella did not let us down. There were several teachers coming in from the parking lot. They were so wet! One teacher's umbrella broke because of the stormy wind, but ours was in the perfect shape. I recommended the teacher to get the same umbrella. She said that she would do it in the nearest future. Even though it isn't cheap but this product is certainly worth the money it costs. It proved to be a great purchase."

"I love my Better brella very much! I bought it a year ago and I have used it many times; however, it looks like new. The unique reverse opening works well for me to get in and out of cabs, cars, and doors with ease. I truly love to surprise my colleagues when I walk into my office on a rainy day completely dry. I do not have to put my umbrella in those plastic umbrella bags. My umbrella doesn't drip water onto the floor when I step indoors. I recommend this product to everyone."

"I am pleased with Better Brella I bought a month ago. At first I was confused by its pricing but due to the number of positive reviews I decided to give it a try. I truly love this umbrella and I am going to purchase another one for my mother. It is worth its cost. I am sure my umbrella will serve me many years to come. I like its functionality and the look. I do appreciate this concept and recommend it to others!"

My Final Summary

Better Brella is a relatively new brand but it has proven to be really efficient, according to our research. Despite its new technology, the product has become very popular among users. This is the reason why you can find a great number of customer reviews online. Overall, the item appears to have a positive customer reputation. According to the users' testimonials, the product has a high quality. People say that it is very first and can resist strong winds. Thus, it is expected to serve you for a few years if you take proper care of it. At the same time, customer reviews have shown that some of the complaints related to the product was its low quality; however, this information wasn't confirmed by our research.

Most owners of Better Brella are happy with the experience they had with the company, as well as with the item itself. Even though its price is a bit higher than that of a traditional umbrella, Better Brella is worth it, as it is firm and durable. This type of umbrella is rather popular, so it is appreciated by its users. It is up to you to decide whether this product is worth your risk. However, as a specialist I can certainly recommend Better Brella to usage. It is a worthy your attention.

Better Brella Pricing and Rates

Better Brella is available in different colors as black, red, and blue. You can buy a second unit at checkout for an additional $4.95 shipping. The product comes with a 30-day refund policy. For more details you can call the customer service. You can ask your questions or request a refund.