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Bistro MD Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Bistro MD Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

The Bistro MD is another meal delivery service but it differs from the others in providing their dieters with low-fat, calorie-controlled, precooked food. The official website of the service is a very primitive and unprofessional; however, it is easy to use, which can be an advantage for some users. The website has the following sections: information about the programs' developer, FAQ section and satisfied customer testimonials. Unfortunately, there is very little information about the program themselves, which is actually the most important feature of the product. All customer reviews are positive, which is another red flag. They seem to have a fake character.

This meal delivery service was developed by Dr. Cederquist, a medical professional who spent ten years consulting with top chefs and dieticians, according to the website. The site also contains links to additional fitness and health information, including articles on childhood obesity, the psychology of eating (and eating problems), and the necessity to exercise. Another characteristic feature of the website is the free diet analysis. It means that anyone can enter their personal data to receive personal tips and advice. The company behind the product is not very reputable or popular in the country. This is a disadvantage. Let us take a look at what the diet contains.

Ingredients of Bistro MD - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

According to the official website, the Bistro MD diet consists of four different meal plans for you to choose from depending on your individual needs. Thus, you can choose from a full week without snacks, full week with snacks, or a "work" week (five days instead of seven) with or without snacks. The cost for each of these plans varies from $129.95 to $179.95. Each menu contains high protein, low-fat, high-complex-carbohydrate foods. You are expected to have the daily calorie intake of about 1200 calories. As a specialist I can say that it is a wrong approach since neither the gender nor the weight of the dieter is taken into account. Males need more calories than females, for example. The more weight you need to lose the fewer calories you are supposed to consume. Another concern of mine is that the company does not pay attention to possible dieter's health conditions or medications they may take on a regular basis.

Bistro MD

Each meal plan includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Thus, you can consume oatmeal, high protein muffins, and eggs for breakfasts. An ideal lunch, according to this dietary plan, should consist of stir fries, main soups, and sandwiches. Dinners usually include a meat entree and some vegetables. The official website contains little information on how their food is cooked but it states that the diet plan can be used by diabetics. However, it does not cater to the needs of any other dietary requirements, like vegans or vegetarians. It is another disadvantage since there are many people in the country who stick to these or those dietary rules. Are real dieters happy with what Bistro MD offers to them? Let's answer this question by taking a look at the actual customers' experience they share in their testimonials online.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

There are quite many real customers' reviews about Bistro MD on third-party websites. While some dieters are satisfied with this dietary plan, others are not. A few customers report that the service has recently changed to worse. For instance, one woman writes in her testimonial that she has used this type of service earlier and had a pleasant experience. She has recently given it a try again but it is not as effective any longer. The woman figured out that it does not work anymore, even though she has two jobs and tries to eat healthier food. Besides, she was disappointed because of the delay of the delivery. At first they were not able to set the delivery date of her customized menu. What she ate was ok, but the quality of food could be better. Most dinners contained frozen foods. Many other customers had problems contacting the company's customer service about any concerns or problems. One client says that he was never responded, so he had to cancel his subscription.

Another customer reports that she was very unsatisfied with her experience of using BistroMD. The taste of food was terrible. Besides, the woman was sent another shipment of food she did not ask for and her credit card was charged $199. It was an upsetting event, so the woman asks everyone to make sure that you cancel after you order your first purchase. According to this dieter, the quality of food is poor. Out of the 21 meals there was only one meal that she could eat. The meals are also high in sodium. It does not taste better than a TV dinner you can buy at Walmart for a much lower price. It is bad food for a bodybuilder. Let us take a look at the actual customer reviews available online.

"The process of ordering Bistro MD is too difficult and inflexible. The order arrives on their schedule and you are given a three day window every week which is nonnegotiable. Besides, meals are frozen and tasteless. They are higher in fat that my standard diet and really poor in quality. They seemed not to be surprised when I canceled. I would not recommend this particular service."

"BistroMD food is just disgusting. The food is frozen, old, loaded with additives and is certainly not cooked by a real chef. It tastes terrible and is certainly unhealthy. I couldn't give any of it away and threw it all out in the garbage. The positive reviews on their site are fake and should not be believed. I requested my money back but they refused. They convicted me in not reading the fine print and checking the ingredients first. Buying any frozen meal would be cheaper and taste better. Do not order this product ever."

"I was expecting a lot from Bistro md but I was disappointed in this company. Their food tastes as though it contain no spices, herbs, or any attractive textures. I had to add pepper and salt as well as herbs and spices to make the food taste better. I don't think that these recipes were developed by a licensed dietitian. This is a scam. Don't order it."

Where To Buy Bistro MD?

As it was already mentioned, the Bistro MD diet contains four different meal plans. A full week with snacks costs $179.95, a full week without snacks is priced at $159.95, a "work" week (5 days as opposed to 7) with snacks can be ordered for $144., while a "work" week without snacks costs $129.95.

My Final Summary

Bistro MD does not appear to be a good food delivery service since it has many disadvantages. First of all, it is more expensive than the competition of the kind. The plan does not offer foods for vegetarians or vegans. The 1200 calorie plan is not suitable for everyone. Many important factors are not taken into account such as the dieter's gender, age, weight, health conditions and diseases. The company behind the service is not popular or reputable in the company. The Bistro MD website is very primitive and does not contain enough information about four meal plans for you to choose from. According to many customer reviews, the foods from this service are not tasty, they come frozen and thus unhealthy. Many dieters report that they contain preservatives and fats. Although the plan includes some online tools and the opportunity to reach dieticians for advice, the customer support has poor quality. With this in mind, I wouldn't recommend Bistro MD.