Bionic Trimmer Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Bionic Trimmer Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Bionic Trimmer

Bionic Trimmer is a portable, lightweight, and handheld device that uses a built-in Lithium-ion battery that can be recharged any time. It works by spinning its replaceable zip ties at 10,000 RPM. According to the company, this speed is enough to make trimming your lawn easier, quicker, and hassle-free. Even though this trimmer operates on a battery, it has the power of a conventional trimmer. The official website of the company says that an adjustable extension pole makes it comfortable for the user to operate the machine, while an ergonomic handle simplifies the process. The metal bar functions as a protective shield between the solid objects and zip ties. Due to all of these features, there is no need to worry about any toxic fumes.

It has to be mentioned that the manufacturer of is a well-known company called Emson, Inc. They have been on the market for a while and have received a great number of customer reviews on third-party websites. In addition, the company advertises Bionic Trimmer as a stressless method of trimming. As a result, you will enjoy a neat-looking yard in a short period of time. In order to buy this garden tool you will need to call the customer service number provided on their website. For any additional information, you can reach out to 800-423-4248 x233. Are all of the higher mentioned claims about the product true? Can you really expect perfect results after spending a big amount of hard-earned money? What do actual customers think about their Bionic Trimmers? We are going to answer all of these questions, and we will start with basic functionality information and details you should know before buying the unit.

Customer Reviews - Does Bionic Trimmer Really Work?

Before we take a look at the customer reputation of Bionic Trimmer online let us find out how the device actually works. Well, there is a special mechanism inside this garden tool. The trim line is spinning at a very high speed catching small objects, pebbles, or other yard debris and dust, flinging or hurling them intensively. You are advised to keep an eye out for any things hidden at the borders of the lawn which traditional trimmers are well versed with. Avoid trimming when children are present nearby. This is a rechargeable trimmer it, so you are expected to get the job done in a single charge; however, if your lawn is very large, you may need to recharge the battery during the procedure. However, recharging the battery will not consume too much time. It will take a really small amount of time, which makes trimming your garden a quick and easy process.

Each Bionic Trimmer features a Protective shield that is specially designed to protect people who may be nearby in a radium of several meters. Another useful feature of the device is that it is portable. So, you can easily take it with you without any special means of transportation. This is a perfect product of the 21st century that will meet all the trimming needs of a gardener.

With this information in mind, based on the details provided on the official website of the manufacturer, as well as in the commercial, the device seems to work well as a trimmer. There is a throttle on the handle, a spinning head, a long pole that extends toward the ground, and a protective guard. What differentiates Bionic Trimmer from standard trimmers is that instead of a spool of line, its head accepts zip ties on the opposite sides. It means that you don't have to fuss with automatic feeds and the tangles and jams associated with them. The question arises: compared to line spools, will Bionic Trimmer provide you with better and faster results? Is this trimmer really more convenient to operate due to its zip ties? In order to answer these questions, let us take a look at what actual users are saying about this garden tool.

During our research, we have encountered a great number of customer reviews about Bionic Trimmer on third-party websites. It means that they are completely objective. The customer reputation carries a mixed character with both positive and not so positive testimonials. One of the common compliments concerns the small size of the device, which makes it easy and convenient to operate even for a woman. Thus, one woman writes that she expected to receive a big box with a huge trimmer in it, but she was pleasantly surprised to find a medium-sized trimmer. She cannot wait to try it out and to share her impressions. Another positive feature of the trimmer that many customers appreciate is the comfortable design and light weight of the product. They say it is great to use for both small and bigger jobs. It easily and quickly cuts the grass making the garden look neat.

Besides, the customers are pleased with the price of Bionic Trimmer. It is not as expensive as other trimmers of the kind. At the same time, it may not be good for heavy duty work. It lacks the power to do a large job of trimming high and hard grass and is somewhat limited in application. However, this is the opinion of people who have tried professional trimmers. Bionic Trimmer is designed for home usage. One customer reported that the cutting blades were hard to install. Generally, the majority of customers are pleased with the design, light weight and the idea behind the product. One complaint is that you may need to recharge the batteries if you are trimming a really large front lawn. However, this is not going to take a lot of time. Here are some more customer reviews.

"I like my Bionic Trimmer very much. Since I live in a townhouse, there is a small area near my house. The landscape includes rocks and bushes, which are rather difficult to deal with using a large trimmer. But Bionic Trimmer is just what I was looking for. It is perfect for trimming small areas. I have already ordered the second unit for my sister. I absolutely love my trimmer and I do recommend it to my friends who have a small lawn in front of their houses."

"I am a 79 year old man and I have to trim grass on a side hill on the side of my corner yard. I like Bionic Trimmer because it light and easy to use. I can hold it in one hand and walk over the hill with ease. Usually it takes me a few minutes to do the job. It is powerful enough to trim the grass and holds charge enough for me to do the whole area. Besides, it was easy to assemble when it arrived."

"I saw the commercial for Bionic Trimmer and I decided to try it out. Well, I bought it and I have been pleasantly surprised with my purchase. I cannot say it can cut brushes, but it can trim the edges of my grass pretty well. It even cuts pieces of weeds on my flowerbeds. The charge is enough for me to do the job. I bought the device from the manufacturer's website and I am glad I tried it. This garden tool is worth the money it costs."

My Final Summary

Summing up everything we have learnt during our research of Bionic Trimmer, this piece of garden equipment seems to be very important. If you have an average-sized yard, the unit will be just perfect for doing the job. It can easily trim grass, but don't expect it to cut bushes or branches. The trimmer's head is spinning at high speed to trim your lawn quickly. The handle makes it easy and convenient to hold. The light weight allows even elderly people and women to operate the machine. The zip ties the device features are strong enough, based on the user feedback online. The device itself comes in a small box and is easy to assemble. Together with the information we have learnt from the manufacturer of Bionic Trimmer, along with the experiences offered by the customers, this device turns out to be worth buying. By the way, the company’s customer service works just perfectly, so you may ask your questions any time during the day. Taking into account all pros and cons of the product, as well as its reasonable cost, we can certainly recommend Bionic Trimmer to buying. It will make your trimming neater, easier, faster, or less expensive than a traditional trimmer.

Where To Buy Bionic Trimmer?

You can buy the product from the manufacturer's official website. One Bionic Trimmer is priced at $29.95. The purchase includes a 12-piece zip tie set. The trimmer can also be found on some retail stores, including Amazon. However, if you want to receive an original product, you should better buy it from the manufacturer. As it was already mentioned, you may reached out to the company's customer service if you need additional information about the device and its zip ties. It is important to add that during checkout, you can order a second unit for just $7.95. All orders come with free shipping. Emson, Inc., the company behind the product, offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. It means that if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can return it back to the company and get your money back. For more details, the company's customer support at 855-663-5642.