Bissell Crosswave Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT USE Bissell Crosswave Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work?

Bissell Crosswave

Bissell Crosswave is a new revolutionary cleaner for your hard floors cleaner. This machine is made in such a way to vacuum and wash your floors simultaneously. It significantly simplifies the cleaning process making it a one step! This tool removes spills, debris, and sticky messes from hard surfaces using a multi-surface cleaning solution and a dual-action brush roll. As a result, you get a fresher, deeper clean quicker and easier. Bissell Crosswave includes a dual-action multi-surface brush roll, a storage tray that is easy to clean and an innovative multi-surface floor cleaning formula. You can also get a wood floor cleaning kit and a rug cleaning kit. The company also provides $80 in bonuses and an extended 4-year limited warranty.

The company behind Bissell Crosswave is reputable and popular in the USA. It has its own official website that describes the product in details. You can buy the tool directly from their site or from a number of retail stores. Bissell Crosswave can boast its high cleaning power, as it vacuums and scrubs at the same time. It is not only a vacuum cleaner, it also uses a cleaning solution in the cycle, like a carpet cleaner. So, it is not about the suction only. The suction power of the unit is around 100-150 AWs. The Dual-Action brushroll works on hard floors and area rugs and spins at 3,000 rpm. This power is perfect for any type of floor, from hardwood up to low pile carpet. By the way, this Revolution model is also a very lightweight unit that can be used even by a child. It is suitable for cleaning wall to wall carpets.

Customer Reviews - Does Bissell Crosswave Really Work?

The input power of the unit is about 4.4 amps. It has a two-tank cleaning system. The first one is meant for dirty water and holds about 14.5 ounces of liquid. It has an automatic stopping mechanism to avoid the overflow of dirty water onto clean floors. The other one is for clean water and solution. It holds about 28 ounces of liquid. This dual tank system guarantees that the clean and dirty water don't mix. The filter assembly is a washable part, but it should be completely dry. If the filter gets worn out, you can have it replaced for about $10. It can be ordered from the website of the manufacturer. Bissell Crosswave weighs about 11 pounds. It is 46 inches tall, and a little more than 11 inches wide. It can be kept in a corner or closet. The tray can be placed under the unit to protect your floor from being damaged by the storage. It is recommended to remove the brushroll before storage. It is a self-standing device which is a great benefit too. There are no special accessories that come with the item. The easy storage system contains a nozzle tray and a brush roll. There is also a user manual and the quick start guide. Depending on the model, the package may contain one of the cleaning formulas. The swivel head helps reaching tighter spaces much easier. It can lay down at an extremely low angle, which allows you to grab the dust hiding under your furniture. It can easily move around other objects without causing any discomfort, as in case with a usual vacuum cleaner.

It is also very easy to control the unit. Fingertip buttons are placed on the handle in a convenient way, so you don't have to think about which buttons to push in order to reach the necessary effect. To apply more solution, you will need to push the button inside. The transition from hard floors to rugs is easy. It is one of the reasons why this product is worth buying. Bissell offers all the functionalities in one device. The cord is 25 feet long. It is easy to move from room to another, so you can save your time on stopping and unplugging the device. It is also easy to assemble, as you will have to click a few times only. The unit makes a specific sound when the dirty tank is full. Then you unhook the dirty tank and dump it out. The device dries quickly and is perfect for high traffic areas. The only disadvantage is that it takes some time to spray the solution. The suction is so powerful that it can easily lift up dirt, debris, and dirty water from your floors which dry quicker than with usual mops. There are many users' reviews about the product online. Most of them are positive. You can see a TV commercial for the Crosswave, all the reviews on Walmart and other stores are just glowing. Let us have a look at some of them.

"I use Bissell Crosswave three times a week. It is really easy to use, as it cleans perfectly not only with the solution but also with plain hot water. The floor dries quickly after washing. I highly recommend this product to everyone. I used it on an artificial dark brown hard wood floor and I am very pleased with how this device worked. It also demonstrated great functioning on stained white shag carpet. I am no more skeptical of its potential."

"I have tile, concrete, and laminate with area rugs in my house. In addition, I have two toddler-age grandchildren, two cats and two dogs. So, you can imagine what mess I may have in my house, but Bissell Crosswave has never let me down. It perfectly coped with great amounts of hair. It can easily clean a very bad tile floor, an extremely dirty area rug and tile floor in the bathroom."

"I really love BissellCrosswave. I have used it for three months already. I have always wanted a vacuum that clean wet dirty floor and I finally found it. It sprays fresh water and sucks dirty water up, while the roller removes debris. I am afraid of germs, but this is the first device that makes me feel sure in the cleanness of my floors. I can clean my big house within only 30-40 minutes with this machine!"

My Final Summary

I can certainly recommend Bissell Crosswave as it has a lot of pros. This device is easy to use, it is lightweight, is able to vacuum and clean at the same time. You can clean your floors quickly and easily. The unit is not too noisy and has a big dirty water tank. Using this machine you can reach crevices and corners without any trouble. There is a water filtration system that helps to clean your floors effectively and deeply. The company behind the product also offers cleaning solutions.

All in all, the Bissell Crosswave is a worthy two-in-one cleaning machine that can be trusted completely. You don't need to own two or three separate cleaning instruments. All you have to do is to unsnap the tanks and to dump them after you are done. This allows to save you a lot of time which you can spend with your family. The only drawback I could find on Bissell Crosswave is that it takes a while to clean really large areas. I am overall satisfied.

Where To Buy Bissell Crosswave In Stores?

The company offers a 2-year limited warranty which makes a Bissell product very reputable. This company is also one of the top manufacturers of home cleaning equipment. The price of this device is about $250 but you may also get some discounts.