Bionic Gym Reviews - What Is It?

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Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Bionic Gym

Bionic Gym is a new neuromuscular electrical stimulation product that claims to deliver calorie burning and cardio fitness training. This device can be used while working, lying on the couch, or playing video games. The company has a tagline like this: you can "do a marathon on your sofa" with Bionic Gym! The system involves only a thigh wrap and a smartphone app to mimic shivering, a natural way of losing weight and burning calories. It means that the product can improve your aerobic fitness without any physical activity. So, whether you are a regular guy or gal, an athlete, overweight, or have any health conditions (diabetes) or injuries, you can quickly put Bionic Gym on and workout without even moving your knees, hips, or ankles. Besides, the company claims that the device is well-researched, safe and proven to work. It does not require any supervision. Let us take a look at the company behind the product.

Bionic Gym was invented and founded by Louis Crowe, a medical doctor and researcher from Dublin, Ireland. Louis is an owner of Medical Currents Ltd., previously a Medical Director, Medical Consultant, and Joint CEO of Cucoco Ltd. According to Louis, the company's engineer worked for PCH and manufacture for Apple. The company's name is Bionic Gym Indiegogo. It has recently entered the market and needs more time to confirm its success. There is Bionic Gym website but it contains little information on the manufacturer of the product. However, there is a video about the device. You can also find the product's page on Facebook. Bionic Gym claims to use a new technology that was actually developed more than ten years. It deals with delivering complex electrical impulses and patterns at 7-8Hz. When these reach muscle fibers, shivering occurs. As Louis Crowe says, shivering increases metabolic rate two- to- three-fold. Muscle contractions make them need more oxygen. As a result, heart rate is increased too.

Customer Reviews - Does Bionic Gym Really Work?

Any cardiovascular exercise should be combined with a healthy diet for better results in terms of a stronger heart, weight loss, improved immune response, increased stamina, and decreased LDL ("bad") cholesterol. Bionic Gym uses four electrodes meant to stimulate muscle contraction, which the company delivers a cardiovascular workout. You can control each wrap using a companion smartphone app that features a number of programs and zones for different muscle groups. You will be able to monitor heart rate in real time. Your thighs, calves and buttocks will contract. The app features pause and stop buttons. According to the manufacturer, the overall number of calories you are expected to burn per session is based on the intensity and your level of fitness. If you are fit enough you can use high intensity and burn as many calories as you would while running.

Bionic Gym may cause a number of potential side effects. Since the device uses NMES technology it can lead to some problems including muscle injury; skin pain; tissue tears; bruises; headaches; skin irritation; burns, shocks, and bruises from defective devices; and pain or discomfort in the application area. According to the research from the European Journal of Applied Physiology in 2011, electrical muscle stimulation can lead to some form of muscle injury. The reason lies behind constant contractions of the muscle tissues that become too tense. The muscle damage at the musculotendinous junction can be severe if the user turns the device too high. It was also shown by the research that electrical stimulation could worsen present muscle injuries. Another research in the Journal of Arthroplasty in 2005 demonstrated that improper use of the muscle stimulation devices could cause skin burns. The lead researcher, Dr. Daryl, said that if the high electrical current comes through an electrode, the human skin encounters a high concentration of electricity, which may cause skin burns.

Bionic Gym is associated with a number of warnings. The major one is the fact that the product is still being developed, and, the manufacturer hasn't yet released any product warnings. Besides, the company behind the product has appeared quite recently and cannot be trusted to the fullest. The company claims that Bionic Gym is well-researched and scientifically proven to boost aerobic fitness. Some of this research has been even published. A study conducted in 2011 showed how this technology can help increase maximal oxygen consumption and heart rate, fatigue and lactate threshold. Similar studies involved patients with heart failure, sedentary adults, physically active adults, and patients with spinal cord injury. However Bionic Gym lacks solid clinical evidence showing that it can really mimic cardiovascular exercise, using specialized electrical impulses. But if you have some health issues, there is high risk of experiencing certain side effects. When using the device without supervision, it is highly recommended to talk to your doctor first. Electrical muscle stimulation can be unsafe for some users. The most common side effects include headache, skin irritation, and discomfort or pain in the application area. According to MedicineNet, there are reports of burns, shocks, and bruising from defective devices. Remember that EMS can interfere with implanted devices such as defibrillators and pacemakers. There are very few customer reviews about the product. Many users are not pleased with its quality at all. Let us take a look at some of the real users' reviews.

"I bought BionicGym about a month ago but I am not satisfied with its quality. It is really not worth the money it costs. By the way, within this month of use I haven't noticed any significant effect. My shape is still the same. I don't like the feeling when wearing these wraps on my body. Do not buy this product. Waste of money!"

"I purchased Bionic gym two weeks ago and when I tried it for the first time, it caused me a severe side effect. My skin was burnt. I immediately called the company and complained. I demanded my money back but they refused to give me a refund, saying that it was my fault. So, I am left with a dangerous device and skin burn, but without money."

"I am very disappointed with Bionic Gym for a few reasons. First, as soon as I received it I noticed that tit had poor quality. Second, it did not prove to be as effective as promised by the manufacturer. Third, I suffered from discomfort and pain on application areas. I don't know if I will continue using this product. In any case I cannot recommend it."

My Final Summary

Based on the available clinical evidence for EMS technology, it can hardly be called the best option for marathon training on the couch. It lacks solid evidence proving its effectiveness and safety. For this reason, I cannot say that Bionic Gym can potentially help to achieve high heart rate and aerobic-level exercise intensity. The number of actual users' reviews is minimal but based on the available testimonials, it can be summarized that the customers are not as pleased with their experience of using the device. The system can potentially cause a number of side effects. Besides, it is extremely expensive and is still on the development stage. Taking into account all this information, we cannot recommend Bionic Gym to usage.

Where To Buy Bionic Gym In Stores?

Bionic Gym's Indiegogo campaign finished on January 15, 2017, which is quite recently. Pledge options were available at the time of writing this review, which ranged between $299 and $1,800. The inventor of the product, Louis Crowe, says that the company has a Bionic Gym prototype that works well, but it is not attractive. The size of the electronic components needs to be shrunk to make it ready for wider manufacturing. The company also needs to develop the user interface of the app. Each Bionic Gym set includes Wrap, Charger, Unit, Electrode Set, and app download code (iOS or Android). It is available in three sizes and two models. Standard is suitable for improving fitness, weight control, and moderate exercise. It can be used by those who don't want to get breathless and want to use it while watching TV or working. Pro is suitable for sportspeople, athletes, and people who need a serious workout. This set provides higher intensity. To use the device you will also need to buy replacement gel pads separately. The cost of one set is about $8 plus shipping.

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